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Bank Account Bonuses

Published on February 7th, 2017 | by William Charles


Banks That Allow/Don’t Allow Out Of State Checking Applications

A lot of bank account bonuses are restricted to certain states. One of the common questions that is asked is “can you open an account with this bank if you live out of state and go into a physical branch to open?” Like most things, it varies by bank/credit union. We will use this page to collect data points, if you have any experience then please share them in the comments below. As always, pages like this live and die by the community. If people don’t contribute, then we will have no data points so make sure you share your knowledge.

Also just a friendly reminder to not waste too much of your vacation time chasing bonuses, it’s nice to enjoy life as well.

3Rivers Federal Credit Union

  • Does allow, worked online and bonus posted: 1,

Alden Credit Union

  • Doesn’t allow: 1
  • Does allow: 1


  • Does allow: 1 (bonus posted)

Associated Bank

  • Does allow: 1, 2, 3,

Bank of The West

  • Does allow: 1

Bank & Trust

  • Does allow: 1, 2


  • Worked out of state: 1,


  • Does allow: 1, 2, 3
  • Doesn’t allow: 1

Blue Hills Bank

  • Doesn’t allow: 1

BMO Harris

  • Does allow: 1

BMT (Bryn Mawr Trust)

  • Does allow: 1

Capital Bank

  • Does allow: 1 (not out of state, but out of area)

Central Bank

  • Doesn’t allow: 1


  • Allows: 1, 2, 3, 4,


  • Allows: 1 (sent in via e-mail on 07/03/18)

Citizens Bank

  • Allows: 1

Coatesville Savings Bank

  • Doesn’t allow: 1

Columbia Bank

  • Does allow: 1


  • Does allow: 1

Fidelity Bank

  • Doesn’t allow: 1

Fifth Third

  • Does allow: 1,2, 3, 4, 5, 6,
  • Doesn’t work online: 1,

First Bank & Trust

  • Doesn’t allow: 1


  • Doesn’t allow: 1

First Home Bank

  • Soft pull: 1,

First Tennessee

  • Does allow: 1, 2, 3, 4,
  • Allowed but didn’t get bonus: 1

Flushing Bank



  • Does allow: 1

GESA Credit Union

  • Does allow: 1

Hancock Whitney

  • Does allow: 1 (in branch)

HarborOne Bank

  • Doesn’t allow: 1 (ID is checked)

Huntington Bank

  • Does allow: 1, 2, 3, 4,

Investors Bank

  • Does allow: 1,


  • Does allow with two forms of ID, just keep in mind they are inquiry sensitive: 1,


  • Does allow: 1 (not enforced online ), 2
  • Doesn’t allow: 1 (in branch only)

Mountain America Credit Union

  • Does allow: 11


  • Worked online: 1,

North Shore Bank

  • Doesn’t allow: 1

Old National Bank

  • Worked online: 1


  • Doesn’t allow: 1


  • Does allow: 1, 2 allowed when there was no bonus), 3 (allowed for a single state specific bonus when they were in another service area), 3 (allowed out of state with bonus), 4 (online), 5 (online), 6, 7 (online), 8 (in branch)
  • Didn’t allow: 1 (Manhattan)

Popular Community Bank

  • Does allow: 1, 2,


  • Does allow: 1, 2, 3,

Sandy Spring Bank

  • Does allow: 1


  • Does allow: 1,

Signature Bank of Georgia

  • Doesn’t allow: 1

State Bank of India (California)

  • Does allow: 1,


  • Does allow: 1, 2,
  • Didn’t allow: 1, 2,

TD Bank

  • Allows by phone, but not possible to get sign up bonus: 1

US Alliance Financial

  • Allows: 1

Valley National Bank

  • Allows: 1,

WaterStone Bank

  • Doesn’t allow: 1 (online)

Wells Fargo

  • Does allow: 1, 2,

Woori America Bank

  • Does allow: 1,

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I’m in MA. I just applied for a Wells Fargo account and was approved.

How long did your application take to get approved? Still waiting for my approved email.

I applied on 1/26 and just got my approval email.

I got my approval letter from Wells Fargo this afternoon too 🙂

I have a comment on PNC. Last year I was allowed to open an account at PNC even though I’m out of state. I was opening it with a credit card to and the bank did not offer a bonus for opening an account.
But when they offered a bonus of up to $300 you had to live in the state.
So, PNC is allowed when there’s no bonus.
Not allowed at PNC if there’s a bonus.

I just confirmed this as of today. For those who would like to verify their eligibility if living outside of those states mentioned in their current tiered virtual wallet bonus offer, you can call (800) 352-2255 and get info straight from them.

TD is similar to PNC. I was able to open an account from out of state by phone, but could not get a bonus for online sign-up.

BBVA Compass does not allow out of state apps from my experience.

We live in PA and have been able to both open an account at BBVA Compass and receive a bonus.

I was approved for a BBVA Compass NBA checking account as part of a promotion. This happened in December 2016. I don’t live anywhere near their footprint.

North shore bank. One of the eligibility says family that lives in their service area, but I have immediate family in their hometown area and live in Florida, and they cancelled my account within hours of opening.

I live in CA, applied in a Suntrust branch in 10/2016 for its $200 bonus and got the bonus.

I was unsuccessful at a TD branch.

Chase allowed me to open checking with bonus 3 years ago. I live in Pittsburgh, PA and drove 1 hr to Ohio for the checking account. The banker at that Chase branch even told me a lot of people from PA went there to open account/ credit card.

Anna, i’m desperate. I went through LegalZoom for my LLC and when I went to apply at the chase in NJ (business is in PA), they said I needed proof of registration in PA (which I thought I had!). Did you run into anything simular? Thank you!!

Will/Chuck, can you please add this post to your bank account reference page?


Suntrust allowed me to open a checking account in 2013

Regions bank DOES allow out-of-state applications when done in-branch. Walked into a Regions Jan 2017 and successfully opened an account with my very out-of-state ID/address.

Regions will allow the in-branch account opening, then tries to cross-sell products only to find out that existing customers that don’t live within their states can’t open anything else. Oh well, bonus earned.

Suntrust, on the other hand, cross sells and approves out-of-state customers after they’ve opened an account in the branch.

Fifth Third honored a bonus for an account opened in a physical branch. I never sought out anything further from them.

I got into Alden while being out-of-state.

Santiago Conde Jr
Santiago Conde Jr

Kansas. Applied and approved in Sept. 2016 with following promotion

Great news, Santiago:

Your new NBA Checking account is ready for you to use. You’re about to get closer to the Chicago Bulls than ever before.

Your debit card will get to you in 7 to 10 business days.

In fact, just using your NBA Checking account for your everyday banking puts you in the game with NBA Rewards1 worthy of a highlight reel.

Bill Play1: Pay three bills within 90 days, and you get a $100 electronic gift card to

Direct Deposit Dash1: Set up a recurring direct deposit. Receive two deposits of more than $300 within 90 days, and that earns you a $15 electronic gift card.

Swipe for Songs1: Pick up a $10 iTunes® gift card just by using your debit card. Make 40 qualifying purchases within 30 days. That’s all you need to do!

Thanks so much, Santiago. Showing your passion for the NBA has never been so rewarding!

Your BBVA Compass team


— First Tennessee allows me to apply online and issue bonus eventhough there’s no branch in GA.
— Associated bank and Legacy TX will allow you to open and get the bonus as well as long as you are there physically at branch
— Citi, TIAA, MTB, BB&T, HSBC, Amalgamated, Santander and US Bank will allow you open accounts and award bonus irrespective of where you live in US.
— .I believe Chase, Suntrust, PNC, Regions and WF (to some extent) will need you to live in that state to provide bonus.

Will add more DP as I think through…Hope it helps!

l’m learning the lingo here so can someone tell me what does DP mean?

I can only chuckle at the some of the DP that have both because if you’ve called enough, banks, credit cards, airlines you’ll learn that phone reps looooove making up rules on the fly lol

Great post!

Especially Citi.

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