Barclays Business Aviator Bonus Now 60,000 Miles

The Offer

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  • Barclays is offering a bonus of 60,000 miles after you make $1,000 in purchases within the first 90 days.

Card Details

  • Limited time offer (no precise expiration given)
  • $95 annual fee is not waived
  • Earn an American Airlines companion certificate. When you spend $30,000 or more in a card member year, you earn an American Airlines companion certificate. You pay $99 + taxes/fees and get a companion ticket to accompany you on any round trip economy fare.
  • 5% annual mile bonus. You’ll receive an additional 5% bonus on all miles earned in the previous card member year (e.g earn 100,000 miles receive a 5,000 mile bonus) – you must pay the annual fee before you receive this bonus.
  • Free checked bag
  • Board with Group 5 on American
  • 25% statement credit for all in flight purchases
  • Reduce mileage rewards
  • Card earns at the following rates:
    • 2x American Airline miles on American Airline purchases
    • 2x American Airline miles on office supply merchants, telecommunications merchants, and car rental merchants
    • 1x American Airline miles on all other purchases
  • Read our full review here

Our Verdict

This is the equal highest bonus we’ve seen on this card, although last time there was no minimum spend requirement (you just had to make one purchase).  Barclays business cards do not report to the personal credit bureaus which helps avoid any 5/24 issues from getting this card. We’ll add this to the best credit card bonuses. As always if you have questions about Barclays credit cards, I’d recommend reading this post first.

Hat tip to atonkscat

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dan (@guest_754910)
May 2, 2019 06:44

as only a companion on AA flight (i.e i didn’t pay or book the flight), will i be able to get a free check bag for myself and up to 3 other family on the same itinerary? Thx

Rhea (@guest_743098)
April 3, 2019 14:58

Personal DP…………..applied for this card after closing it in Sep 2018. Was told cannot get same bonus again for 24 months for same product……….yikes!!!!!!!

Rhea (@guest_745005)
April 5, 2019 17:24

Just to reconfirm, same product can’t get same bonus within 24 months of card closure just like Citibank. Called Recon no and was told the same😡. Meaning I close business aviator card In September 2018, so I cannot get this card bonus until September 2020😣

vj (@guest_759406)
May 14, 2019 16:09

Did you apply as sole proprietor and with same Business name?

Rhea (@guest_759852)
May 15, 2019 20:05

Yes…..should I have used a different business name?

Dillon Welch
Dillon Welch (@guest_740515)
March 27, 2019 22:06

Applied on 3/18/2019, didn’t get an instant decision either way but got a denial letter in the mail for “The number of bankcards opened within the last 24 months. I’m LOL/24.

Chris (@guest_742807)
April 3, 2019 02:33

They denied you because of the number of debit cards opened up? lol

Dillon Welch
Dillon Welch (@guest_744689)
April 5, 2019 00:01

Nah, credit cards

Gibunono (@guest_737795)
March 21, 2019 00:22

Any flight attendant offer recently? I think there is an extra bonus of 500 miles. (personal card)

ADistinguishedFella (@guest_732234)
March 8, 2019 12:56

I got an Aviator Biz card about one month ago. Will they match the new offer if I call in and ask?

ccuser011 (@guest_730203)
March 4, 2019 05:14

Is this churnable?

r/churning user suggested that it requires 24 month cooling period. Can anyone confirm or contradict with churning data point.

Josh (@guest_730219)
March 4, 2019 08:50

Closed my wife’s Aviator Biz on 8/22/18. She’s 2/24 (on personal cards). Just applied and got “Thanks for your interest. Your application is being reviewed. We’re processing your application and need additional information from you. In order to make this process as seamless as possible, we’ll try to contact you at any of the phone numbers you provided in your application.

If we’re unable to talk to you directly, we’ll send a letter requesting additional information.

Thank you very much for your attention. We look forward to speaking with you.”

I think when I tried to apply for it back in September of 2018 it was instant denial, so we’ll see how this plays out.

John (@guest_734653)
March 14, 2019 04:31

How did it play out?

Josh (@guest_734672)
March 14, 2019 08:34

John Received a letter this week and the only reason for denial was “Sufficient credit available with Barclays” something or another. Same verbiage as when I applied after closing the card within 30 days.

So, sure seems like 6 months after closing this card is NOT long enough to reapply.

chris a
chris a (@guest_732587)
March 9, 2019 11:47

Looks like Barclays has some sort of a rule now which checks for 2 years if you had a product before.

Robert (@guest_730163)
March 4, 2019 00:35

Does a 6/24 rule apply to this card? Any DPs that it doesn’t?

Robert (@guest_730167)
March 4, 2019 00:57

Edit: In looking at DPs from the previous best offer DoC post for this card, datapoints suggest that pre-Sept 2018 people are getting approved for the card even if over 6/24, but those applying Sept 2018 and later are getting denied (reason given: the number of bankcards in the past 24 months). Seems there may have been a (6/24?) rule added to this Aviator Biz card in September 2018.

I would love to see counterpoints to prove this hypothesis false 🙂

Aaron (@guest_730171)
March 4, 2019 01:15

DP: 6/24 definitely applies. 8/24 and denied, 3/3/19

Parts Unknown
Parts Unknown (@guest_730373)
March 4, 2019 14:42

Thanks, saved me the bother.

Nick (@guest_742963)
April 3, 2019 12:40

I was just approved and my SO was too. We are over 6/24 (by a lot!!), but have few inquiries on TU… so, idk. I assumed I would not be approved, but I guess we got lucky? Maybe not a hard rule? I haven’t had a braclays card since early 2017. I applied in 2018 and was denied for an arrival+ and again denied for aviator red also sometime in 2018. So, I really have no idea why I was approved now but not in 2018.

(I’ve used all the low hanging fruit and have about 12 months to get back under 5/24 and start it all over, minus amex of course).

Mat (@guest_730159)
March 4, 2019 00:11

How frequently is this churnable? I closed one in October 2018.

Robert (@guest_730168)
March 4, 2019 00:58

6 months between closing and reapplying is standard with Barclays, however, recent DPs have stated 24 months. In my personal experience, they will not perform a hard pull if the reason they are denying you is because you had the same card in the too recent past.

Brian C
Brian C (@guest_730156)
March 3, 2019 23:44

 William Charles don’t forget, this card also earns 3,000 AA EQDs after $25,000 annual spend

Dylan (@guest_730107)
March 3, 2019 21:29

How hard are barclays biz cards to get? Looking to stay under 5/24 until october and biz cards are a way to do that (yes i have a legit business).

John (@guest_730160)
March 4, 2019 00:12

They’re pretty sensitive to the amount of credit card accounts you open. I was rejected for opening 6 cards+1 AU card in the past year. I tried calling reconsideration and was told that I opened too many new accounts in the past year.

Damien (@guest_740241)
March 27, 2019 13:36

Wow, I’m surprised they’re that sensitive for their business cards! I just got approved for the Barclays AA biz card 3/5 and I was 6/24 at the time.

Kathryn K.
Kathryn K. (@guest_780776)
July 10, 2019 10:12

As a DP, I’m 4/24 (3 in the past 6 months plus two biz cards as well) – applied 7/5, got the “we’re reviewing your application” email and then got an email this morning (7/10) that I’d been approved.