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Published on September 8th, 2016 | by Chuck


Bank of America: $100/$75/$50 Back for Spending $30 at AT&T [Targeted]

The Offer

Some people are seeing an excellent deal showing in Bank Amerideals on their credit/debit cards.

  • Spend $15 two separate times at AT&T and get $75 back

ATT $75 offer

There are actually a few varieties of this offer:

  • Get $100 credit after making two $15 purchases
  • Get $75 credit after making two $15 purchases (the offer shown in this post)
  • Get $50 credit after making two $15 purchases

The Fine Print

  • Valid in-store or online at at& or over the phone
  • Expires 10/17/16
  • Must make two separate transactions of $15 or more on the card associated with this offer by 12/1/16 (I think that means you have to save it by 10/17 and use it by 12/1)
  • The $75 cash back is earned within 30 days

Our Verdict

Pretty good timing with the impending iPhone 7 release, but the deal is great even if you no interest in anything at an AT&T store. Simply buy an accessory (charger, etc.) for $15 at an AT&T store or online at (see this comment if you’re doing it online), repeat a second time, and get back $75. Net profit will be $45, plus some free accessories. Make sure to make the purchases at a corporate store, not an Authorized Retailer.

Someone mentions the idea of buying a $25 refill card from an AT&T store which would work for prepaid plans. Not sure if it’s possible to buy a gift card for a post-paid plan too.

A reader confirms that making $15 payments to your AT&T cellular bill or Uverse internet bill counts to trigger the credit.

Many people are confused as to how Bank Amerideals work for those with multiple cards in the same login. I haven’t ever used a Bank Amerideal (never any good deals for me), but my understanding is that the offer is linked to the login. You can use the offer on any card in the login, but you can not do the offer more than once (on different cards). It’s one offer total.

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If you have several accounts with BoA, you can select which account the Bank Amerideal cash back posts to. So if you are like me and like 0% apr credit cards and have a checking account with BoA, you can use the credit card to earn the normal CC bonus plus the Bank Amerideal cash back, and have the cash back post directly to your checking. I found this useful the first time this deal came around as I wasn’t carrying a balance on my BoA credit card, so I managed to spend ~$40 on AT&T chargers and got the full $75 posted to my BoA checking.

Here’s the details on Bank Amerideals posting period, straight from their site:

“Earnings are typically credited to your chosen account within one month after the transaction posts.

You can always check status on the Earned tab, where earnings are marked as to be paid within a week after the transaction posts, and then paid within 10 days after receiving the cash back.”

On one of two accounts this time. Was great the 1st time around, although hard to find anything I wanted for close to $15, or even $30, using a split payment. Got a couple nice goodies in the end.

So if I have two BOA cards, can I just split payments with those two cards $15 each and I’ll get the credit later?

Don’t have split between cards. can just be 2 separate transactions on one card.

Last time (April), I made two separate $15 payments online, on my AT&T Uverse account (internet service) and I did receive the $75.

Do you recall the terms of the offer back in April? As this one mentions wireless products where as uverse isn’t.

The terms were the same. It said nothing about U-verse. I made the two $15 payments first, but wasn’t sure they would trigger the bonus, so I intended to buy a couple of small things at the AT&T store. But before I could get to a store and buy something, the bonus had already posted.

Sweet, waiting for my two charges to post and will see if U-verse works assuming they don’t reverse it later on.

I got this offer a few months ago. I bought two $15 USB cables in separate transactions, and I got the cashback. I had to call BoA to confirm, since the offer disappeared from my account after making the purchases.

How long after it disappeared did you get the credit? Mine did the same thing this week after doing the charges last week.

be careful with this deal, My GF and me have received this offer at Aug, I made two transaction at ATT for monthly payment. BOA never consider I used the offer and the offer in my GF’s account simply disappear.

This happened to me. I called BoA and they confirmed the offer was redeemed. CB posted next statement.

That’s how it works. After you redeem the offer, it disappears as if it never existed (it doesn’t even show up as redeemed), but then the cashback will show up after a few weeks, as pending, and then after a few weeks more the cashback will post.

Thanks for letting us know this. I noticed today that the same thing happened to me — the offer disappeared after I fulfilled the conditions — and BofA chat wasn’t available.

One thing to note is that it is 1 offer per account/person. IT is not 1 per card, so if you have multiple BoA cards, it won’t stack. Found that out the hard way last time.

I guess you could buy 2 AT&T gift cards in the stores. But the lowest denomination is $25.

I got $100 back for two $15 charges on my AS personal. Thanks! Would have never paid attention to it otherwise.


Sh!t, my offer expired Sept.1

Be careful when ordering multiple products online. I had one transaction with one item about $16, then another transaction with two items that added to more than $15. AT&T (or BofA) split the latter per item and I ended up with 3 transactions ($16, $9, $6) and BofA refused to honor the deal because I didn’t meet the requirements.

Just a heads up that such shadiness is very possible!

I see same offer with $100 reward

Offer expires 9/1/2016. Offer valid one time only. Must make two separate transactions with AT&T on wireless products or services of at least $15.00 on the card associated with this offer by 10/16/2016. Your $75 cash back is earned within 30 days after making your second transaction. See details on AT&T’s offers. Taxes, fees, other charges & restrictions may apply.

How do I know I successfully redeemed that offer? I made two purchases already but got no notification at all?

Wait patiently and it will show up. Mine did after 15 days.

A few seconds after I made the second $15 purchase and making sure that it showed up on my BoA activity, I checked the Cash Back Deals section again and noticed that the AT&T offer had changed from ‘Activated’ to ‘Processing’ (from a green tick mark to a gray ‘refresh’ symbol).

Just noticed that BoA also sent me an email w/ subject “BankAmeriDeals® Processing” with the following content:
Good news! We’re processing your cash back

We’re processing your cash back deal for AT&T.”

My offer is $50 for AT&T service….nothing about buying products. BOOOO.

Login and see $75 offer, just done $15 & $16 with my debit card. Will advise once $75 posted.

Received emails saying I’ve earned cash back from ATT. Login and found the pending $75. So it’s almost confirmed. Takes 20 days to post.

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