AventiumCard Classic Credit Card Review – High Fees & No Rewards Program

The AventiumCard Classic Credit Card is designed for people with bad credit and is issued by First Premier Bank. This is another post in our series on credit cards for bad credit.

Card Basics

  • Credit limit of $300
  • Annual fee of $75 first year, then $45 annually
  • Monthly fee of $6.5 per month (waived first year)
  • APR of 36%
  • No rewards program
  • Late fee of $38

Our Verdict

Like most cards targeted towards people with bad credit, the fees on this card are incredibly high. Let’s break them down:

  • $75 in fees first year
  • $123 in fees year two onwards

Considering the credit limit is only $300 those fees represent a significant percentage of the credit limit. The problem with people with bad credit that are trying to rebuild is that in most cases they don’t realize that they have so many better options out there than a card like this. Some quick examples:

The important thing to know is that you do have options. Hopefully a few people that were considering signing up for this card will come across this post in the search engines and find a cheaper solution. You can view our other posts in this series below:

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Wong (@guest_406974)
May 16, 2017 14:21

Doc, thank you for writing these “Worst credit card” posts. They make great entertainment at the office