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Banks/Credit Unions That Allow You To Open A Deposit Account Without An SSN

In our complete guide to applying for credit cards with an ITIN reader Lily asked what banks/credit unions allow you to open a checking or savings account with an ITIN (or more precisely without an SSN). This will be another crowd sourced page, so if you have any datapoints then please share them in the comments below. If you’re considering opening any of these accounts, make sure you check your options and go for something that is low fee or works for you.

Some banks/credit unions also offer bonuses for signing up for their accounts, you can read more about this here.

Larger Banks

I fully realize that not all of these are truly nationwide, I’ve just put banks that operate in most areas in this section.

Alliant Credit Union

  • Allows with extra documentation (e.g passport): 1

Bank of America

BMO Harris

  • Allows: 1

Charles Schwab

  • Allows & will give bonus: 1


  • Requires an ITIN and valid photo ID: 1
  • Requires no ITIN: 1, 2 (also got bonus), 3 (got savings & checking bonus)


  • Foreign passport & something official with address on it: 1
  • No SSN Or ITIN Needed: 1 (got bonis)


  • International clients can have local account added: 1


  • No ITIN or SSN needed: 1, 2,

TD Bank

  • Allows: 1, 2

U.S. Bank

  • Allows you to open an account without a SSN: 1

Wells Fargo

  • Allows you to open an account without a SSN: 1, 2, 3

Smaller Bankers

Californian Banks

They have Bank On California program that do not require SSN.

Harvard Credit Union

  • Allows you to open an account without a SSN: 1

Hometown Bank

  • Unfortunately requires SSN & photo ID: 1

NYC Banks

There are a number of banks in NYC that will allow you to open with a city ID card.

Meriwest CU

  • Allows: 1

Patelco CU

  • Allows: 1

RBC Georgia

  • Allows: 1

Our Verdict

Obviously this page does not have much information on it, hopefully readers that can contribute will contribute to make it more useful to future readers. As mentioned previously we also have a resource page on applying for credit cards with an ITIN.

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RBC Georgia, TD bank and BMO Harris for sure, they’re used and advertised for Canadian cross border banking clients, given that their parent companies are Canadian banks

HSBC premier clients from overseas can have US domiciled accounts opened remotely as part of their global transfer program

Banks that operate next to the Canadian border are more likely than not to accept Canadians without ssn, like banner bank in WA, or aliant cu out east

You can open a savings account with Alliant Credit Union, they will ask for extra documents like your passport and drivers license.

Then you can get a savings secured loan. This will help your credit mix (if you don’t have any other open loan) and may boost your FICO up to 30 points.

There are banks in NYC that take city id (city doesn’t need a social or proof of status to give id)
and usually don’t ask for social.

Hometown bank in Illinois requires social security card and Id.

Almost any bank (at least nationwide ones) have checking accounts for tourists. You do not need to have SSN or ITIN, but only 2 forms of ID (your passport and your original country’s ID for example. In a few cases they didn’t even need anything more than the password because they counted US Visa – which is of course printed in the passport – as another form of the ID. Of course, if you want them not to question your **cough cough** “expired visa”, then just go with your ID instead).

These accounts most of the time come without monthly fees, come with the free debit card, and have all other privileges of regular accounts (0 fraud liability, free card replacements, chargebacks, customer support, etc), and do not have any expiration dates.

100% confirmed: Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, TD-Bank.

Wells Fargo, Chase and Bank of America all require SSN

PNC Bank and Citibank require foreign passport and utility statement (or anything has address stated on it). Just like HSBC, international Citi Client can open US Citi Account outside of the US.

SSN is not required.

Here’s what my wife opened (she has only ITIN):
– BoA (these are actually joint with me)
– Patelco CU
– Meriwest CU – they made both of us (even me, with SSN, on work visa) sign a “W-8 Certificate of foreign status”, so I assume they will withhold tax on interest, and maybe nonresidents can open accounts there as well.
– Schwab IRA – they also gave her a $100 bonus.

She could not open a Wealthfront IRA with ITIN.

For the Schwab bonus, I am assuming it’s the Schwab One investor checking and brokerage, right? Did you just fill out a form? I’m wondering if this can be done with just a foreign passport and identity card.

Doubt it, since Schwab has a separate type of brokerage account intended for international investors.

Helped my tourist friend to open Wells Fargo checking account last week. SSN wasn’t required, got his debit card already. Just a DP

My partner is a German national and he opened a Chase checking account without a social security number or an ITIN. He used a coupon and got a $300 bonus, with no problems. He just used his German passport as identification. Hope that helps!

Basically, as a NRA (Non-Resident Alien), one just need to be W-8 Ceritified to open a checking/savings account, and this requires neither SSN nor ITIN.

I’ll just add my personal DP, but there should be many more.

Chase – (more than 10 DP that I personally know)
No SSN needed.
No ITIN needed.
Can receive $300 checking bonus.
Can receive $200 savings bonus.

Citi – (more than 6 DP that I personally know)
No SSN needed.
No ITIN needed.
Can receive $300-$400 checking bonus.


So what is needed?
You can’t have much without a SSN e.g. a DL
I guess it also depends on the nationality.

Many states are issuing drivers’ licenses without SSN. Same for City ID cards in some urban areas. Also, if a passport is not available, Matricula Consular cards may also work.

Which state and city offers ID and driving license without ssn, please let me know. Thanks

Illinois gives a driver’s license without SSN but this is a TVDL which can’t be used as identification.

Rhode Island makes ID/DL without SSN (need to show a letter from SSA that you are ineligible).

In Texas you can get a DL without SSN, but they need proof that you are there legally.

Some times they need to send your information to a second verification with DHS/USCIS, they will send you a letter with the answer then you can get your ‘limited term’ DL.

What is DP ?

PNC allowed me to open checking and savings accounts on my second day in the US with only my foreign passport, student visa, and student ID – didn’t even have an ITIN at that point.

Signed up my girlfriend who’s on an f-1 student visa with no itin for chase checking and also got her a $300 bonus! Opened in branch with mailer coupon and needed passport with visa and valid i-20 form.

Also got get a pnc account but didn’t meet bonus requirements, but it seemed like a bonus would’ve posted. Pnc was opened in person with visa and i-20, and could not load with credit because branch openings code as cash advance. Both chase and pnc accounts were opened with mailing address in a state with no branches.

Wells Fargo would’ve let her open an account with visa and i-20, but they banker said the $250 bonus wouldn’t post without an itin. Should’ve tried it anyways, but we decided not to go through with it.

I called about a regions checking account, and was told it would have to be in branch but we didn’t get there before the $400 bonus was cancelled so she didn’t open it.

Can we get one of these for credit cards opened without ssn or itin? She called in and got approved for an amex spg after being an authorized user on one of my chase cards for two months.

Some F1 students can get a job in campus and get SSN, she can look into that.

For cards without SSN/ITIN, I know that you can get Bank of America secured card. Now that she has Amex she may get a non-secured card with BofA. She needs to apply in branch. Maybe is better to wait for the Amex to report, usually within 2 months from opening.

I read that Citi can give credit cards without SSN/ITIN in branch.

The California state government has created a “Bank on California” program highlighting banks that don’t require SSNs and take matricula consular/consular IDs and foreign passports.
Here is a list: – basically all of the Big Four banks do it.

Citibank: opened checking account without any issues, gave them foreign passport (with B1/B2 tourist visa) and foreign bank card with my name. completed form W-8BEN. needed local address to get the card shipped, hotel address worked fine, got the debit card in a week.

PNC: exactly the same as above.

Here are the accounts that my wife opened

PNC – standard checking account
Huntington – Asterisk free checking

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