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Bank Account Bonuses

Published on February 7th, 2017 | by William Charles


Banks That Allow/Don’t Allow Out Of State Checking Applications

A lot of bank account bonuses are restricted to certain states. One of the common questions that is asked is “can you open an account with this bank if you live out of state and go into a physical branch to open?” Like most things, it varies by bank/credit union. We will use this page to collect data points, if you have any experience then please share them in the comments below. As always, pages like this live and die by the community. If people don’t contribute, then we will have no data points so make sure you share your knowledge.

Also just a friendly reminder to not waste too much of your vacation time chasing bonuses, it’s nice to enjoy life as well.

Alden Credit Union

  • Doesn’t allow: 1
  • Does allow: 1

Associated Bank

  • Does allow: 1, 2

Bank & Trust

  • Does allow: 1, 2


  • Does allow: 1, 2, 3
  • Doesn’t allow: 1

Blue Hills Bank

  • Doesn’t allow: 1

BMT (Bryn Mawr Trust)

  • Does allow: 1

Central Bank

  • Doesn’t allow: 1


  • Allows: 1, 2

Coatesville Savings Bank

  • Doesn’t allow: 1

Columbia Bank

  • Does allow: 1


  • Does allow: 1

Fidelity Bank

  • Doesn’t allow: 1

Fifth Third

  • Does allow: 1,2, 3,
  • Doesn’t work online: 1,


  • Doesn’t allow: 1

First Tennessee

  • Does allow: 1, 2, 3,
  • Allowed but didn’t get bonus: 1


  • Does allow: 1

GESA Credit Union

  • Does allow: 1

HarborOne Bank

  • Doesn’t allow: 1 (ID is checked)

Huntington Bank

  • Does allow: 1


  • Does allow with two forms of ID, just keep in mind they are inquiry sensitive:


  • Does allow: 1 (not enforced online )
  • Doesn’t allow: 1 (in branch only)

Mountain America Credit Union

  • Does allow: 11

North Shore Bank

  • Doesn’t allow: 1


  • Doesn’t allow: 1


  • Does allow: 1, 2 allowed when there was no bonus), 3 (allowed for a single state specific bonus when they were in another service area), 3 (allowed out of state with bonus), 4 (online), 5 (online), 6
  • Didn’t allow: 1 (Manhattan)

Popular Community Bank

  • Does allow: 1


  • Does allow: 1, 2

Sandy Spring Bank

  • Does allow: 1

Signature Bank of Georgia

  • Doesn’t allow: 1


  • Does allow: 1
  • Didn’t allow: 1

TD Bank

  • Allows by phone, but not possible to get sign up bonus: 1

US Alliance Financial

  • Allows: 1

Wells Fargo

  • Does allow: 1

72 Responses to Banks That Allow/Don’t Allow Out Of State Checking Applications

  1. Aaron says:

    I’m in MA. I just applied for a Wells Fargo account and was approved.

  2. Marshall Brown says:

    I have a comment on PNC. Last year I was allowed to open an account at PNC even though I’m out of state. I was opening it with a credit card to and the bank did not offer a bonus for opening an account.
    But when they offered a bonus of up to $300 you had to live in the state.
    So, PNC is allowed when there’s no bonus.
    Not allowed at PNC if there’s a bonus.

  3. Herpie says:

    TD is similar to PNC. I was able to open an account from out of state by phone, but could not get a bonus for online sign-up.

  4. Jonathan says:

    BBVA Compass does not allow out of state apps from my experience.

    • Mrs. Gee says:

      We live in PA and have been able to both open an account at BBVA Compass and receive a bonus.

    • Darv says:

      I was approved for a BBVA Compass NBA checking account as part of a promotion. This happened in December 2016. I don’t live anywhere near their footprint.

  5. jackgopack4 says:

    North shore bank. One of the eligibility says family that lives in their service area, but I have immediate family in their hometown area and live in Florida, and they cancelled my account within hours of opening.

  6. Joe says:

    I live in CA, applied in a Suntrust branch in 10/2016 for its $200 bonus and got the bonus.

    I was unsuccessful at a TD branch.

  7. Anna says:

    Chase allowed me to open checking with bonus 3 years ago. I live in Pittsburgh, PA and drove 1 hr to Ohio for the checking account. The banker at that Chase branch even told me a lot of people from PA went there to open account/ credit card.

  8. NoonRadar says:

    Will/Chuck, can you please add this post to your bank account reference page?


  9. Yao says:

    Suntrust allowed me to open a checking account in 2013

  10. digitialpop says:

    Regions bank DOES allow out-of-state applications when done in-branch. Walked into a Regions Jan 2017 and successfully opened an account with my very out-of-state ID/address.

    • Bill says:

      Regions will allow the in-branch account opening, then tries to cross-sell products only to find out that existing customers that don’t live within their states can’t open anything else. Oh well, bonus earned.

      Suntrust, on the other hand, cross sells and approves out-of-state customers after they’ve opened an account in the branch.

      Fifth Third honored a bonus for an account opened in a physical branch. I never sought out anything further from them.

  11. banananon says:

    I got into Alden while being out-of-state.

  12. Santiago Conde Jr says:

    Kansas. Applied and approved in Sept. 2016 with following promotion

    Great news, Santiago:

    Your new NBA Checking account is ready for you to use. You’re about to get closer to the Chicago Bulls than ever before.

    Your debit card will get to you in 7 to 10 business days.

    In fact, just using your NBA Checking account for your everyday banking puts you in the game with NBA Rewards1 worthy of a highlight reel.

    Bill Play1: Pay three bills within 90 days, and you get a $100 electronic gift card to

    Direct Deposit Dash1: Set up a recurring direct deposit. Receive two deposits of more than $300 within 90 days, and that earns you a $15 electronic gift card.

    Swipe for Songs1: Pick up a $10 iTunes® gift card just by using your debit card. Make 40 qualifying purchases within 30 days. That’s all you need to do!

    Thanks so much, Santiago. Showing your passion for the NBA has never been so rewarding!

    Your BBVA Compass team

  13. Vijay says:


    — First Tennessee allows me to apply online and issue bonus eventhough there’s no branch in GA.
    — Associated bank and Legacy TX will allow you to open and get the bonus as well as long as you are there physically at branch
    — Citi, TIAA, MTB, BB&T, HSBC, Amalgamated, Santander and US Bank will allow you open accounts and award bonus irrespective of where you live in US.
    — .I believe Chase, Suntrust, PNC, Regions and WF (to some extent) will need you to live in that state to provide bonus.

    Will add more DP as I think through…Hope it helps!

  14. Marshall Brown says:

    l’m learning the lingo here so can someone tell me what does DP mean?

  15. Dave says:

    I can only chuckle at the some of the DP that have both because if you’ve called enough, banks, credit cards, airlines you’ll learn that phone reps looooove making up rules on the fly lol

    Great post!

  16. Ben says:

    I got the PNC $400 bears promotion by signing up in Chicago and I live in Iowa where there’s no branches.

  17. John says:

    Suntrust Bank did not allow me to open the check account with bonus offer

  18. John says:

    I am in Massachusetts.

  19. matt says:

    I will update this here next week. I opened my account 2/3 and was just funded a couple of days ago. They actually opened 2 checking accounts. Maybe I will get a bonus on each.

  20. John says:

    I’m in MA, applied Wells Fargo Everyday checking with $50 from Citi card on 1/29/17 and the account was approved on 2/9/17. Does anybody know that is the normal time for the approval?

  21. Bob says:

    PNC DP needs to be updated. Bonus is given out to out of state people all the same. Just got my $300 today, CT is very out of state

  22. Wong says:

    For BBVA compass, they requested that I walk into a branch to show my ID despite emailing them my 1040, state id, SS card, and bank statement. My address was in state.

    • Wong says:

      I was, however, funding $10,000 over two accounts, and I was on a VPN that changed my IP address to overseas, so that might have triggered it.

  23. alex says:

    I opened an HSBC account while traveling in Canada (Im a US citizen). The account took an extra 4 weeks to open, and they finally reached out to me to confirm my citizenship. Yes, they definitely track IP address regardless of what info you put on the application.

  24. DGS says:

    FNBO does allow out of state customers to apply for their checking and savings accounts.

  25. Don L says:

    Just formatting – think Popular Community Bank is the wrong heading

  26. scott says:

    DP–I’ve tried a few times to apply for this from Florida in the past week–declined every time. I then had my wife try and she was declined. Both of us have had no issues getting approved for all other bank offers and our CHEX inquiries is only about 4-5 each.

  27. Gadget says:

    DP: Regions & Fifth Third Bank allow out-of-state applications in branch. (Used DL with out-of-state address) Told them we visit frequently and wanted a local bank.

    TBD on bonus payout – both banks took our promo code e-mail print-outs for $200 each, for both MYSELF and my same household SO. So, potentially an $800 score in about 2 hours of same-day branch banking, and some later-date PJ money shifting/debits/ACH’s/DD’s.

    Coincidentally, both pulled our EWS (confirmed via our MyIDCare). Unsure about Chex at this time.

  28. Pete says:

    Another DP for no out of state for Blue Hills Bank — I called over the phone about applying online and they said yes, out of state is fine.

    Applied, under review for a day and denied. Called in, said only Massachusetts applicants, to my surprise. Hung up called again, different rep, same, no out of staters.

    Wasted a Chex inquiry pull 🙁

    • MoreSun says:

      Get your report from Chex since you were denied an account and confirm they put in an inquiry, if they did dispute it. The bank got you to apply when they had no intention of approving you, had you known that you would not have applied and approved a Chex inquiry.

      • Gadget says:

        Good luck with that. I tried for a couple banks that immediately disapproved me for geographic location.

        Submitted dispute at check website, but Chex wouldn’t investigate. I did “inquire” at bank about getting an account, and since I am not denying that I did, they won’t remove it. I guess it could depend on how much you are willing to bend the truth.

        • Gadget says:

          correction: Chex website

        • MoreSun says:

          Bummer. FWIW I never “bent” the truth. I just explained I wouldn’t have applied had I been fully informed at the time (and I wouldn’t have). I successfully removed inquiries from First Merchants as well as Westfield. They didn’t get any response from the banks within the time frame so Chex wrote me a letter each time saying they were removing the inquiry.

          • Gadget says:

            Go figure – those are two of the one’s that I tried. I like I said, basically Chex never investigated. They responded something to the effect that banks and creditors have the right to request my file. Yours actually got pushed out to the bank to provide feedback.

            So, luck of the draw, mine went nowhere because of who processed my request at Chex. I might wait a couple months and submit it again. I don’t want to be labeled as a nuisance though.

          • Gadget says:

            Submitted another complaint to Chex in regards to First Merchants and Westfield. This time I did not include any details, other than to say I believe they are invalid, without a reason. I would have said what you did, but that leaves it subjective to the person at Chex screening these complaints as to whether they are valid inquires. That’s what happened the first time I complained – they ignored my request, stating the bank has the right to pull my report. Hoping what happens, same as you, that the banks do not respond in time. If they do respond, then they are stuck there, because otherwise I would need to file a police report and that is not happening. Time is ticking. Very possible those banks did not retain my information since they had no interest in making me a customer.

  29. Dan says:

    I think it would be worth separating which of these allow for “out of state” applications in branch and/or online. For example, PNC even though has state restrictions, it seems a lot of people from out of state have gotten the bonus even when applying online.

    • I’ll try to provide this information, but it also requires readers to provider it.

      • Gadget says:


        Maybe you could further emphasize to readers that much of the data you rely on comes from readers. We all know it is impossible for a couple of you DoC’s to try every method, suggestion, or bank product. I bet you probably have a ton of readers, but very few regular posters. Even if they make that effort to only post “+1”, that someone had the same experience, then we all collectively learn. (Perfect example: I thought there was no way I would get approved for my 2nd Merrill + card by reading some posts that said BoA is now looking at utilization, income, and new CC’s – but I did) I know, you only have so much power, and technically, everyone has a different experience because we all are different, and deal with different bank reps. I also know that people will post more if they believe a person is wrong, more than if they are right. In a perfect world, that shouldn’t be the case. You can’t fix that – it’s human nature.

        My suggestion would be a monthly post or reminder to faithful. 🙂 I try to be the “DP” and help others, because I have been helped, but I also get my doubts that maybe I should shut up to preserve deals.

        • I’ve been trying to push this a lot recently with the best of comments and also how to support the site. I’ll try to post something similar (but slightly different) each month to remind readers. I’m with you 100% though, would be great if more readers contributed.

  30. Gadget says:

    Hoping to see someone comment on Huntington.

    I am planning on trying in person for these offers that say must “reside” in specific states soon. I don’t live there, but will be passing through visiting family. If I am in branch with e-mail coupon in hand will they deny me? And, based on the wording, can’t get checking and savings bonuses in the same year, which stinks.

  31. Chris says:

    Tried to open an account at PNC and it wasn’t working, chat support said it was due to me living in Washington State.

  32. Gadget says:

    August 2017 Apps

    All allowed out of state ID/address applications while in branch:
    Citizens Bank (RI)
    Associated Bank
    KeyBank (Acct Denied due to Chex)

    • vince says:

      did you get your huntington bonus?

      • Gadget says:

        Yes, I did. Still waiting on Citizens. All others paid out.

        • Joe says:

          Gadget! Please let me know how you got Huntington. I am a MN resident going to Chicago next week to open my Chase accounts… Would love to hit Huntington while I’m there

          • Vijay says:

            I can confirm that Huntington will definitely allow out of state residents to open an account with them in branch and I was able to get the bonus. I was on a visit to my friends home in MI this past February and they allowed me to open with my GA driving license/residency and I got the bonus very quickly.

          • Gadget says:

            Just tell them you would like a local bank account, possibly that you have family in the area? Visit frequently? I had no issue in Branch getting an account in Wi… Other than it takes some time and my banker had to call in to remember how to put in a promo code after skipping the step. Bonus posted promptly for checking, and currently doing the savings promo that should pay out in January.

          • Bill says:

            You’re either in the area for family, or you do a bit of work in the area. With many major banks charging for foreign ATM fees, it could justify keeping money in a distant bank. When travelling to Ohio, Fifth Third and Huntington have ATMs in the airport, very convenient when travelling.

  33. Nate says:

    One of the most useful posts I didn’t know existed until I started going line-by-line on the Best State-specific bank account bonuses and saw it in a post on one.

    I think there’d be a lot more data here if this was in the banner under bank accounts, due to increased visibility.

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