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Al (@guest_1860881)
June 17, 2024 18:25

I think I got the chase one from last year with 5 free nights with 50K each night and $150 fee boundless card, it shouldn’t mattet if I get this from Amex right? Also, any DP’s of Marriott renewing those 50K certs after 1 year expiration if I can’t utilize them by september?

CG (@guest_1854222)
June 3, 2024 08:31

How long after completing the spend do the free nights show up in Marriott account?

Mj (@guest_1851575)
May 29, 2024 16:42

Does it take a few days for my bonvoy number to appear in my Amex login? I double checked that I entered it on my application.

James (@guest_1850695)
May 27, 2024 10:24

I have the Chase Bonvoy Boundless opened June 5th 2022, met 5 night SUB requirements first statement closing July 4th 2022. I want the Amex Bonvoy Business next month at the 24 month mark, but am unclear from the eligibility chart I found more precisely what date I would be eligible? Is the 24 months exact, does it round up to the closest end of month, or can you apply at the start of the 24th month?

Al (@guest_1861094)
June 18, 2024 09:58

same question but i applied last year (sept 2023 i think) for the chase boundless, I was reading the terms i didn’t find any verbiage on re-application, probably you can’t do Amex bonvoy yeach year.

Billy Bob
Billy Bob (@guest_1849444)
May 24, 2024 04:13

Can these certs have the 15k points added onto them?

Sacramento (@guest_1849830)
May 24, 2024 21:22

Yes, the app allows it also.

Jacob (@guest_1850277)
May 25, 2024 22:51

Yes, you can top each of these certificates off with up to 15k additional points per night.

Frogged (@guest_1850722)
May 27, 2024 11:26

And you will find a lot of hotels needing 66k points a night.

Sacramento (@guest_1849411)
May 24, 2024 00:30

Does amex match sub offers? I signed up last week when the offer was only 3 nights…

Sam (@guest_1849381)
May 23, 2024 23:23

Annoying if you’re on the Chase side you can’t get this

DangerDong (@guest_1849392)
May 23, 2024 23:52

you can get this–you just need to wait 2 years after your last Chase Marriott SUB. FM has a great table explaining your eligibility for Marriott SUBs.

Sam (@guest_1849840)
May 24, 2024 21:33

But then I’m locked back on the chase side

James (@guest_1850715)
May 27, 2024 11:11

Thanks for the tip, though the FM table doesn’t make it clear when exactly the 24 month restriction ends. Can you apply at the start of the 24th month? The exact day 24 months later? Or after the end of the 24th month?

Al (@guest_1861096)
June 18, 2024 10:00

Hi sam, do you mean if you’ve had Chase boundless offer in the past, you need to wait 24 months in order to get this offer from Amex? I used to think that restriction only applied if you’re going back to the same FI (like Chase or Amex) and not to a different FI like Amex in this case…
also whats FM? sorry I’m new to these threads here.

Wil (@guest_1849306)
May 23, 2024 20:14

had an SPG business converted card since 05/17 and closed it last week. do I qualify for this special offer?

Ed (@guest_1848938)
May 23, 2024 10:13

Offer is back, publicly and via referral

Jeremy (@guest_1826856)
April 6, 2024 01:48

I have both chase marriott cards, and have had for several years (personal and business), am I eligible for an amex version too or can you only have one personal/one business regardless of brand?

MaTT (@guest_1849272)
May 23, 2024 19:30

Marriott will not allow the mix

Billy Bob
Billy Bob (@guest_1849443)
May 24, 2024 04:11

I think you mean Amex in his case?

mj (@guest_1849888)
May 24, 2024 22:40

I think you need to have your chase business card closed for 30 days I believe. FT had a chart