Banks/Credit Unions That Allow You To Open A Deposit Account Without An SSN

In our complete guide to applying for credit cards with an ITIN reader Lily asked what banks/credit unions allow you to open a checking or savings account with an ITIN (or more precisely without an SSN). This will be another crowd sourced page, so if you have any datapoints then please share them in the comments below. If you’re considering opening any of these accounts, make sure you check your options and go for something that is low fee or works for you.

Some banks/credit unions also offer bonuses for signing up for their accounts, you can read more about this here.

Larger Banks

I fully realize that not all of these are truly nationwide, I’ve just put banks that operate in most areas in this section.

Alliant Credit Union

  • Allows with extra documentation (e.g passport): 1
  • ITIN Required: 1,

Bank of America

BMO Harris

  • Allows: 1

Charles Schwab

  • Allows & will give bonus: 1


  • Requires an ITIN and valid photo ID: 1
  • Requires no ITIN: 1, 2 (also got bonus), 3 (got savings & checking bonus)


  • Foreign passport & something official with address on it: 1
  • No SSN Or ITIN Needed: 1 (got bonis)


  • International clients can have local account added: 1


  • No ITIN or SSN needed: 1, 2,

TD Bank

  • Allows: 1, 2

U.S. Bank

  • Allows you to open an account without a SSN: 1

Wells Fargo

  • Allows you to open an account without a SSN: 1, 2, 3

Smaller Bankers

Bask Bank

  • Don’t allow applications with an ITIN: 1,

Californian Banks

They have Bank On California program that do not require SSN.

Harvard Credit Union

  • Allows you to open an account without a SSN: 1

Hometown Bank

  • Unfortunately requires SSN & photo ID: 1

NYC Banks

There are a number of banks in NYC that will allow you to open with a city ID card.

Meriwest CU

  • Allows: 1

Patelco CU

  • Allows: 1

RBC Georgia

  • Allows: 1

Our Verdict

Obviously this page does not have much information on it, hopefully readers that can contribute will contribute to make it more useful to future readers. As mentioned previously we also have a resource page on applying for credit cards with an ITIN.

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i am living in India and i dont have SSN /ITIN number.
Still i can able to open an account in US banks? Also, will the Loan interest rates will be same for me ?

Please suggest.

JJ Lee
JJ Lee

Hello, it seems like this article haven’t been updated in a long time and I’m sure things have changed over time. As of now, which bank accounts or credit union allows deposit accounts to be opened without SSN or allow me to use an ITIN?

I’m curious if SoFi allows ITIN to be used.

I tried to use my ITIN with Bask Bank, but it didn’t worked online. I haven’t tried calling them. I wonder if it’ll work?

I see online that Capital One 360 said ITIN will work, but are there any datapoints here? Does C1 do a hard pull on credit reports?

I’ve had years of credit history with my ITIN.

Thank you.


Capital One approved me for a credit card with an ITIN and no credit history so I would assume opening a bank account would be no problem.


My question now is tho, as a non resident alien with student visa who got a ssn, am I required to provide it when they ask? Or can I still go the alternative route of providing my visa passport etc..

Suzanne S
Suzanne S

Correction to your article. Wells Fargo does ask for social security number and one can not proceed without it whether one has TIN or not.


Turned down by Alliant Credit Union. They said that a non-resident needs ID,W8-BEN,and ITIN. Without all of them,you may not open account online or by mail. Not sure they need SSN or ITIN if visit a branch since I didn’t do that.


Successfully opened account at BMO Harris without ITIN/SSN. They did say that dependent on where you are from, they might require it, for me they did not require it.

PNC told me they require an SSN or ITIN.


So i can open an account without SSN/ITIN?


Another bank that responded to my question submitted via costumer support is Byline. They said that as a non-resident with a passport, ID and (for example) a debit card, I should be allowed to open account. Recommended me to visit a branch, though, which I didn’t do.


I just opened an account at the PNC bank. No SSN, no ITIN. They needed my passport, ID issued by my country and ESTA document. They used my passport as primary, and visa (ESTA) as secondary verification document in their system, +a few questions.
They were really nice and helpful.
“As long as you have a valid visa in your passport, it should be OK” is what they told me at the very begining…
The young lady was using some kind of manual for all this. I saw it on her screen that ESTA was on the list as one of the four touristic visa options.
She made some kind of remark about how complicated it is and that banks in general are slowly working on a few changes in order to make this process a bit easier.


5/3 Bank allows ITIN for checking and opening bonus