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Published on April 13th, 2016 | by Chuck


Bank of America: $75 Back for Spending $30 at AT&T [Targeted]

The Offer

Some people are seeing an awesome deal showing in Bank Amerideals on their Bank of America credit/debit card.

  • Spend $15 two separate times at AT&T and get $75 back

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 3.14.58 PM

There’s another offer that others are seeing to get a bonus for adding a line with AT&T.

  • Add a smartphone, tablet or other new line of eligible wireless service & earn $50 cash back with AT&T

There are other variations of these offers as well.

The Fine Print

  • Valid in-store or online at at&
  • Expires 5/20/16
  • Must make two separate transactions of $15 or more on the card associated with this offer
  • The $75 cash back is earned within 30 days

Our Verdict

The $75 deal is great even if you no interest in anything at an AT&T store. Simply buy any random stuff (chargers, etc.) for $15, repeat a second time, and get back $75. Net profit will be $45. For AT&T customers, it’s literally free money since you can easily pay your wireless bill online with your BofA credit card, repeat a second time, and get back $75. (Make one payment for $15 and the second for $15.01 if you’re doing it on the same day.)

The $50-$100 bonus for adding a line is nice if you use AT&T and want to add a line or if you wanted to signup for a new plan with AT&T, e.g. if you just got the AT&T Access More card. Be sure to go through Topcashback or Ebates for an additional $10 when adding a line or $100-$150 when signup up for a new line of service.

Most people don’t check their Amerideals, and it may be worth checking now to see if you have these offers.

HT: mrawesomepants on Slickdeals



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Wondering if this will work on cricket….it shows on the bill as “AT&T mobility”

Not sure but you may be able to couple this through Retailmenot’s promotion of spending $30 on select accessories and then getting a $10 mail in rebate when you purchase online and pick up in store

good deal. Thanks!

If I have multiple BofA credit cards, how do I know on which card this deal is there ?

These Amerideals don’t tie to a given card, you activate it and can use them on any credit or debit card.

i just called BoA for some clarification on this offer since I have a debit card (checking) and two credit cards.

They told me the offer was specific to the debit card and I would have to use debit card to get the offer.
You might call and make sure which offer yours was under just to make sure you get the cash back.
– Logan

Mine reads “Earn $100 cash back when you make two transactions with AT&T using your eligible debit or credit card. “

I don’t have a BOA checking account nor a debit card. I only have a credit card with them but still got the targeted offer. So the phone rep prolly gives you the wrong info.

My experience with Bank America deals is that they are not tied to any one card. Once you activate them they will be applied to your purchase whether you use your debit or credit card.

i saw mine for $100.
i have a cash rewards and a debit card.

You can use any debit/credit card. I got $50.

I’m seeing this on my Regions Bank checking account (I have B of A debit/credit cards as well but the offer isn’t showing there). So I think it’s an offer that could possibly show up under any bank that uses the “cashback rewards” program.

I dont see it on my account 🙁

Aww no good offer for me, have the $50 new line. Assuming there’s too many fees and no monthly plan low enough to make it worthwhile to activate an old phone for a month and then cancel.

Which account will the $75 credit to? If I use BBR, will it credit to BBR and the balance will be below 0? I also have checking account with them.

You can set what account to deposit these deals to.

For BankAmericard deals, you can login to your BofA account, go to the “Special Deals and Offers” tab at the top and click on “Cash back deals” in the dropdown. That gets you to your BankAmericard available offers by default. A few tabs to the right of “Available” is “Preferences”. At the bottom of the preferences page you’ll see a list of cards eligible for the BankAmericard deals.
Also on this page, you can set the destination of your cash back as a statement credit to a particular card or a deposit into a BofA checking or savings account.

Thanks for the tip. Wonder if crediting to your checking/savings gets the 10% reward bonus like the “cash rewards” do.

Unfortunately, no. The BankAmericard deals just give straight up 1x cash back.

How do you figure???
Any rewards going into you BOA bank acct are credited at a higher rate.
Thats my understanding.

The BankAmeriDeals are different than the cash back rewards from various BofA credit cards (and they can stack). In my experience, cash back REWARDS accumulate, are associated with a specific card and require you to redeem (often with the 10% bonus for redeeming into a BofA account).
The cash back from BankAmeriDeals individual offers that you must pre-select and are triggered by use of an eligible card, but aren’t tied to that card, The cash back is automatically credited to the account you specify about 1-2 months after the qualifying purchase as a 1x credit.
I’ve been dumping my BankAmeriDeal cash back into my BofA savings for 3 years now.

Thank you for posting this Wyle

Huge Kudos to Chuck for posting this and those who read the fine print and brought it to DoC’s attention. When I saw the deal the short verbiage reads, “Click here to earn $75 cash back when you switch to AT&T!”
Big difference between switching and “making two separate transactions of $15 or more”.

I’m wondering how/if they can track whether a transaction actually involves “wireless products or services” or just random stuff purchased??

Will this work for uverse payments or just wireless?

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