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Arcadia Power: Pay your Electric Bill with Credit Card for No Fee [Available Nationwide & Earning 5% On Some Cards]

[Update 12/6/18: They’ve just sent out an improved referral offer of $1,000 for 10 referrals. Feel free to leave your own referral links in the comments below (note: full name appears in referral), but only if you’ve tried it out and have something of value to add to the conversation. Do NOT leave your referral again if it’s already there. There’s a $5 signup bonus for new members ($25 if you signup for the 100% plan which has a fee). ]

Arcadia Power is a consumer-facing company which focuses on saving users money on their electric bills, as well as helping the environment. They facilitate digital payments for electric bills, they offer price alerts for better electric rates in your area, and they have wind energy, community solar, and home efficiency programs. Here is their About Us page and here is a rundown of their programs and here’s a Techcrunch article.

Anyone with an electric bill can use Arcadia, whether you own a home or rent one, have a business, or a rental property. Arcadia is available nationwide by creating a free account and connecting your power bill to their online dashboard.

Last month, they began allowing users to pay their electric bill with a credit card as a way to incentivize users who will signup to rack up the points. Many utility providers don’t accept cards or charge a convenience fee for using one. Now, anyone who has an electric bill can earn points on that spend by paying through Arcadia. And if your water or gas gets billed together with electric that will be paid together with the credit card. Visa and Mastercard only.

The company presumably makes money from up-selling other products in their program – the credit card fees are their customer acquisition cost. They also get a bit of float here since they pull the money within a few days of when the bill is generated. It’s possible they might be gaining from using the customer data as well.

[They offer two plans: one is free and offsets 50% of your energy consumption with wind-powered energy; the other has a small cost and offsets 100% of your consumption. Basically, they buy into wind farms to offset your non-green electric consumption. As far as I understand, the 50% option is more of a mental gain than anything else as they can choose to buy up wind energy with or without you.]

Overall seems like a win for anyone who can generate real spend from their electric bills. For now we don’t know of any special credit card category bonus for Arcadia – please let us know if you experience anything on this end. (INK Preferred does not earn 3x with Arcadia.)

There’s also a $5 signup bonus which gets applied to your account if you signup using a referral link, or $25 if you signup for the 100% plan which has a fee. Here’s reader Ryan’s referral link – he let us know about Arcadia. Feel free to leave your own referral links in the comments below (note: full name appears in referral), but only if you’ve tried it out and have something of value to add to the conversation. You get $5 per referral to a free account and $25 per referral to a paid account. Plus, get a free Nest with 5 referrals; more details here. 

Another option is to use Swagbucks and get $10 back for signing up with Arcadia. One reader mentions having an issue getting the Swagbucks on Arcadia, so maybe getting $5 from referral is better – your choice. Certainly if you’re doing the paid option, take the referral for the $25 bonus.

Update 3/17/18: There’s currently a $20 signup bonus via a Facebook ad, valid through March 31, instead of the typical $5 or $10 bonus mentioned below. (HT: FM) Update 2: Realized now that the $20 bonus might be for those who signup for the paid offering. Not sure it’ll pay out for the free offering. 

What Cards Earn Bonus Categories?

  • U.S. Bank Cash+ earns 5% when utilities is selected: 1,
  • VantageWest earns 5% when utilities is selected: 1,

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I signed up last month and it worked perfectly. Great way to get a little extra spend on a sign-up bonus for no fee. They’ve also got a decent looking dashboard.

Great program and I was referred from beamen right here. It was quick and easy, can confirm same price as my power bill too! You can view the good your are doing too!

If you can earn points and miles with credit card count me in. I’m trying the program out to try and get 5% back! You can too and help me with a referral –

Just signed up with Pat’s link. Here’s mine:

Signed up from Matt – here is my link:

I highly recommend using Arcadia Power for both the credit card rewards benefit as well as promoting green energy. This is a win-win for everyone involved. Appreciate it if you use my referral:

I’ve been using this since before April – Great way to help maximize some rewards on CC’s. For BGE they login to your account and change the email address on file, which seems odd, but you get an email update of your new email address. Therefore, you could technically cancel whenever needed and login into your account.

Just used Pat’s link, below is mine.
Wish they can take Amex in future.

I’m using arcadia for over a year and likes it. I upgraded to %100 wind energy and it feel good. There is nice section in their website which shows your impact as tons of saved CO2 and compares to equivalent of trees you were needed to plant to get that effect or miles to drive with an electric car for the same effect. It is really good that they don’t charge anything for providing half of your energy from wind and a small amount if you want to go up to 100% wind.
My referral link is:

This doesn’t work for everyone, actually. If your provider doesn’t participate all you can do is buy an offset.

I signed up with Arcadia a couple of months ago when they had a $20 off your first bill incentive. It was a very easy sign up process, and I initially did the free version. No issues to report, and I was credited as expected. One thing I did have to do was cancel the budget billing I had set up with my provider, so I had to settle up since I was behind at the time. Just something to consider. I have not seen a budget billing option with Arcadia.

I have my Cash+ set to 5% for utilities next quarter, so I’m hoping this will trigger that category.

Due to the referrals I received from this post, I was shipped a free Nest E thermostat from Arcadia. Just adds to the great deal. Thanks!

YMMV. I would approach this very cautiously. One should check in with their local utilities to see whether they have partnership with Arcadia Power to take payment.
My local utilities recently sent out a warning about third-party payment company making such claim; a few customers were very pissed when utilities charged them late charge due to no payment.

I’ve been using this for several months; they push hard for you to upgrade from the free plan and say it costs on average ~$9/month. Referral below

I just signed up and linked my utility account from PG&E. For now it works with no problem. Here is my link:

My referral. Thank you DOC

I’ve used Arcadia in the past, but they were only allowing bank transfers. I like the website, and it does help people realize how much of a carbon footprint their house has.

Using them with PG&E in San Francisco. Please consider using my link, signed up from DoC’s link above!

I have PG&E only for gas and someone else for electric. Will it work?

Will Cash+ utilities category get triggered by this?

Good question – if I don’t see any data points elsewhere, I’ll give it a try next quarter.

Therese Robinson
Therese Robinson

Yup, I have been using this service for over a year and when the “Utilities” category became available on the US Bank Cash+ card, I started paying with that. 5% cashback. Here is my referral link to join Arcadia Power.

Thanks DoC. My Referral:
Never used something like this before but I’ll test out Ink Plus and report back. I’ve been waiting for this moment! Utility and HOA fees are probably the last 2 things I haven’t been able to charge to my credit cards.

Did anyone get an alert from their electric company’s user/password got changed after the Arcadia Power was approved?

yes that’s how they work, they change that to get the bill themselves and then send us a summary of the bill.

I read people saying email address changing, but not user/password. Can you still access your utility account after you sign up with Arcadia?

I am concern about change in user/password.

you can still access your account using the login they provide

After signing up, I got an email that my user name and password has been changed from my utility company. This came without warning but is actually how Arcadia is able to pay for your utility by taking over your account. the FAQ shows that if you email them at you can get the unique email Arcadia set up on your behalf to pay your bill. The password is kept the same. This way you can still have direct access to your company’s plan. Also make sure you pay any balance off first before signing up since Arcadia won’t pay existing balance, only upcoming new bills.

I am using Terrance’s link to signup. This is a very useful information for me since I have enrolled in Summer saving program with my utility company. The ability of logging to my original account allow me to enroll in other saving program if needed.

Report back: Ink Plus codes as utility but no bonus (only 1x pending). Btw this is my first month and I noticed even after my credit card got charged, my checking ACH still went through 5 days later (double payment). It’s not a huge amount and I don’t mind the buffer (in case AP ever miss a payment) but you may need to manually remove checking account auto payment to depending on your electric company. Email customer service for the new user ID they generated for you (password should be the same) to have access back into your account.

Why would Ink Plus give 5x? Utility is not a 5x category on that card?

Here’s my referral:

If you have more than one electric utility bill (like for rentals) looks like you need to set up multiple accounts (using diff emails).

You can add multiple utility accounts under 1 login. You have to email them to do it

Just signed up using William’s link. Website is straightforward. Indiana doesnot have price alerts but I am just looking to use a CC for payment so it should be good.

I think Swagbucks has something going with this company every once in a while. I didn’t realize that it was a third party company and just figured it was some east or west coast power company I had never heard of. Will have to give this a look, right now I just pay large chunks with a credit card to offset the surcharge and to help meet minimum spends.

There is a Swagbucks promo too if you can get it to show. Easy 1000 swagbucks

My referral in case that doesn’t show:
Thanks for using it!

Thanks for using my referral! I got the $5, and its already applied to my first month’s bill.

I signed up for Bill pay a couple of days after my bill came, but Arcadia still picked it up and scheduled a payment. They also changed the email address, and gave me that when I contacted customer service (the password remains the same).

Signed up a while back and haven’t had any issues. They handle the payments through their website. Works within ComEd!

Used your link. SRP is supported as well.
Here’s my link:

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