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Published on July 13th, 2015 | by William Charles


List Of Churnable Credit Cards

Whenever I ask for resources that people wish existed on Twitter, I get the same answer “what credit cards are churnable”. I’ve tried to put a list together several times but have been overwhelmed or got involved in other projects. Thankfully I’ve finally bite the bullet and below is a list of the major credit card issuers and if it’s possible to churn their credit cards.

What Does ‘Churnable’ Mean?

In this context churnable means that it’s possible to get the sign up bonuses repeatedly. For the purposes of this article, we will consider a credit card churnable if it’s possible to get the bonus more than once. Where possible we will outline how many times it’s possible to get each bonus and what the restrictions are.


First, a few disclaimers/things you should be aware of:

  • Make sure you ask yourself these questions before applying for ANY credit card.
  • Your milage may vary, just because something worked for myself or others doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll work for you. There is always a risk that your bonus won’t post, only you can decide if that risk is worth it.
  • Just because you can get a bonus twice or three times or five times doesn’t mean you’ll continue to get it. Use common sense, applying for the same cards over and over is eventually going to lead to denials.
  • It might be more difficult to get approved for cards you’ve already held. This article doesn’t look at this at all. But let’s imagine you already hold a card then apply for another one, you’re not instantly approved and you need to call the reconsideration line. How can you explain your need for a second card? I usually state it’s because I want to keep certain expenses separated, but this doesn’t always work. This is also the case for cards you’ve previously held, be ready for questions such as “I noticed you’ve had this card before but cancelled it, why did you cancel it and why do you want it again?” often followed by “I see you’ve signed up for a lot of new cards recently”
  • Typically you need to close the existing card before being eligible to get the bonus again. We’ve done our best to indicate when this is and isn’t necessary below, if you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments.

[Read: Tips For Your Reconsideration Phone Call]

Major Card Issuers

American Express

As of May 1st, 2014 it’s only possible to get each credit card bonus once per lifetime on personal cards. If there is a sign up bonus that is higher than the bonus you received then you can apply again and receive the incremental difference (e.g if you originally sign up for a card and it has a bonus of 40k points and then cancel your account, if the bonus suddenly jumps to 100k points you’d receive 60k points which is the incremental difference).

As of February 25th, 2016 it’s also only possible to get each credit card bonus once per lifetime. Not sure if the same incremental difference applies to business cards as well.

Even if you didn’t get the bonus the first time (e.g. you missed the spend requirement) you still won’t get the bonus the second time around.

All that being said, sometimes targeted offers do not include the once per lifetime language, in that case you can get the sign up bonus again.

Bank of America

All Bank of American cards are churnable and there isn’t any minimum waiting period. It’s worth remembering that recently Alaska Airlines has been shutting down some accounts for this practice and Bank of America is seemingly making it more difficult to get applications approved. It’s possible to sign up for both the business and personal cards on the same day. While this data is only for the Alaska co-branded cards, I imagine it’s applicable to all BofA cards – although I’m not sure why you’d want to repeatedly sign up for their other bonuses.

Also remember that you can downgrade your BofA cards to the BankAmericard Better Balance Rewards card and you can earn $100-$120 per year.

BofA might not approve you for the top tier version of the card if you repeatedly sign up.

BofA is weary of extending too much credit to an individual, this means they might not give you a higher credit limit if you repeatedly sign up. The only problem with this is that if they give you a credit limit under $5,000 they won’t give you a Visa signature card, instead they’ll give you the Visa platinum. The problem with this is that the platinum card usually comes with a sign up bonus of 4,000 miles and the signature comes with a bonus of 25,000+ miles.


All Barclays cards are churnable. The general consensus is that it’s best to wait a minimum of six months in between applications and that it’s better not to call the reconsideration line.  There doesn’t seem to be a hard limit of how many times you can earn each sign up bonus, as long as you’re approved for the card you’ll get the associated bonus. If you already have the card, you need to close it before re-applying otherwise you will be automatically denied.

The Barclay Arrival+ cards have also now been confirmed to be churnable. To improve your chances of being approved with Barclaycard, it’s always a good idea to try and put as much spend on existing cards as possible before applying, as they want to see you using current cards before extending you additional credit.

Capital One

One thing that is important to keep in mind is the fact that when you apply for a credit card from Capital One they pull from all three credit bureaus. Because of this and the generally low sign up bonuses people generally do not try to churn these cards, so there are very few data points.

It is possible to churn Capital One credit cards, and so long as you’re approved for the card you should get the bonus. (Data points: 1, 2, 3.) You can even have two of the same card concurrently and get the bonus on both; you don’t have to cancel it to get it again.

However, Capital One won’t process more than one application per six months. Personal and business combine for this limit, apparently.


There are a couple of different rules when it comes to Chase.

  • Most cards fall under the Chase 5/24 rule. This means you won’t be approved if you have more than five new accounts (and not just new accounts from Chase, but all card issuers) within the past 24 months. This rule doesn’t apply to all cards, you can view the cards that this does apply to here and the cards it doesn’t apply to here. It’s also possible to bypass this rule, more details on that here. The most popular way to bypass this is by getting a pre-approved offer in branch, we have a good F.A.Q on that here.
  • If a card changes significantly, then it’s considered a new product and you can get the sign up bonus again. For example, when Chase Ink cards switched from being processed by Mastercard to being processed by Visa it was possible to get the sign up bonus again.
  • If it’s been more than 24 months since you’ve received a sign up bonus for a card then you’re eligible for the sign up bonus again. You also need to not have the card currently open as well. For example, if you received the sign up bonus on the Chase Sapphire Preferred 26 months ago and still hold the card, you can’t apply for another and still get the bonus. If you cancel then apply (assuming you’re approved) you will get the bonus.

When it comes to the third point, this is clearly stated in the “offer details” of the majority of Chase’s cards. You should be looking for the following language (emphasis mine):

This new cardmember bonus offer is not available to either (i) current cardmembers of this consumer credit card, or (ii) previous cardmembers of this consumer credit card who received a new cardmember bonus for this consumer credit card within the last 24 months.

If you can’t find the above on an application page (make sure you hit the small “offer details” link first) then Google is your friend. Type in this command:

  • <card name> previous cardmembers of this consumer credit card who received a new cardmember bonus for this consumer credit card within the last 24 months

Then just make sure the sign up bonus and other details are the same. I don’t think you’ll have any issues even if the above isn’t on the offer you want to apply for, but better safe than sorry.

If you had the card without a signup bonus, you should be able to signup again within 24 months and get the bonus, provided you don’t currently hold the card.


Citi cards used to be highly churnable, the screws are currently being tightened but there are still some opportunities out there. Before we outline those there are a few rules that are important to remember:

  • Maximum of one Citi personal application per eight day period
  • No more than two applications per 65 day period
  • No more than one business application per 95 day period

In addition to this, you’re only eligible for the sign up bonus if you haven’t opened or closed a card within that brand/family in the last 24 months. More information can be found here.


The sign up bonuses on the Discover it card are usually lackluster (highest of $150) so there isn’t a whole heap of appeal in churning. The main draw card would be to double the $1,500 in spend you could earn 5% cash back on in rotating categories every quarter. At the moment this is a little bit more interesting because of the Discover double cash promotion, it’s possible to have a maximum of two Discover credit cards and your first card must be opened for twelve months before you can open a second card.

Chasing The Points was able to sign up and successfully get a second card and bonus.


U.S Bank

U.S bank can be a stickler when it comes to applications, to make your life easier we’d recommend freezing your IDA & ARS credit reports before applying for any cards with them. Update: Well Traveled Mile as able to get the bonus a second time. As was this comment.

  • Club Carlson: Most people opt to keep the Club Carlson cards as the annual fee is never waived for the first year and it comes with a 40,000 point annual bonus, I’m unsure if it’s possible to churn this card but I wouldn’t recommend it anyway as you’re basically just getting a 40,000 point sign up bonus (because if you kept the card you’d get 40,000 points anyway for the same annual fee).
  • FlexPerks: There are two versions of this card, one is an AmEx the other is a Visa card, both have the same fees and benefits (although only the Visa seems to be offered when there is an Olympic promo running)

Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo cards contain the following language:

  • If you opened a Wells Fargo credit card within the last 16 months, you will not qualify for the introductory rate(s), fees and bonus offers.

This is enforced. One person was able to get around this by signing up for two cards on the same day.


Smaller Card Issuers

City National Bank

  • Bonus Points offer is limited to City National Bank clients and colleagues who do not currently have, and have not had within the 24 months prior to the date of application, a City National Bank Visa personal credit card account (this comes directly from an e-mail they sent announcing the offer).

Comenity Bank

According to this comment, it’s possible to get the sign up bonus on the Virgin American cards more than once. The reader had held the cards for more than one year, then cancelled them and reapplied after one month and got the bonus again. That means these cards are churnable.

Final Thoughts

I’d personally not recommend churning cards until you’ve already hit up the best offers at least once first. Whenever you apply for a card the second time, it’s best to assume that you probably won’t get a second time and be surprised when you do. I’m sure there are some inaccuracies in this post, feel free to add your data points in the comments below and I’ll update the post accordingly.

If there is a card issuer that I missed that you’d like more information on, please let me know in the comments and I’ll do my best to add information regarding those cards. You might also find the following posts particularly useful:




137 Responses to List Of Churnable Credit Cards

  1. Myrva says:

    Great post! Can you still churn the Barclays Arrival + card while you still have one open? Can you reapply for the plus & get the bonus if you’ve downgraded to the regular Arrival card or do all Arrival accts have to be closed first?


    • Only personally seen success with a closed account. But I imagine they use the same IT across the board, so considering it’s possible to get the US Airways bonus with the card still open you should be able to do the same with the Plus.

      Personally I wouldn’t recommend it (I don’t see the benefit in having two arrival+ open at the same time). I think it’s worth taking a hit on your AAoA and just closing the card outright.

    • Justin Lover of Life says:

      How do these rules apply if you’ve downgraded to the Barclay Arrival from Arrival+, Chase Sapphire Preferred to Chase Sapphire, etc?

  2. JL100 says:

    Surprised that Citi Thank You is not churnable. So even if I had one 4-5 years ago, I would not get the bonus for their new version – preferred?

  3. paul says:

    Of course the exception to AA cards are the Execs, right? $450 AF though if not careful…

    • Too Nashty says:

      I think this is a good question, assuming you would purchase lounge access in one form or another throughout the year (Amex Plat, etc….) then you could just bank the 50k miles with the lounge access “renewal” each year and get a new card.

      I didn’t realize it had an 18 month limit from time of closing, as much as I love the AAdvantage card and have held it for years it makes zero sense to keep it open.

      Although the business cards are still very churnable if I’m not mistaken…

  4. Gene says:

    so are the club carlson personal & biz cards churnable?

  5. Andre says:

    Can you add in your article that churning is generally doable once your previous iteration of cards are closed. Otherwise it gives the impression that people can keep accumulating the same card and only need to wait some sort of time period before re-applying.

    • I’ll add in something, but what you say isn’t always correct. It’s not always necessary to close an account to get the bonus again (e.g Barclays & BofA), I thought I did a reasonably good job of explaining this in each section but I’ll add in something as well to make it clearer.

      • Kent C says:

        I have 3 active BofA Alaska cards all acquired in the last year, 2 were done by accident on the same day but lady on the phone said no problem to approving both of those. My wife has 2 active Alaskas. We’ll be finalizing conversion of those 5 + 2 Virgin Atlantics to the Better Balance card over the next few months which should be another $120 x 7 = $840 each year. Thanks for mentioning the conversion. I was aware of it but others need to know instead of cancelling their cards outright. It’s an easy process. I did my 3 Alaska over the phone, all in one shot with the same rep. No big deal. It’s worth churning the Alaska’s just to convert later on!

        • Thanks for those data points, Kent. I agree, I think the Alaska cards become a lot more attractive when you consider the extra money from the better balance cards. Hopefully they up the sign up bonus on the Alaska cards in the near future.

  6. Adam says:

    DoC – one point of contention/clarification, as far as Chase goes, it’s not 24 months from the exact date that you got your 1st bonus on. it’s the date when you 1st applied for any given card that you wanna ‘churn’ … either applied or approved date but those should be close enough so that you can apply without issue. the distinction is important cause remember you’re applying for a 2nd card, so first step is to get approved. and while in your scenario you should easily clear this barrier as the bonus posts atleast a month or two after app date, but I’m just saying for those folks who wanna be more efficient.

    • Hi Adam,

      Thanks for the comment. The fine print says that it’s 24 months based on when you received the bonus. In reality I’ve heard of people getting it again after only 18 months (from the bonus date). With all the card issuers I err’d on the side of caution and added in extra time. I think that if the fine print explicitly states that churning is possible, it’s best to go with those rules as then you’d be able to make a valid complaint to the CFPB & BBB if they didn’t post your bonus.

      • Adam says:

        gotcha, but what I’m saying is that I interpret ‘last rcvd bonus’ as the last time you app’d for the card… not the literal date you actually got that bonus on, which could delay you upto 6-7 months depending on how long you have to meet min spend. I’m not sure Chase has a moving target date of sorts because diff folks do things differently. I could be wrong, but that’s how I’ve viewed Chase’s policy, as 24 months since the last time you got the product (on which you got the bonus)

  7. aegt says:

    Awesome post. Can you address the AA Exec $450 AF card? Is that an exception to the AA rule mentioned in the post.

    • Citi Executive: It’s my understanding that the Citi Executive also now follows this rule as the language has been updated on the landing page. If anybody has been able to get the bonus again since October 22nd when the card was rebranded and this language was added, please let me know in the comments.

      Just added that to the post, hope that helps.

      • MJC says:

        If you check FT, you’d find plenty of data points for the continued churnability of the Exec card.

        • Updated the post to reflect this. Didn’t realize the zombie link was still working.

          • Adam says:

            I’ll just add that while certain zombie links are working for the Exec, dont have the 18 month language, and folks get the letter with the bonus stated — doesnt necessarily mean they will get it. I think those days are now gone when any Citi app that was approved meant a guaranteed bonus. if you follow that Exec thread on FT, you’ll see many folks over the last cpl months who got approved, met what they thought was the min spend but didnt get any miles. upon calling CS, they were told they were ineligible. others didnt have any bonus offer listed with their app etc.

            so I think the true litmus test for this last remaining ‘good’ link will actually come to light if and when folks start reporting bonuses posting in a month or so. or rather lack of bonuses posting.

  8. Laura says:

    Noob question. I’ve got CSP on 1/20/14 annual fee waived, when will next annual fee post? Also how long do you wait after closing arrival card, you reapply? Thanks a bunch!

  9. mike says:

    thanks for the post – looks like they are getting tougher.

    One question on Amex – does this mean you can now only get the bonus 1 time / lifetime after you get the card after May of this year, or if you had the card before, starting in May you cannot apply and get the card bonus again.

    Does that make sense?

  10. Grant says:

    I was not aware that there was a US Bank FlexPerks AMEX, I will look into that card.

    I currently have a Discover It and Citi Dividend Card, but I will apply for them again to see if I can have 2 cards at the same time.

    I plan on closing my Bank of America Alaska Airlines credit card so I have a better chance of getting the Visa Signature version in the future. If I convert to Better Balance Rewards, they may only approve for Visa Platinum version in the future. Not worth the $25/quarter.

  11. somy says:

    can i have both the usbank flexperks visa and amex? by the way, wonderful post.

    • Not sure if you can hold both at the same time. I don’t see the advantage in doing so though, just downgrade one to cash+ first.

      • somy says:

        the only advantage is getting singn up bonus twice (hopefully thats possible). then combine the points and take a big trip. then cancel one. is that possible?

        • Yes, but you might as well apply for one and then downgrade it to another card and then apply for the other card. Make sense? I would leave a decent amount of time in between the two cards as well.

          • Adam D says:

            I have both, applied for both same day during the olympic promo along with Us bank checking acct, called flexperks CSR and got points comined (used visa flexperks # as main now). Redeemed 5k flexperks for amex AF. Will cancel amex when next annual fee hits and pay the lower visa AF ($59) and keep the 70k flexperks I netted. Did the ADS and other amall credit bureau freeze prior to applying.

    • Trevor says:

      I can confirm you can hold both. Both my wife and I do.

  12. Sam says:

    I’m confused. If I opened a Citi AA card two years ago and the account is still open, then I have neither opened nor closed that type of card in the last two years. Does this mean I am eligible to apply for another card?

  13. Sam says:

    So if this is true (and it’s the first I have heard it put this way), then it seems the app date no longer matters for this rule, since it’s 18 months since last cancellation.

    Do data points support this reading?

  14. In the past, I’ve been able to open a second US Air card with Barclays while card #1 was open, but I just tried and was turned down because I already have the product. I called twice. Same response. If I cancel #1 or apply for business, I’d be ok, but that would be another pull and I’m working on a promo on card #1.

    • Have you received your letter of adverse notice (rejection letter)? If so what did it say? How long did you have card #1 open for? Also, what do you mean you’re working on a promo on card #1? Bonus is after first purchase, no?

      Also are you making sure you spread your inquiries? Barclay is TransUnion, so you will probably be able to afford another TU inquiry as most card issuers pull Experian or Equifax.

      • I have the letter in front of me. After saying my credit score is an amazing 805 on Trans Union, they say that the Key factors that adversely affected my credit score were: lack of recent installment loan info, too many inquiries in last 12 months, length of time revolving accounts have been established and time since most recent account opening is too short. I should note that I opened an arrival card about 6-8 months ago.

  15. PedroNY says:

    Churned Citi Exec on 10/26 for two accounts. Use FT link in the wiki, it goes straight to application page, the 18 month rule is not mentioned. Got the letter stating that I’ll get miles, so yeah it is still churnable.

    Bank of America pulls all of your reports into a single inquiry, so you may as well always apply for Virgin Atlantic card, spend $1 get 25,000 miles (with 2 AUs included), that is good for something at very least it is good for 37,500 HH points. You can always close the account and have your annual fee refunded, same goes for Alaska airlines.



    • Thanks, Pedro. I was under impression that the FT link without the new churning language was only valid for 30k points and not 50k? Can you confirm you got the 50k point bonus.

      I’ll be talking more about combining inquiries in another blog post, but thanks for the BofA data point as well.

      • Sam says:

        Here’s what I understood until recently. The Executiive card bonus was not subject to the 18 months rule on the other Citi AA cards, but once applied for, started a new 18 month period for the “regular” (e.g. No fee first year) cards. So if you wanted both a regular card and an Exec, you had to apply in that order since a regular app wouldn’t knockout an Exec app but an Exec app would knock out a regular app.

        Now the Exec card links for 50k are tougher to find but there are still one or more out there, or so I am told.

        I am still trying to get clear current info on required wait for regular cards. If it is 18 months after cancelling last card, then it seems app date for existing card doesn’t matter.

        Doctor of Credit: Any guidance here as to what presumed current policy is? Any data points yet in support of that? Maybe it is all too early for this.

    • JL says:

      Can you clarify your last paragraph about the single inquiry and the ability to get the annual fee refunded? Are you talking about getting the bonus and canceling in the first month (paying no annual fee), or the second year (after you paid the first years AF)?

  16. Andy Shuman says:

    Great stuff! So, should we all agree that ALL these cards are churnable with an exception of AMEX personal and US Bank ? And btw, I don’t believe that the new AMEX policy is sustainable considering that their bitter enemy Chase has eased official churning restrictions. I give AMEX a year before they reverse the changes.

  17. Michael Lach says:

    Great post. Would be nice to have a blog that is routinely updated that has a gam plan for a person looking to do a bunch of apps every 90 days or a year long plan. I know the offers will vary on the 1 year plan but at least it could give a roadmap.

    • I don’t believe in app-o-ramas. I just apply when I want and try to spread my inquiries over multiple CRAs. I think what cards you apply for also depend on your goals and what cards you already have.

  18. TJ says:

    love your blog, thanks for all the tips! question about the Amex churning. Can I get the Starwood bonus again if I previously had the card and received the bonus and also closed the card prior to the new May 1st, 2014 date?

    • mbh says:

      My very recent experience was quite different than what is stated here. I applied for the personal SPG card in 2014. After meeting 5k spend, I called about why bonus didn’t post. I was told “no clue, I’ll issue a ticket.” Fast forward 6 months, 3 more calks, and I decide I’m going to get to the bottom of this. I finally get a supervisor who calmly states that I had this same card in 1999, so was not eligible for a bonus. I didn’t even remember having had it until she reminded me. I pointed out that I had not received ANY bonus back then and she was quite insistent that it didn’t matter. According to her, if you ever had the card, no bonus for second card, regardless of previous bonus (or lack thereof ).
      Needless to say, I was a very unhappy camper, and was so pissed to have wasted that 5k+ of spend!

  19. JED says:

    I’m curious about the Amex policy….In 2012 summer, I got the Delta Amex with a 30K point bonus, cancelled the card the following year, and then applied for the same card (50K point bonus this time) in September 2014 and got the full bonus. It would seem that this policy only applies to bonuses received after May 2014?

    I ask because I also got the Gold Amex with 50K bonus in 2011 and later cancelled the card; now I’m curious if my experience with the Delta card was a fluke or if it worked because my previous bonus came prior to May 2014 and the same thing would happen if I find another 50K+ point Gold Amex offer?

  20. maxine dombrow says:

    I would like to get another American Airlines bonus Aadvantage Platinum Select Signature card.. I opened the care 2/13.. closed it 8/13.. reapplied 1/14 and 3/14.. (denied both times).. My credit score is 805..Wondering if and when I might be elgible for the bonus.. I now have a US Airways card and believe those miles will become American Miles.. Will the change in that credit card to an American prevent me from getting a new bonus card with American.. I was hoping they might have a different product when the merge is complete.

    Any info appreciated

  21. jeff says:

    in regards to Barclay, if you have one of their products and apply for another they will allow limits to be moved while still qualifying for sign up bonuses.

  22. Michael says:

    How often can i sign up for a US Bank Card? I signed up for the CC Business on my last churn and would like to get the flexperks the second church which would be 91 days later.

  23. Robert Frank says:

    My Barclay arrival+ card is coming up for it’s second year renewal. After repeated calls to Barclaycard, have not been able to get any adjustment on the $89 annual fee coming up. They obliquely intimate that the third year there could be some adjustment. But say no adjustments of any kind even though I’ve spent in five figures on the bill. They only say I can downgrade to the no fee regular arrival card with lesser benefits.
    Any ideas out there?

  24. Jim Bone says:

    Thanks for taking the efforts to publish this.
    Regarding Chase Cards, it is impossible to get Chase cards if you have had multiple applications in a 18 month period even with non-chase credit cards (even you have not applied to Chase for 18 months).
    Case in point: I applied for a Southwest Chase card after 18 months and was rejected because Chase saw 4 citibank credit card inquiries (in 18 months) in my credit report.

    I have also verified this in other forums like Dans Deals, where there are several data points about this new policy from Chase where they deny applications based on applications to non-Chase credit cards.

  25. LWT says:

    You’ve listed the Citi HHonors Visa cards as churnable. That’s no longer the case. Effective July 5th, the 18 month language now appears in all applications.

  26. Brad says:

    Barclaycard isn’t very churnable anymore. I believe changes were made in the final weeks US Airways card was available.

    Signed up for Lufthansa Miles & More card a year ago. Product changed to a Barclay Rewards card earlier this year then closed so wouldn’t get denied for having card previously, which worked in 2014. Applied a few weeks ago and got pending. Recon denied for having the card previously, so they can now look back for years at prior product history. No credit pull if denied.

  27. Paul says:

    I want to apply for a second Alaska card soon. Just waiting for 91 days to pass from my first application. I was thinking of lowering my credit limit to make sure I get the Visa signature. What explanation should I give for lowering my credit limit?
    Has anyone lowered their credit limit by secured message?

  28. Ray says:

    Hi, About the incremental difference for AMEX cards : does the bonus points post automatic or do we have to call to get the incremental difference in MR points? Thanks in Advance!

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  30. bay says:

    For citi, you dont have to close the card to churn it right?

  31. Elliot says:

    It wasn’t clear to me from this post and the comments if we have any idea if US Bank cards are churnable. I got the Flexperks visa about 2 years ago, still open, but considering applying for another. Does anyone know if it’s churnable?

  32. Mark says:

    Barclays HA card is still churnable. Cancelled my wife’s card 2/2015 and was just approved 9/4/2015

    • Blake Johnson says:

      Does anyone know, if I applied for a citi card sooner than 18 months before I cancelled the last one, got approved but did not get the bonus. Did I just reset the clock and will not be able to get the bonus for 36 months total now?

  33. adam d says:

    I habe about 10 cards open, this is specifically about bofa spirit card…When you fly spirit they often always ask passengers if they are interested in applying for a card in-flight./They hand out a certificate for 2500, I signed up for a card again just to get the certificate, now I have 21k spirit miles, both cards are active and automatically merged with my name same on both cards. for 21k spirit miles i can go a lot of places many times if i fly off peak.

  34. jimmy shotgun says:

    First time freezing my experian, I have 9 cards open, 7 this year, applied for venture, spark cash, and spark miles on 2 computers, 1 computer incognito and normal. First app was venture, it processed for a while and I was denied. 2nd was spark cash, instant approval. 3rd was spark miles, instant denial. same info on both apps for business. I have a venture -one currently open so maybe theres credence to cap1 only allowing 2 cards or maybe they dont approve 2 business cards. Just unfroze my experian, it was free to freeze and unfreeze, I live in IL so am suprised there wasnt a $10 fee. After the cap1 decisions I applied for bofa travel rewards card a few minutes after unfreezing experian…pending outcome, next day approval through email, no phone interview. This was my third bofa credit card in 9 months, 2 withing 2 months.

    I then received 2 emails as to why I was denied for both applications. First letter explained, too many new accounts on transunion, not enough balance on equifax.

    Second letter explained denial due to a new processed account with capital one.

  35. pamela says:

    Does anyone know if the US Bank Avianca cards are churnable? I’ve gotten it once but if I can get it again, it’s a no brainer for me.

  36. RJ says:

    Thanks for this posting, it’s a great resource. I have a question re. Barclays. I had the Arrival+ that I downgraded to Arrival over a year ago. Can I apply for the Arrival+ again and get the 40K signon points again?

    • Chuck says:

      I’d think you’ll be fine.

      • Sam says:

        Are the Arrival and Arrival+ points are combined? or do they go to 2 separate accounts? I want to use points from both cards towards 1 airline ticket. Thanks.

    • RobOnTheRun says:

      Short version: Much safer to close your Arrival before applying for a new Arrival+. Long version: I had an Arrival and in my last AOR, called Barclays to see if I was eligible for the signup bonus on a new Arrival+. CSR confirmed yes, because they were two separate products. Applied and had to call recon, rep said I could not get Arrival+ bonus because I already had an open Arrival. I explained my previous conversation and pled my case. Got approved, card never showed, had to call a second time to go through the entire process again. For some reason, having that open Arrival was causing trouble. Finally got the card, bonus, and it all worked out, but was a headache. Def. going to close out any Arrivals before I go for my next Arrival+!

  37. Curtis says:

    Anyone know quickly if TD Ameritrade cards are churnable? I have an AOR going today and would like to apply for this one in the next few hours if so.


  38. FlyerDad says:

    You wrote that Barclay’s cards are churnable, but I’m not sure that’s true with Miles & More. I was denied because I already have the card (I’ve had it for two years). I’ve never read anywhere where someone successfully got the card (and 50,000 bonus) more than once.

  39. JM says:

    If I had a Chase United card less than 24 months ago (and canceled it then) but did not receive the bonus, can I get the bonus now? I had the card but did not get the bonus…it’s a longer story than that but I was hoping to get the bus now…any thoughts?

  40. ILya says:

    Anyone has any info if Barclays Wyndham card churnable?? Does first one needs to be closed to apply for second? Thanks.

  41. savemesf says:

    Just got my second Barclay Arrival Plus (previous one closed for several months) and going for the 40K again.

    I noticed the Reward Rules they include with the card state “valid for first-time Cardmembers with new accounts only.” Does anyone know if this is new or not? Obviously, if this language is enforced, the bonus would not be not churnable.

    Hoping it is just some boilerplate that has never actually been enforced.

  42. Mike says:

    Does anyone know if the Citi Simplicity and Citi New Diamond 0% introductory interest cards are churnable? They offer long (21 month) 0% interest rates and I’ve used up the timeframes on them and am wondering if I can churn them or not.

  43. Arlington Traveler says:

    I was unable to get another Barclay’s Arrival Plus card. I got one, but it was over two years ago, and I ended up downgrading it to a Barclay’s Arrival card at the one year anniversary. I guess, you have to cancel the card period in order to be eligible to get the Arrival Plus again.

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  50. Mickey Groom says:

    I think you can update the U.S. bank section to reflect that the Flexperks Visa isn’t necessarily the only variant offered during Olympic Promos anymore.

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  53. savemesf says:

    Can anybody confirm that if you receive a targeted AmEx offer in the mail for a card you have already had (e.g., Premier Rewards Gold) which DOES NOT include the once in a lifetime language, you can receive the bonus a second time? Thanks.

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  55. Karlemagne says:

    I have the Discover It Miles (past 1 year) and It (less than 1 year), with 2x on both over 1st year.
    Are they churnable? If so, what are the guidelines?

  56. misty says:


    1.My husband was turned down for the US Bank Flex Perks Biz with the Olympic pts bonus … because we were told he needed to UN Freeze the IDA and ARS credit reporting.

    When asked why… he was told they now Want to see that info to make a better informed opinion as to his credit.

    He would now have to re apply for the card which very ” most likely ” would cause a 2nd pull from the main credit reporting agency.
    Will not do as the promo is now over for the added points.

    2.Can you direct me to the link that shows what business cards are not reported on your personal credit report?

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  59. sam says:

    barclay – “……months in between applications and that it’s better not to call the reconsideration line.” why and when you mean not to call reconsideration? not to call them at all even when denied?

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  65. Mrs. Gee says:

    Just noticed this language in the t &c for Barclay Arrival +:
    “This onetime 50,000 miles bonus offer is valid for first-time Cardmembers with new accounts only. ”

    Is this new language? Can I really churn this card? I’ve already gotten one bonus with this card and would love to get another! Any info is appreciated.

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  67. Jonathan Thompson says:

    Opened my second WF Propel World card today over the phone. The T&Cs were sent via email, and in reviewing them noticed this language:

    “Eligibility for introductory rate(s), fees, and bonus rewards offers
    If you opened a Wells Fargo credit card account during the last 15 months from the date of this application you will not be eligible for the introductory APR(s) or bonus rewards offers until the 1st day of the calendar month after the 15 month anniversary.”

    I do believe that WF enforces this 15 month rule as my SO was denied a signing bonus from WF for this reason.

    I am fortunately outside that window. Also, the my app was initially declined due to having too many recent inquiries. Knowing that was incorrect, I called the recon and was told that the decline was because I have too much outstanding credit and that WF underwriters don’t have a way to notate that on the app, so they choose something else. After reallocating another WF credit line that I have had for 10+ years I was approved.

  68. Andre says:

    Great post and great info, thank you! Question about the Chase cards – I have a bunch of them and have gotten all the sign-on bonuses, and I would like to begin churning them. Currently, all of them are open, and many I’ve had for more than 24 months. How long after I cancel them do I have to wait to reapply, assuming the 24 months since bonus has passed? Also, what happens to my ultimate rewards points that are still on the account (or hotel points for the hotel cards)?

    • Don’t think there is a minimum time period, I like to leave a few months that way if I need to call reconsideration I can plead my case a bit better. With UR as long as you have an UR earning card you can keep the points, with the hotel points they are already transferred to the travel partner so no risk of losing those.

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  70. Arny says:

    DP: Both my wife and I opened our second Barclays Arrival + on 6/16/2016 (the first ones we kept for a year and then waited six months before applying again…per what has seemed to be suggested). Both canceled on 10/31/2016. Both opened another Arrival + on 11/9/16 and received bonus after spend with instant approval. Also of note, both of us have had the US Airways/AA Aviator for over 2 years as they keep waiving the annual fee and offering nice promotions that we take advantage of…so that could be a consideration. But seems to go against the six month rule, especially with the new app so close to the cancellation and still under six months. We both have credit scores approx. 775 or so and apply for appox. 12 credit cards/year each spaced out (no app-o-ramas). We also have not had any other Barclays apps ever except what’s mentioned here. I am about to cancel both cards again and apply maybe a week or 2 later. I’ll see how it goes.

  71. fathiss says:

    I applied for the Wells Fargo Propel card today with the 40,000 bonus offer over phone. Rep said the bonus is available if have not had the bonus in last 16 months. I had the card and cancelled last year and I was approved for the card and was told I qualify for the bonus (my 1st bonus was received 2 1/2 years ago). So, we have some clarification on the qualification rule for churning the Propel.

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