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Published on March 29th, 2016 | by William Charles


Banks & Credit Unions That Are ChexSystems Inquiry Sensitive

We post a lot of different bank account bonuses, one of the most common questions we get is ‘How Many Bank Accounts Can I Safely Open Within A Year For Bank Bonus Purposes?‘. Most of the time when you open a new bank account, they won’t do a hard pull on your credit report (data points for that can be found here). Instead they will check your ChexSystems report.

ChexSystems contains information regarding your deposit accounts and is used by around 80% of all financial institutions. It contains information regarding new account openings and also the following red flags:

  • Unsatisfied balances
  • Check overdrafts
  • Depositing fraudulent checks
  • Suspicious account behavior reported by other banks (e.g possible structuring)

Some financial institutions won’t open a new account for you if you’ve opened too many new accounts recently as it can be a sign of possible fraud and they also want to limit people like us chasing bank account bonuses. I thought it’d be useful to have a list of banks & credit unions that are sensitive to too many inquiries and also ones that aren’t. Please add more data points in the comments so we can make this resource page more useful. When sharing your datapoints, let us know if you applied in branch or online. Also keep in mind that these inquiries stay on your report for a maximum of two three years.


Banks/Credit Unions That Are Inquiry Sensitive

3Rivers Federal Credit Union

Andigo Credit Union

Banco Popular

Bank of Canton

Bank Of The West


Looks like they have changed their application process and are no longer sensitive.

Blue Federal Credit Union

Blue Hills

BMT (Bryn Mawr Trust)

Byline Bank

Cambridge Savings Bank

Capital Bank

Carver Federal Savings Bank

Century Bank

  • Decline with 7 accounts opened in last 9 months

Charles Schwab

Christian Community Credit Union


Commerce Bank

Dedham Savings Bank

Eastern Bank

Elements Financial



Evansville Teachers Federal Credit Union


  • Will decline you if you’ve had more than 10


  • Approved, then denied two weeks later due to ‘excessive’ account openings. Total of two accounts had been opened (via e-mail on 07/05/18)

Fifth Third Bank

First Financial Bank

First National Bank

First Northern Credit Union

First Tech Federal Credit Union

Fremont Bank

Home Savings Bank

Horizon Bank

Integrity Bank

Justice Federal Credit Union


Level One Bank

Liberty Bank

Marine Bank

Memory Bank

Midfirst Bank

MVB Bank

Nevada State Bank

  • Declined with 11 in last 12 months: 1

Newtown Savings Bank



People’s United Bank


  • Will decline you if you’ve had more than 10

Pinnacle Financial Partners

PNC Bank

Popular Bank

Premier Credit Union

Provident Credit Union

Rockland Trust Bank



Salem Five Bank

Sandy Spring Bank

Sound Credit Union

Thrivent Credit Union

  • Denied with 15+
  • Denied with 16 in last 12 months and 30 in last 24 months (via e-mail on 09/04/18)


Union Bank

Union Community Bank

Union Bank & Trust

Valley National Bank

Verity Credit Union

Washington Trust


Westfield Bank (MA)

Westfield Bank (OH)

Banks/Credit Unions That Aren’t Inquiry Sensitive



BMO Harris

Capital Bank


  • Successfully opened with 20+ new accounts on my ChexSystems report

Citizens Bank

City National Bank


East Boston Savings

First Tennessee

  • No issue with 30+ accounts on my ChexSystems report in last three years

Fulton Bank

GTE Financial


Interior Federal Credit Union

Investor Bank


M&T Bank

My Banking Direct

Old National Bank

Pinnacle Bank



TCF Bank

TD Bank

Tech Credit Union

TIAA Direct

Unify Financial Credit Union

U.S. Bank


Wells Fargo

Final Thoughts

I’ll update this page as more data points come in, but these reference articles are only as useful as you make them so make sure you share your data points and then everybody benefits.

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Declined by Northpointe last week with a total of 16 in the past 2 years

That’s strange, Jacob. I had a very similar record, but I was approved for my Northpointe account.

Here’s my data point. I had also opened 6 new accounts in the past 2 years. 5 of those 6 were opened in the past 1 year, and 3 of those 6 were opened in the past 2 months (2 in January, 1 in February).

I replied to the wrong comment by mistake here. Feel free to delete this one. Thanks.

My application was accepted at Northpointe with 12 inquiries in past two years.

Byline bank in Illinois will decline you if you’ve had more than 2 inquires.

Holy shit, that’s fucking insane. I’d avoid any bank that’s that afraid of competition.

Data point:
Denied from Northpointe, only 6 ChexSystems inquiries in the last two years.
Although 3 were in January and was 1 was in February, I was still surprised. Going to hold off on more bank bonuses till after the summer. I had also received my free report from ChexSystems just before applying and besides the inquires there would be nothing to effect it the decline.

That’s strange, Jacob. I had a very similar record, but I was approved for my Northpointe account.

I had also opened 6 new accounts in the past 2 years. 5 of those 6 were opened in the past 1 year, and 3 of those 6 were opened in the past 2 months (2 in January, 1 in February).

perhaps changed criteria since new high interest checking? just got approved for northpointe with 15/7 months!

Inquiries from chex system stay on for longer than 2 years. It’s at least 3 years. I got a copy of my chex report last week and there are inquiries from as early as May of 2013 listed under inquiries initiated by consumer action.

separate data notes. BBVA opened account no problem despite 20+ inquiries.
Provident CU- declined for too many inquiries
synchrony bank-declined too many inquiries
bank of the west declined too many inquiries (despite having an investment account with them)

You might be the only seeing them because rule of thumb is 2 years unless it has changed.

2 years is definitely true for credit reports as they always drop off. but if i’m seeing it on chex then the banks can as well. I looked at the chex website and it doesn’t state how long inquiries show on their report.

However, I just checked the report itself it states on the report that inquiries can be viewed up to three years

There’s another factor we don’t know then. I pulled my Chex back in December and CapOne 360 and Chase checking accounts I had opened 14 months prior did not show up.

Does this mean Chase doesn’t pull up your Chex report when you sign up for a checking account with them?

Can anyone confirm this? –Worried about multiple inquiries

Santander is sensitive – denied me when I don’t think I had more than 2 or 3 inquiries

I don’t think Santander is that sensitive. Spouse and I opened at least a dozen bank/brokerage accts a few months before each opening a santander extra20 with no problems.

Don’t know how many of these are actually on my chexs report, but I’ve open 9 checking and 3 savings in a little over a year and Santander approved me, so they are not always sensitive…I’ve yet to be turned down for any, although I specifically avoided BofW due to reports I was seeing here.

Santander had 11 inquiry to view for me prior to opening an Extra20 with them last October, 5 of those were within 12 months. No problems.

Santander (at least during the Extra20 era) would decline online for various issues claiming that they could not verify identity, but might allow if the account was opened at the branch.

Bank of the West. Only problem I’ve had opening checking accounts. Opened around 15 the past two years. I called them and they said it was because ChexSystems and Experian.

Isn’t perkstreet closed?

PNC bank – denied after chexsystems pull .

30+ chexsystems inquiries 3 years – my chexsystems shows 3 years + who knows what all they show folks who inquire…

Any new DPs on PNC being Chex sensitive?

I was just declined with 16 in 8 months

I was denied for having two in the past month.

I had 2 accounts closed in January 2015 , AFTER first being approved/opened (they were closed within 2 weeks) due to “further review”, citing too many inquiries/accounts opened. Probably had 5-7 accounts opened in the 4 months prior. This happened to me at People’s United Bank, and also at Banco Popular.

Same here. Approved for online application immediately but then closed one week after. Was told that if any remaining balance left, will be sent back a check within 30 days from account closed.

Elevations CU denied for about a dozen inquiries in 8 months.
First Tennessee had no problem.

Denied by Citadel due to Chex, reason not listed, never received snail mail rejection. Opened Ocean First a few days before which is likely reason. Babying that one with in bank transactions and “normal” use.

Approved by Northpointe banker manually with ChexSystems frozen, during the promotion (contacted via email).

Also denied by KeyBank for “ChexSystems reasons” (in-branch). I froze ChexSystems and went again; their system prompted banker to call someone at a ChexSystems phone number. The banker tried but didn’t succeed, and finally she asked me “How many checking accounts do you have” and “How many among them come with an opening bonus”…

Looks like their system and staff are trained to go against bonus chasing. 🙁

Can confirm Keybank blocked me based on ChexSystem Inquiries.

I’m in the 1-2/month range fairly evenly spread out.

Not sure why you have First Tennessee as “Banks that are not inquiry sensitive”. They denied me back in December of last year, after I had opened 2 accounts in about a week or two with the following E-mail

“We regret we cannot open your account and/or add your name as an owner/signer on an account.

We also obtained your Chexsystems score and used it in making our credit decision. Your Chexsystems score is a number that reflects the information available in your Chexsystems report related to past debit performance.

Your score may change depending on how the information in your Chexsystems report changes.

Your Chexsystems Score: 0558 on date: 2015-12-24
Scores range from a low of 100 to a high of 899

Key factors that adversely affected your ChexSystems score:

Chexsystems did not make the decision to deny your account application and is unable to provide you with specific reasons why the decision was made. ”

I have opened 3 more accounts after this denial at other banks completely fine.

I got declined by Provident Credit Union due to too many inquiries. Here’s the message they send me:

“We are unable to process your requests due to past history with other financial institution involving multiple inquiries and/or unpaid report that have been reported on Chexsystems. For more information regarding these inquiries and/or report please contact Chexsystems at 1-800-513-7125. You may also visit their website at”

So I requested a copy of my Chexsystems reports, it shows I have total of 8 inquiries in the past 2 years, 4 of them happened in the past 4 months.

however I applied for Northpointe couple weeks after but got approved with no problem.

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