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Published on October 10th, 2015 | by William Charles


American Express Gold Charge Card 25,000 Membership Rewards Points Bonus

The Offer

Direct link to offer (you’ll need to open up the link in incognito mode/different browsers until it appears)

  • Earn 25,000 Membership Rewards points after $1,000 in spend within three month of account opening

premier rewards gold

Card Details

  • Annual fee of $160 is waived first year
  • Card earns at the following rates:
    • 2x points on all flights booked directly with the airline & at U.S restaurants
    • 1x points on all other purchases

Our Verdict

This is the same offer that is available on the Green card and I’d recommend signing up for it much for the same reason. The actual card is basically a crippled version of the Premier Rewards Gold (which currently has a 50,000 point bonus) and I can’t see any reason why you’d want to sign up for it apart from the sign up bonus.

This card doesn’t usually have a sign up bonus though and as never had one as far as I’m aware. Given that you can only get the sign up bonus once on every American Express card, now is the time to pick this one up if you value 25k MR more than a hard credit pull.

Hat tip to jnrfalcon

22 Responses to American Express Gold Charge Card 25,000 Membership Rewards Points Bonus

  1. LWT says:

    No luck for me after dozens of attempts in ingognito. I’ll be interested in hearing any success stories.

    • Compeek says:

      Try using a free proxy and setting it to a different state or country. I had success today on another offer (Blue Cash Everyday $250) using the Chrome extension Unlimited Free VPN – Hola and setting it the U.K. I couldn’t get the offer to show up just trying Incognito mode and various browsers a bunch of times, but the offer showed up right away once I tried the proxy. That extension specifically doesn’t work in Incognito mode, so you’ll have to clear your cookies in regular mode.

      The application did say pending, but I called them, and they just wanted to make sure it was really me applying, probably since the IP address they saw was in another country.

  2. Dave C says:

    Thinking of combing this with the Green charge card, should combine pulls, right? I pull, 52k MR for $2k in GC ain’t bad.

  3. Ethan says:

    Just applied and approved for both the Green and the Gold. Its a good Amex day for me as I also just received my travel reimbursement for purchasing Alaska GCs with my Platinum card.

  4. Kid says:

    Thanks, applied for both the green and gold and approved for both.

  5. MH says:

    Is there a limit to the number of charge cards one can have?

    I have a PRG & BGR. I’d like to get both of these in a month or so, the Gold recently had a 10k point but obviously 52k points is a nice haul.

  6. Jason says:

    Approved for both. Just did a sort of AOR a month ago that included the PRG and Everyday incognito offers.

    So I’m expecting a financial review posthaste. Anything I could do proactively to prevent that? Call and ask to lower limits on CCs?

    • LWT says:

      No suggestions, but if you do get FR, please post the details of how it unfolds.

      After getting approved for the gold, I’m sitting on 6 open Amex cards. I’m going to pass for now on the green card because I don’t want to push my luck. My wife just got approved for the gold card also, bringing her total to 4. I’ll still hold off for a while on applying for the green card for her because her credit history with Amex isn’t nearly as long as mine. Hopefully, the green card offer will come around again next year after we’ve closed some of our existing cards.

  7. Adam says:

    applied for this Gold & instant approval — thanks for the heads up DoC!

    however, also applied for Green right after this and auto-denied, what gives?

    since Charge Card & CC pulls are combined, applied for the Everyday Pref as well. but that went pending, so not sure what’s gonna happen with that. I tried calling recon but they said they’re closed currently (while open today, they close early on Sat.)

  8. Noob says:

    Doc, thanks for the good tips. Could you give me an advice?
    Taking a hint from your “you get a bonus only once per amex”, i applied and got approved for the green, the gold, and the gold premier. 50+25+25 was what i was aiming for. My noob strategy is to use up the MR points and close all three cards. The annual fee will hit on the same day after year one for all three and i do not want to pay to use the cards. Should I do that? What am I thinking wrong. Thank you.

    • Yes, you can try and get a retention bonus but I doubt they’d offer anything useful.

    • Manny says:

      You should have applied for some business cards also, as amex business and personal pulls are combined. There’s a 75k bonus after 10k spend available in the business gold Rewards, you should have thrown that and an spg business in. If you don’t have an everyday yet, you should have gotten one (25k after 2k) to keep your mr points in after you cancel the cards. And the premier gold rewards 50k offer isn’t going anywhere, you should’ve waited on that one, being as amex bonuses aren’t churnable, unless you know how to utilize the $100 airline fee credit properly. Next time there is a 100k offer on the platinum, grab that with some business cards. Try to aim for a profit of at least $1500 per credit pull.

  9. Ashker says:

    Are these links dead?

  10. Max says:

    Just worked for me today – both gold and green. Tried last night and didn’t work. Not sure if it is the PC I am using or time of day or what. Seems hit or miss.

  11. TWoK says:

    Worked for me yesterday, now not working today! Ha.

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