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Published on March 29th, 2016 | by William Charles


Banks & Credit Unions That Are ChexSystems Inquiry Sensitive

We post a lot of different bank account bonuses, one of the most common questions we get is ‘How Many Bank Accounts Can I Safely Open Within A Year For Bank Bonus Purposes?‘. Most of the time when you open a new bank account, they won’t do a hard pull on your credit report (data points for that can be found here). Instead they will check your ChexSystems report.

ChexSystems contains information regarding your deposit accounts and is used by around 80% of all financial institutions. It contains information regarding new account openings and also the following red flags:

  • Unsatisfied balances
  • Check overdrafts
  • Depositing fraudulent checks
  • Suspicious account behavior reported by other banks (e.g possible structuring)

Some financial institutions won’t open a new account for you if you’ve opened too many new accounts recently as it can be a sign of possible fraud and they also want to limit people like us chasing bank account bonuses. I thought it’d be useful to have a list of banks & credit unions that are sensitive to too many inquiries and also ones that aren’t. Please add more data points in the comments so we can make this resource page more useful. Also keep in mind that these inquiries stay on your report for a maximum of two three years.

Banks/Credit Unions That Are Inquiry Sensitive

Banco Popular

Bank of Canton

Bank Of The West


Blue Federal Credit Union

Blue Hills

BMT (Bryn Mawr Trust)

Byline Bank

Cambridge Savings Bank

Carver Federal Savings Bank

Charles Schwab

Christian Community Credit Union


Dedham Savings Bank

Eastern Bank

Elements Financial


Evansville Teachers Federal Credit Union


  • Will decline you if you’ve had more than 10

First National Bank

Home Savings Bank

Integrity Bank

Justice Federal Credit Union


Level One Bank

Memory Bank

Newtown Savings Bank


People’s United Bank


  • Will decline you if you’ve had more than 10

PNC Bank

Popular Bank

Premier Credit Union

Provident Credit Union


Sandy Spring Bank

Sound Credit Union

Thrivent Credit Union


Union Bank

Union Community Bank

Union Bank & Trust

  • Not sensitive: 1

Valley National Bank


Banks/Credit Unions That Aren’t Inquiry Sensitive


BMO Harris


  • Successfully opened with 20+ new accounts on my ChexSystems report

Citizens Bank


East Boston Savings

First Tennessee

  • No issue with 30+ accounts on my ChexSystems report in last three years


Interior Federal Credit Union

M&T Bank

My Banking Direct



TCF Bank

TD Bank

Tech Credit Union

TIAA Direct

U.S. Bank


Wells Fargo

Final Thoughts

I’ll update this page as more data points come in, but these reference articles are only as useful as you make them so make sure you share your data points and then everybody benefits.

112 Responses to Banks & Credit Unions That Are ChexSystems Inquiry Sensitive

  1. BH says:

    Declined by Northpointe last week with a total of 16 in the past 2 years

  2. Bob says:

    Byline bank in Illinois will decline you if you’ve had more than 2 inquires.

  3. Jacob says:

    Data point:
    Denied from Northpointe, only 6 ChexSystems inquiries in the last two years.
    Although 3 were in January and was 1 was in February, I was still surprised. Going to hold off on more bank bonuses till after the summer. I had also received my free report from ChexSystems just before applying and besides the inquires there would be nothing to effect it the decline.

    • Matt says:

      That’s strange, Jacob. I had a very similar record, but I was approved for my Northpointe account.

      I had also opened 6 new accounts in the past 2 years. 5 of those 6 were opened in the past 1 year, and 3 of those 6 were opened in the past 2 months (2 in January, 1 in February).

      • lingua says:

        perhaps changed criteria since new high interest checking? just got approved for northpointe with 15/7 months!

  4. gary says:

    Inquiries from chex system stay on for longer than 2 years. It’s at least 3 years. I got a copy of my chex report last week and there are inquiries from as early as May of 2013 listed under inquiries initiated by consumer action.

    separate data notes. BBVA opened account no problem despite 20+ inquiries.
    Provident CU- declined for too many inquiries
    synchrony bank-declined too many inquiries
    bank of the west declined too many inquiries (despite having an investment account with them)

    • Carlos says:

      You might be the only seeing them because rule of thumb is 2 years unless it has changed.

      • gary says:

        2 years is definitely true for credit reports as they always drop off. but if i’m seeing it on chex then the banks can as well. I looked at the chex website and it doesn’t state how long inquiries show on their report.

        However, I just checked the report itself it states on the report that inquiries can be viewed up to three years

    • SCJ says:

      There’s another factor we don’t know then. I pulled my Chex back in December and CapOne 360 and Chase checking accounts I had opened 14 months prior did not show up.

      • Question says:

        Does this mean Chase doesn’t pull up your Chex report when you sign up for a checking account with them?

        Can anyone confirm this? –Worried about multiple inquiries

    • Fixed the two year/three year business. Did you have 20+ inquiries for provident/synchrony and bank of the west as well? Will add those.

      • gary says:

        20+ for all of them

        Unfortunately when you open a certificate with agriculture federal credit union online, Even if you already have a membership they will do a chex inquiry. Agfed allows additional accounts to be funded online by credit card but requires a chex pull each time. A big chunk of the 20+ were from agfed over the past 3 years

  5. HoKo says:

    Santander is sensitive – denied me when I don’t think I had more than 2 or 3 inquiries

    • joe says:

      I don’t think Santander is that sensitive. Spouse and I opened at least a dozen bank/brokerage accts a few months before each opening a santander extra20 with no problems.

    • PG says:

      Don’t know how many of these are actually on my chexs report, but I’ve open 9 checking and 3 savings in a little over a year and Santander approved me, so they are not always sensitive…I’ve yet to be turned down for any, although I specifically avoided BofW due to reports I was seeing here.

      • Wyle says:

        Santander had 11 inquiry to view for me prior to opening an Extra20 with them last October, 5 of those were within 12 months. No problems.

    • You sure it was due to inquiries and not any negative items on your chexsystems?

      • HoKo says:

        No I’m not sure it was due to inquiries but after getting denied I pulled my Chexsystems report and it was clean as a whistle in regards to negative items. Maybe the denial was due to the identity verification issues that Bill mentioned

    • Bill says:

      Santander (at least during the Extra20 era) would decline online for various issues claiming that they could not verify identity, but might allow if the account was opened at the branch.

  6. Darv says:

    Bank of the West. Only problem I’ve had opening checking accounts. Opened around 15 the past two years. I called them and they said it was because ChexSystems and Experian.

  7. sam says:

    Isn’t perkstreet closed?

  8. ae says:

    PNC bank – denied after chexsystems pull .

    30+ chexsystems inquiries 3 years – my chexsystems shows 3 years + who knows what all they show folks who inquire…

  9. Shane says:

    I had 2 accounts closed in January 2015 , AFTER first being approved/opened (they were closed within 2 weeks) due to “further review”, citing too many inquiries/accounts opened. Probably had 5-7 accounts opened in the 4 months prior. This happened to me at People’s United Bank, and also at Banco Popular.

  10. Gary says:

    Elevations CU denied for about a dozen inquiries in 8 months.
    First Tennessee had no problem.

  11. dizzy says:

    Denied by Citadel due to Chex, reason not listed, never received snail mail rejection. Opened Ocean First a few days before which is likely reason. Babying that one with in bank transactions and “normal” use.

  12. daxihe says:

    Approved by Northpointe banker manually with ChexSystems frozen, during the promotion (contacted via email).

  13. daxihe says:

    Also denied by KeyBank for “ChexSystems reasons” (in-branch). I froze ChexSystems and went again; their system prompted banker to call someone at a ChexSystems phone number. The banker tried but didn’t succeed, and finally she asked me “How many checking accounts do you have” and “How many among them come with an opening bonus”…

    Looks like their system and staff are trained to go against bonus chasing. 🙁

  14. Cy says:

    Not sure why you have First Tennessee as “Banks that are not inquiry sensitive”. They denied me back in December of last year, after I had opened 2 accounts in about a week or two with the following E-mail

    “We regret we cannot open your account and/or add your name as an owner/signer on an account.

    We also obtained your Chexsystems score and used it in making our credit decision. Your Chexsystems score is a number that reflects the information available in your Chexsystems report related to past debit performance.

    Your score may change depending on how the information in your Chexsystems report changes.

    Your Chexsystems Score: 0558 on date: 2015-12-24
    Scores range from a low of 100 to a high of 899

    Key factors that adversely affected your ChexSystems score:

    Chexsystems did not make the decision to deny your account application and is unable to provide you with specific reasons why the decision was made. ”

    I have opened 3 more accounts after this denial at other banks completely fine.

  15. Kev says:

    I got declined by Provident Credit Union due to too many inquiries. Here’s the message they send me:

    “We are unable to process your requests due to past history with other financial institution involving multiple inquiries and/or unpaid report that have been reported on Chexsystems. For more information regarding these inquiries and/or report please contact Chexsystems at 1-800-513-7125. You may also visit their website at”

    So I requested a copy of my Chexsystems reports, it shows I have total of 8 inquiries in the past 2 years, 4 of them happened in the past 4 months.

  16. Matt says:

    Does your ChexSystem report list rejected applications? Are those considered a negative item?

    I know credit reports show all hard inquiries from the past 2 years, even if they didn’t lead to an account opening. Not sure if ChexSystems is the same way.

    • Andres says:

      The report lists all the banks that have run your ChexSystems report. It doesn’t differentiate which of those banks actually opened or denied you an account. It just says BANK, DATE OF INQUIRY, and ADDRESS OF BANK.

  17. Bill says:

    Add New York Community Bank, and it’s subsidiaries. Even if approved by the local branch manager, their Risk Department double-checks applications and can close the account.

  18. adam d says:

    Just started banking bonus game this year. SO far NO denials all opened no problem.

    1/19/16 – First Tennessse
    3/4/16- Chase
    3/11/16- Talmer Bank
    3/18/16 – Citibank ($300 promo)
    3/23/16 – Northpointe

    $1200 so far, thanks DOC.

    Side note: Accounts opened and closed in 2015 no bonuses.
    4/14/15 – Chase closed
    4/14/15 – TCF opened.
    10/12/2015 – Fidelity opened.

  19. Carlos says:

    Just a key note:

    Chase, BOA, and PNC didnt run chex info on me to open checking and savings accounts with them.
    It must be because of my credit relationship with them.

  20. Prateek says:

    Another one is Consumer Credit Union –

  21. gary says:

    I have a “security freeze” on chex. I have lots of inquiries on my account and there were times that banks don’t disclose they are doing an inquiry when opening a secondary account with the same bank. (agriculture fcu for one). Despite my security freeze an inquiry recently showed on my account. I called chex system and the rep acknowledged there is a freeze and the inquiry. The inquiry is from a bank I never attempted to open an account or have one with.
    The rep stated that they did not provide any information because of the freeze. I asked her why is the inquiry there if I have a freeze and info was not provided. She stated that since an inquiry was made, even if they didnt provide it, they record it. She said I had to initiate an investigation to request it to be removed and IF the bank agrees it was not legitimate they would remove it. So essentially the bank has to admit to wrongdoing, if they dont it stays. SHe said if i dont agree with the outcome, I would need to provide a police report.

  22. CGID says:

    Hi WC. First off thanks so much for initiating this kind of thread. It’s a great idea and could be a tremendous resource for those of us who open bank accounts for bonuses. (And when a person combines the bank bonus with funding a credit card, the bonus can be really high.)

    I note that you are focused on ChexSystems exclusively here. I’d like to suggest that you rework this resource, if you have the time, so that it discusses both CS and also EWS (Early Warning Services). EWS is a competitor CRA to ChexSystems and there are some banks that only report to EWS, some that report only to CS, and some that report to both. The idea of reporting only to one is especially common when all that is being reported is an inquiry or a new account.

    Thus, when you identify Wells Fargo and Chase as very CS-friendly, that’s because they are part of the consortium that created EWS and uses it heavily. I have opened two different Chase bank accounts and two different Wells Fargo accounts and two different Regions accounts in the last 10 months — all on six different days. None of them appear anywhere on my CS report and all of them appear on my EWS report.

    Thus I am not surprised that Chase might not care if I have 20 inquiries on my CS report. That’s because they aren’t pulling it. Much more interesting would be to hear about a person’s EWS report who gets approved or denied at Chase.

    So what I think might be helpful is to revise your resource as follows:

    * Make it a resource that explains the concept of CRAs that track inquiries and new accounts for consumer’s opening bank accounts.

    * Give a short description of ChexSystems and EWS as the two main CRAs for this.

    * Encourage people to post data that indicate whether a particular bank reports inquiries and/or new accounts to (a) Only CS (b) Only EWS (c) Both

    * Encourage people to post data about sensitivity. The idea datapoint would give give the bank applied to, the refusal or approval, along with the number of inquiries at that time in both EWS and CS.

    You are definitely doing all of this, but because your resource is based on the idea that CS is the only relevant CRA, it is less helpful than it otherwise might be.

    Thanks as always for your awesome website.

    • Don says:


      Really fantastic comment, thank you

      I recently requested my free ChexSystems report and can confirm, I had no inquiries for checking accounts opened at Chase, Wells Fargo, and BoA. Everything else matched up.

      I will attempt to pull my free EWS report.

    • CGID says:

      “[EWS] is owned by seven of the country’s most respected FSOs – Bank of
      America, BB&T, Capital One, JPMorgan Chase, PNC, U.S. Bank and Wells Fargo.”

      I can confirm that PNC reports to both (it appeared on both my CS and EWS report). Citi and Discover also appeared on both for me.

      My BOA, Chase, and Wells Fargo appeared only on my EWS. Same for Regions.

      I have no accounts with BB&T, Cap One, and US Bank, so I can’t see from personal experience whether they report only to EWS, though I wouldn’t be surprised if that was true.

      • Don says:

        I have a US Bank ChexSystems inquiry but it is an old data point (07/2014), before they became an owner of EWS on October 26, 2015

        • CGID says:

          Thanks Don. Really helpful to hear about the timeline for when US Bank became an owner of EWS.

          I agree with you that we can (a) infer that USB used CS before they became an owner of EWS and (b) infer nothing about what they are doing now (they might use both or only use EWS).

          I am really interested to hear what you see when your EWS report arrives!

          • Don says:

            CGID thanks, received my report (it’s a little more complex than the ChexSystems report).

            I. For the Section “inquiries made as a result of your opening or attempting to open a bank account”:

            BoA (02/2016)
            Wells Fargo (12/2015)
            Chase (07/2015)
            Compass (odd one – corresponds to opening of a BBVA Compass NBA Credit Card?)

            Santander (12/2015)
            Fifth Third (08/2015)
            Keybank (06/2015)

            Wonder if it is valuable to manage bank inquiries across the multiple systems (Chex, EWS) like we do credit inquiries across (TU, EX, EQ)?

            Those are all the inquiries, but there is a first section of institutions that report transactions. The way I interpret it, some institutions may only report transactions, some may run inquiries?

            II. For the Section “transactions related to your accounts”, the following additional institutions reported here:

            Capital One 360 (04/2013)
            Citizens Bank (08/2015)
            Discover (10/2015)
            Huntington (Last 06/2015)

            As you mentioned, it would be nice to get data points from people who have pulled their reports and throw them into a spreadsheet. I think we could get a pretty good picture with maybe 10-15 reports. I don’t think that I’ve got the energy to take on that project on right now, maybe in the future, or very interested if anyone else has already done it.

  23. Jeff says:

    Well established at two banks (nationally known brand and regional brand)
    Nationwide small account opened a couple of years ago – modest balance.
    Three year lookback could include a couple of bonus opened accounts which never had more than a couple of hundred bucks in each one.
    Opened Northpointe Bank on DOC promo with no ChexSystems issue AFIK. Northpointe Bank DOC promo sign up system issues caused more than one account to be opened / double ChexSystems inquiries likely.
    Shortly thereafter – applied with BAC for a savings account after opening a CC for a bonus/spend combo.
    BAC did a hold for review before opening the savings account – BAC did NOT indicate the concern and did NOT send disclosure of whatever slowed them down. Suspect ChexSystems without knowledge.
    I do remember when I took a friend in for a secured checking account, Wells Fargo ran checking account type service organization pull and hard pull on standard credit bureau.

    • Jeff says:

      Followup to my April 21, 2016 at 2:37 am posting which this should be a reply to.
      Per a request on DOC in one of these or similar threads on DOC, I pulled my ChexSystems report as an annual consumer request dated late June 2016.
      Only two inquiries listed. No credit score listed. They offered one for $10.50 fee which I have no reason to pay.
      NorthPointBank 03/21/2016 as part of the DOC promo at that time.
      NationWide Bank (affiliated with NationWide insurance)
      Columbus OH
      I got a savings account as part of a bundle with a car loan. Got car loan APR discount for getting the savings account in addition to the car loan.
      No other activity listed.

    • Jeff says:

      Too bad we cannot edit our DOC posts made within so many hours or days.
      Added thought. I got a savings account for CC reward bonus reasons after App-O-Rama BankAmerica MLB card obtained.
      The saving account was stalled while BAC did some kind of review, but nothing on my ChexSystems report from or about BAC.

  24. Chuck says:

    A friend reports getting approved for Valley National with over 15 Chex inquiries. Applied online, was told to come in-branch. Approved in-branch.

  25. wayne says:

    Was denied by Citibank, ~9-10 new bank account openings in the last 4months

  26. steven lefever says:

    Homestreet bank opened an account for me with a $200 bonus. I got an account number, registered it online with an ID and password. A few days later they closed the account because they said I had too many checking account inquiries.

    • John says:

      That’s a form of adverse action based on a report pulled from a CRA, which means they need to give you a fuller explanation. (They still have every right to take the AA, you just have a right to know more.)

      For example, which CRA did they use? Was it a Chexsystems report? Or an EWS report?

      When they said there were too many inquiries, how many inquiries did they see?

      Were a bunch of the inquiries recent? E.g. four inquiries within the last six weeks?

      If you can tell us the answers to these questions, that would be a huge help to the folks on this thread. It gives us more hard data for knowing when banks are likely to begin rejecting applications to open new deposit accounts.

  27. sally says:

    was denied Logix Credit Union today. I had no idea Inq on chexsystems was even a thing to open an acct. last i checked you only needed a clean CX report to open a bank acct, credit reports had nothing to do with it, when did that become a thing? been a good while since i bank shopped. my god. i cant belive what this process has become. i opened 4 accounts last two weeks and closed 3, First Citizens bank for fee charging to speak to customer service 2$ per call. Pacific Marine Credit Union because there backend online user interface is just Abysmal. Ally bank for opening and then collecting my funding deposit and then locking my acct with no person to call, finally i filed w/Bbb and cfpb. Then they mysteriously unlocked the acct and closed it. Kept Alliant Credit Union and having realized from this site what I am now up against, threw in the towel and apped for BOA checking(yes,the devil)i was going to go for a few more apps but really this has been so mentally exhuasting. Got an Approval email tonight. After this round I am done for ten years.

  28. Superchurn says:

    Applied for a Bank of America Core Checking $100 bonus offer, account said pending on the application result, then approved in an email a few minutes later. 3 days later, I can’t login, and I was told they closed my account “for business reasons” without any other explanation.

    Got a letter in the mail 3 days after that, saying they’re closing my account and that the account may be reported to ChexSystems, Early Warning Services LLC, or both.

    No transactions had even posted to the account yet, and initial funding hadn’t even posted.

    I had a total of 10 new bank accounts in 2016, mostly spread out, but 5 within the last 2 months, all approved except Santander. No negatives on ChexSystems report (after pulling for Santander denial).

    I’d never heard anything good about Bank of America. Beware.

    • Seamuson says:

      I had the same time happen to me. I was targeted online for a $300 bonus and applied with a same-day approval. The next day I couldn’t log in and was told to call Risk Closures, who wouldn’t give me a reason for the sudden closure. Letter #1 was vague but I received another letter shortly after that suggested it was due to negative records on my EWS. I pulled my EWS report and didn’t find any negative marks, so I imagine it was due to having opened 7 accounts in the preceding 12 months, 2 of which were in the preceding month.

  29. Endo says:

    WC: I’d like to ask you to take another look at the excellent suggestions above posted by CGID on April 20, with an eye towards making this a more useful resource. Yes, ChexSystems is the best-known player in this space, but EWS is also not to be ignored, and I think deserves more attention (they’re watching you….you should be watching them, too).

    I had an interesting interaction today by phone with AWS. I called to get a copy of my report. The agent asked for my name and SSN, paused for just a moment and then said they had nothing on me. Really, nothing? That seemed too easy and quick. I asked if she was sure. She said her search did not show any negative reports on me (no bounced checks, no accounts closed with negative balances, no other bank policy violations recorded, etc.). She then mumbled something about “records in other systems” but said I was all clear. I asked her about those “other systems” and she backpedaled a bit, and steered the conversation back to “you have no negatives”. I asked again and she then said that they could do a additional research which would include detailed bank records going back 5 years, but that was really not necessary. I asked more questions and we chatted for about 10 minutes. The upshot is that it appears they have two levels of “reports”, one cursory report – that you can get verbally over the phone – which only covers negative items reported, then they have a deeper report based on “databases” that are supposed to include much more info. For that you need to fill out some ID verification forms they send you. I just got those, will update this after I return them and get a copy of what they have on me.

    Bottom line: yes, pay attention to ChexSystems, but also pay attention to AWS – and to any other sneaky little credit/consumer monitoring agencies that are flying below the radar and tracking your every move. Big Data is out there and I bet there are more and more players who are sifting through it without us every knowing it. There’s a LOT going on in this field, it shouldn’t be ignored.


  30. Max says:

    Denied yesterday for a bunch of banks: HSBC (though a lot of people were getting denied), Blue Hills Bank, Key Bank. The latter two gave me a generic Chex Systems was used for this decision message. HSBC did not give me a message but I called HSBC for attempted recon and they said the information didn’t match. I would add all three to the inquiry sensitive list.

  31. Superchurn says:

    Any DP on TIAA? Wife considering trying tonight for their $150 bonus in between a recent HSBC approval and a Chase account next month. Chase doesn’t seem to be sensitive, but she’d rather not get denied if TIAA is.

  32. Danny says:

    You can add Discover Bank to the list, just got their letter in the mail. Chex is clean (got report dated 10/17) only thing on there are inquiries 12 total.

  33. Don says:

    I got denied by both PNC and Santander today, but I’m not sure if it was due to too many Chex inquiries or because of a glitch with the Equifax verification questions, the correct answer for which was “none of the above” for every question on both apps.

    I have several existing PNC accounts, so it’s odd that verification would suddenly be an issue. Likewise, I was approved for Santander back in the summer, but it was closed after they didn’t receive my signature card. (They promised me I was free to re-open another account and that it didn’t count as adverse action.)

    How long do you guys wait to try again with banks that decline your app? On the one hand, I suspect both rejections were due to a verification glitch, but on the other, if they were due to inquiries, I don’t want to keep running up the count if I already have too many. Thanks.

  34. Don says:

    By the way, does anyone have any feedback re: First Midwest? That was the last one on my list, but now I’m a little gun-shy. There’s not a lot online as to whether they’re inquiry-sensitive and/or whether they use Chex vs. EWS or one of the Big Three credit reports. Thanks.

  35. milespoints says:

    I have about 10 inquiries on Chex in the past couple of years

    US Bank keeps giving me accounts, no problem

    Denied for Blue FCU they specifically said because too many Chex Inquiries.

  36. joe says:

    Rejected at Key earlier and PNC … My guess is too many queries as there should be nothing else preventing opening an account. had no problem with HSBC, Ridgewood, Chase, Wells Fargo, Citi, My Memory, etc.

  37. TMack says:

    I am somewhat new to the bank bonus game. I’ve opened up accounts for a bonus in past, but not as many as I tried this year. Like most of you, I didn’t even know this was a separate thing. I figured that if you wrote bad checks, owed a bank, that it would go on your credit report.

    Anyway, first, before I started with my first account this year, the last time I opened a bank account was 2011. Second, I don’t write bad checks and I don’t owe any banks.

    I initiated 3 accounts in January 2017. The first one went through with no problem. Two weeks later, the second one (Brightpeak Financial, sub of Thrivent FCU) and third one (Quorum FCU) were denied. At the time, I didn’t know why but I finally got a response dated 1/27/17 from Thrivent FCU.

    1. CURRENT ADDRESS CHANGE HISTORY. This may be an issue because all of my banks are listed at my mom’s address. However, I decided to use my address, the one listed on my license.

    2. NO EVIDENCE OF PROPERTY OWNERSHIP. Since when is owning a house and/or boat necessary to open an account. I have a car, paid off, in my name. Its mine. Do I need to invest in gold/silver/bitcoins or something?

    3. NO EVIDENCE OF ASSET OWNERSHIP. Since when must you have hundreds of thousands in the bank to open an account. I have 2 online savings accounts (opened over 6 yrs ago) with at least 4,000 combined. I have an IRA funded with a low 5 figures. I even have a bond I got some years ago.

    4. RECENT UNIQUE FI DDA INQUIRY HISTORY. Too many inquiries with just these 3 banks in January.

    To sum up, Brightpeak Financial & Quorum FCU seems to be sensitive at 3 recent inquiries in 1 month. That and maybe you have to have boat load of expensive assets.

    • Ann says:

      They’d have no record of “gold/silver/bitcoins”, they were looking for real estate ownership (which, yes, is unfair).

  38. Mark says:

    DP: Denied for Sandy Spring. Have opened 2-3 accounts recently…other than that no activity. They are definitely sensitive.

  39. Don L says:

    A friend at a meetup said he was denied at only 5 inquiries for Blue Federal Credit Union

  40. JC says:

    DP: Santander & M&T denied with NO ChexSystem Negative Info. Only 2 inquiries on file: Discover & Citizens Bank. No specific reason given. Just say to apply in-branch.

  41. David E Edwards says:

    JC there may have been an question on your ID. So the banks wanted you to come in and show a government issued ID.
    And or these banks may have used EWS or the other financial reporting company to verify your application.

  42. Jason says:

    Declined by Premier America CU (Southern Cal bank HQ) for excessive Chex inquiries; had 8 prior bank accts open in the prior year.

    Applied online, as I live on the east coast. BUT was told if I applied in branch, if I was local, I may have been approved with less scrutiny.

    Attraction to this bank: their mobile app. will read Money Gram MOs.

    • Ann says:

      Apparently Wells Fargo accepts mobile deposits of money orders too, and shouldn’t care about your inquiries.

  43. J Reed says:

    Banks like any other business have a expected trade area where most of there customers live. When you live near a branch you appear as a more stable and a possible long term client. This is what they are seeking.
    Likewise when you live outside of their trade area they wonder why you have selected them, and you will seem more likely to jump around which cost them money.
    I remember last year when I applied with a bank that the nearest branch was over 500 miles from me. I got their $200 and closed the account. Now they require you have to open the account in a branch to discourage persons like me that open accounts just for the bonus money.

    • Jason says:

      J Reed: I did not receive ANY bonus to open the Premier America acct. I just like how their mobile app works with few errors.

      Ann: I doubt Wells would tolerate the volume of MOs I can present, with no hassle, to some CUs, but thanks for the encouragement.

  44. Ken says:

    When do Chex inquiries fall off? Is it 12 or 24 months? And do banks only look at inquiries in the full time frame or are they sometimes selective?

  45. Ken says:

    Wife was declined for Keybank and she has maybe 8 Chex accounts in the last 2 years. I’ll request the report next week and report back here once I have an actual number.

  46. Jim says:

    DP: Blue FCU, denied with many inquires in the past year, the rep said they were looking for someone with no more than 3 inquires in the past 6 month, and that I should try to reapply in 6 months.

    • How many did you actually have tho?

    • gary says:

      i recently opened blue had none in the past year but had over 30 in the past 3 years latest one was 15 months ago. i was first turned down on their online app when i called they first said too many inquiries but then the rep said hold on, their system is only suppose to check 12 months and then approved the app. I even explained to her that almost all 30 of the others were from one place, agriculture federal credit union. I opened multiple accounts as well as had security freezes on at the time as i was unaware they pull every additional account within a membership and even though the credit union didnt get info the inquiry stays on. Had that confirmed with chex systems several times when i tried to dispute them. Chex stated that they still will be on the report because the inquiry was made even though no info provided (which is shady on the par of chex)

  47. Dusty says:

    Got a recent Chex report. Colorado law enables you to receive your credit report after you get 8 or more inquiries (in a year or less? Not sure of the details). Here’s my list, with the most recent on top.

    M&T Bank
    Charles Schwab
    Bank of Colorado (twice, I had an application not go through for some reason I can’t remember)
    Pinnacle Bank

    M&T is also on there twice, the second time it appears as M&T Bank on behalf of M&T Bank, somewhat strangely. Looks like maybe a branch inquiry and a headquarters/online inquiry.

    On another note, two banks were listed under Inquirier Not Initiated by Customer Action: FirstBank and Bank of Colorado, and the same date was listed for both of them, a week and half after i opened them (they were opened on the same day).

    Not listed: Chase, USBank, HSBC, Bank of America… Maybe one or two others that are in my spreadsheet but not in my memory.

  48. Wong says:

    I received a rejection from Quorum indicating that “we couldn’t open an account due to our underwriting rules”. I had opened 7 accounts within 2 months, 6 of those were in the same month.

  49. JD says:

    Also denied by Quorum a few months ago for too many inquiries. Don’t know how many inquiries I had at that point.

  50. Bob says:

    Denied by First Tennessee for Chex reasons, did not specifically mention inquiries but I don’t have derogs so that must’ve been it. 10 inquiries in past 12 mo, 8 inquiries in past 3 months at application.

  51. Dusty says:

    There isn’t a post about Early Warning Systems, so I’m going to share what I see on mine here. First of all, different from Chex, EWS has not only inquiries, but some banks also report balances on the first of every month. Banks on my report that report monthly are Bank of America, Chase, and Wells Fargo (BoA and Chase also report on business checking accounts, BTW). Banks that are listed under inquiries are as follows:

    US Bank
    Chase (x2, including for business)
    Wells Fargo (x2, not sure why, only one account opened with them)
    Bank of America

    There is also a third section of EWS, which contains a list of “entities that have accessed information about you” which “does not negatively affect your consumer report”. List is mostly the same as above, although interestingly, Chase Credit Card shows up on there twice, on dates that don’t coincide with credit card applications. One of them was one month after two approvals within a period of a few days, and the other was two weeks after two approvals on the same day (applied for two cards at 4/24). These are distinct from Chase bank inquiries, as those are listed as JP Morgan Chase. No other information access inquiries are listed for Chase Credit Card before these two despite having opened eight cards with them in the last thirteen months.

  52. Ed Burns says:

    Are these ChexSystems reports by individual or by home address? If my spouse and I are both applying for bank bonuses would they look at only my inquiries or would they combine both of our inquiry numbers since we live at the same address? Thanks for all you do!

    • lingua says:

      individual, I went all out for myself thinking that I can test limits and have the spouse as backup for any worthwhile ones. worked out so far.

  53. Pam says:

    Declined by MyDirectBanking with a total of 8 inquiries in 2 months. Not sure why I have so many inquiries as I opened 3 accounts and was denied for Citibank too.

  54. lingua says:

    Premier Credit Union – initially denied for having excessive Chexystems 8/3months, got to recon. but YMMV
    BMO Harris – apprroved with 6/3 so I’d say not sensitive
    Tech CU – approved w/ 7/3
    HSBC – not sensitive; approved w/ 12/6
    Alliant – not sensitive; approved w/ 15/7 (thanks to M&T:)

  55. Jess says:

    MB Financial should be added.

    They rejected my application in-person. There is nothing negative on my Chex Systems report, but the number of accounts I had open was mentioned. I have opened 10 accounts in the past 2 months.

  56. Matt K. says:

    Denied by Elements Financial on 6/27. Said “your score was not sufficient to join Elements Financial”. Pulled my ChexSystems report on 6/20. 26 total dating back to 10/22/14. 18 in past 12 mos (5 M&T accts reporting 10 hits since 4/4).

  57. Ryan M says:

    Denied by Blue Hills Bank. I previously opened 2 other checking accounts within the past year.

  58. William says:

    Opened up Tech CU – They put my application on hold in order for me to explain why I have so many inquiries recently (9).

    All I did was say I am trying out different banks and was looking for a local one with savings, and it went through, but it could have gone the other way.

  59. JF says:

    PNC Bank – Denied for information in my consumer report.

    No negative items in the report, but I’ve opened 6 accounts this year so I guess that’s too many.

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