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Steve B
Steve B (@guest_1675777)
August 19, 2023 19:13

Get this off of here, $75 is no where worth it

Maxim (@guest_1586189)
March 27, 2023 21:20

It’s live again through June 6th, 2023

Carlos (@guest_1571027)
March 7, 2023 18:36

Finally a non insignificant 150$ intro bonus after spending 1000$

Plop (@guest_1555995)
February 14, 2023 00:38

I was denied, but I also just opened another credit card about 2 weeks ago. The email I got specifically said that I had opened too many lines of credit recently. My wife was accepted right away.

TheJohnWickening (@guest_1541593)
January 25, 2023 09:22

Got a (targeted?) email for my Apple Card
Subject: Add a Co-Owner and they get $100 Daily Cash when they spend $100 for a limited time

Apple Card Family lets you share the great features and benefits of Apple Card with anyone you call family. When you add a Co-Owner to your account by February 6, 2023, they’ll receive $100 Daily Cash from us when they spend $100 in their first 30 days.
A Co-Owner can be a spouse, partner, or someone else you trust. The two of you share equal benefits and responsibilities for the account. Adding a Co-Owner allows you to build credit as equals4 and gain access to a combined credit limit.5 You both can view and manage the account making it easy to track your family spend in one place.  Chuck

AJ (@guest_1541227)
January 24, 2023 19:15

I was able to get an approval finally (I used the link from this website but didn’t work when I was trying to apply via my laptop browser. Had to process the app by opening the link via Safari on my iphone–to make sure I’m getting the bonus. It will reroute you to Apple wallet and apply from there) and got the $75 bonus which was posted in just a couple of days after first transaction.

I’m wondering if the Apple Card is churnable like Target Redcard. Didn’t see anything in their terms and condition (I think…).

Is this once in a lifetime thing like Fidelity Bloom?


Alex_the_Churner (@guest_1521126)
December 28, 2022 18:58

dead?  Chuck

Alex_the_Churner (@guest_1521199)
December 28, 2022 20:44

@Chunk Interesting. I see the promo as well but only via incognito browser.

B^2 (@guest_1516366)
December 21, 2022 22:50

I see on
“Save 5% on Apple products with a new Apple Card through December 25. Only at Apple.”
Could make this card more valuable if someone was contemplating a major purchase (like new ipad or whatever) anyway. I can not find any info that it stacks (or doesn’t) with $75 referral SUB.

P (@guest_1515463)
December 20, 2022 19:41

The application for this card touts “See if you qualify with no impact to your credit score,” but it doesn’t work. It then asks you for your full social security number. Then I get an alert that someone attempted to do a credit pull, so there’s an impact to your credit score even if you only want to see if you qualify.

Jun (@guest_1513142)
December 17, 2022 11:53

I dont see the offer on my mom’s iphone. deal is dead?