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Ben (@guest_1822706)
March 29, 2024 19:06

Still listed among best card bonuses, though expired!

LMC (@guest_1794426)
February 7, 2024 14:47

My Priority Pass associated with the platinum AMEX card was rejected by two affiliated restaurants in Atlanta and San Francisco airports.

diversanon (@guest_1795306)
February 8, 2024 19:40

Only CSR PP get restaurants. This is expected.

beat2def (@guest_1796023)
February 10, 2024 09:24

I think U.S. Bank Altitude PP gets restaurants too.

Robert (@guest_1769189)
January 2, 2024 16:11

Is the 150,000 points and $200 sign up bonus via referral still available? I’ve gotten the 150,000 points to show up.

DonnyDonowitz (@guest_1716660)
October 16, 2023 19:17

I was targeted with 150K offer with 10K spend. $295 Annual Fee ($375 if application is received on or after 2/1/2024). Business Gold Card

WT (@guest_1710796)
October 7, 2023 13:13

New language – if you have or have had Plat you no longer qualify for gold sign up bonus

calvin (@guest_1698201)
September 20, 2023 00:12

would you be able to open up the dedicated referral page again so we can provide links to the 150k bonus offer for users

Paul (@guest_1694151)
September 14, 2023 18:51

I have a Gold card and I am getting a popup in my AMEX account offering me 100K to upgrade to Platinum, but I want a higher bonus to make the switch. I currently hold 4 AMEX cards including the Gold card. When I try the referral link I get the 150K offer, but when I enter my info I am told I am not eligible for the 150K and I get offered the 80K offer in its place. I wonder if it is because I hold a Gold card now. I’m hesitant to cancel my Gold card to find out. Is there a way to get the 150K offer on the upgrade or some other way to get 150K? I don’t need both Gold and Platinum.

Bd (@guest_1746426)
November 27, 2023 14:55

Same question I have 🙁

Yuta (@guest_1687298)
September 6, 2023 16:18

Been out of the loop for a while, i got the plat bonus about 2 years ago. Can I get the bonus again only if the offer does not state the once in a lifetime bonus? Also does the popup always come up to prevent me from applying and not getting the bonus?

tommy shelby
tommy shelby (@guest_1684863)
September 2, 2023 19:17

FYI – i got the 150k AMEX platinum sign up bonus today, via brave browser incognito google search for “american express platinum” and simply clicking the standard link.

will (@guest_1685587)
September 4, 2023 12:33

i only see 125k offer

David (@guest_1686195)
September 5, 2023 11:11

125k only . Using vpn and incognito

Bulba (@guest_1686557)
September 5, 2023 19:30

I get 125k from referrals but 150k via google link, with or without vpn. Google chrome / incognito.

EV (@guest_1698564)
September 20, 2023 14:17

Was able to get 150,000 SUB with 8k spend only by using browser on metamask app on my phone lol.

Just a guy
Just a guy (@guest_1729123)
November 3, 2023 00:38

I’ve just tried it too. Got accepted for 150k offer after 3y of amex jail!

Not much has changed besides significant DROP in credit score because of short term cc utilization. I had to spend something like $15k on different credit cards (non amex) last month and I haven’t paid them in full yet (but I intend to in the next couple of days), My score went from 805 to 775.

Not sure what else changed.

adam d
adam d (@guest_1677130)
August 21, 2023 23:35

 William Charles the referrals are all invalid, start a new post please.

William Charles
August 23, 2023 02:09