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Published on August 10th, 2017 | by William Charles


Blue Cash Preferred $200 Sign Up Bonus & No Annual Fee First Year

The Offer

Direct link to offer (note this might not show the offer displayed below, if it doesn’t try to open the link in incognito mode or a new browser until it does)

  • Receive a sign up bonus of $200 on the Blue Cash Preferred after you spend $1,000 or more in your first three months. Annual fee of $95 is also waived the first year

Card Details

Our Verdict

We have seen higher bonuses on this card before, they were a bit different in that they offered a bonus of $250 (without the annual fee waived) and then an extra bonus category offering 5%/10% cash back on up to another $200. For example:

I think those bonuses were better as this current bonus is basically just an extra $45 without the extra 10%/5% categories. Unfortunately none of those deals are offered anymore. I’d personally wait for a better bonus to come around as $250 + no annual fee seems weak when we’ve seen $300 on the no annual fee card. Because of that I won’t be adding this to the list of best credit card offers. As always if you have any questions about American Express credit cards I’d recommend reading this post first before asking questions in the comments.

Hat tip to US Credit Card Guide


29 Responses to Blue Cash Preferred $200 Sign Up Bonus & No Annual Fee First Year

  1. Jelena says:

    Kind of a general question. How lax is Amex with personal cards? 3 years ago they approved me with a 630 score for this card. I got Discover, Venture and Freedom all on the same day.

    My brother in law has a score around 620 and he’s been denied by Wal-Mart, Discover, and Chase.

    I know they hand out business cards fairly easy, wasn’t sure if that extended to personal cards.

    • To be honest, not too sure. Might be a good idea to check if he’s pre-approved for any American Express cards.

      • IOException says:

        AMEX seems to care if you PIF and make good income more than the score. If the score is low due to a thin file, I wouldn’t worry. They were one of my first and gave me something like an 8K CL, which was crazy compared to anything else I had at the time. I’ve never had derogs tho.

        • Jelena says:

          Thank you. Yeah it’s not because of a thin credit file, he has a lot of unpaid medical bills and one car repossession on his file from 3 years ago.

          • IOException says:

            I’d be worried about the car repo, especially since ppl typically pay bills for secured loans first. The medical stuff is nonsense tho, unfortunately, gotta wait for the next gen FICOs.

  2. Sa says:

    This is the first time i see the annual fee waved on this card. They never do, right?

  3. Mike says:

    Extra $45, not $55 (250-95 vs 200)

  4. paz says:

    Current BCE holder. Not seeing the annual fee waiver in private browsing mode (only getting the “offer” to “upgrade” to BCP in non-private tab). Further, can only see the $200 offer in Safari private browsing, otherwise it keeps showing the $150 offer in Firefox or Chrome’s private browsing. What of voodoo is this, Amex?

    • Jags says:

      AMEX can sometimes be finicky when trying to get a 2nd Blue Cash card. They will not even consider me for the OBC because I have a BCP–citing that I already have a card in the blue cash family and can only have one. Others haven’t had this issue.

  5. Waingro says:

    As stated above, no AF seems gone already. Tried multiple browsers.

    • Waingro says:

      Okay, it took 7 tries in Chrome incognito to get it!!! Thanks Doc! Another blogger just posted about this card with $150 bonus today 😛

  6. Gmoney says:

    DP: Cycled through at least 5 Chrome igconitos with the link and eventually got the $200 offer with annual fee waived first year. I saw the tip on Reddit first. One of the incognitos showed a $150 offer and the rest were $200 with annual fee.

    I applied for this offer and was approved instantly. I was targeted for the $150 upgrade from my Blue Cash Everyday card but chose this offer instead for obvious reasons. Thus far, there has been no notification about a hard pull (nothing from CK and Experian). I’ll updated if this changes.

    I did apply for a US Bank Flexperks card a few minutes before (went pending), and they pulled my TU report (notified via CK).

  7. M says:

    FYI, I signed up for the BCP offer earlier this year that was comparable (10% back on first $2,000 of restaurant purchases, but WITH the first-year annual fee), and just spent 15 mins trying hard to get Amex to waive the annual fee for me with no luck. So, to anyone else in a similar situation, it’s probably not worth your effort.

  8. Rob W says:

    I currently have a Blue Cash Everyday card for which I received a bonus four years ago when I applied for it. If I apply now for the Blue Cash Preferred will I still be eligible for this bonus, despite the fact that I have the Blue Cash Everyday version?

    • Gahan says:

      yes definitely, since they are considered two different products.

      • Tiffany says:

        DP: Not necessarily. I recently canceled the Blue Cash Everyday card and just now applied and was declined for the Blue Cash Preferred card. The recon team will be looking at the app, but I was told that I will likely not be approved since both cards are in the same “family.”

        Anyone else had this experience? DoC?

  9. Shane says:

    Unable to get the offer to pop. Incognito gives me $250 w/ AF. Regular Chrome I see the basic $200 w/ AF offer. Might be expired?

  10. apz says:

    I have a BCE that I opened without a bonus. Does it mean I could get a new one with a bonus?

  11. ppd says:

    Was told yesterday by Amex CS during my call regarding my new BCP that my BCE [had] an offer to add up to 4 AUs and get a $25 statement credit after $250+ spend in 92 days by each AU. Only added one AU at the time, and CS said there’s nothing to indicate how long the offer would last. Called back today to add more AUs and was told the offer is not currently available on my account anymore. Frustrating.

  12. ppsh says:

    Based on past experience, how soon does Amex post the statement credit? I know the terms state that it’s 6-8 weeks after meeting the spend. I’ve already met the spend (being able to pay rent for a 2% fee helps). Now I want to start getting to the 6k annual grocery cap with GC purchases, assuming the cap resets per calendar year (on the first statement date in Jan.) as reported.

    • ppsh says:

      Woohoo. To answer my own question: Met the spend on 9/4, statement credit is now showing credited on 9/5. Time to GC shopping.

  13. Lucy says:

    Used Docs link and approved for 6k limit instantly After I put income 60k per year. It says 200 bonus and waived 1st yearly fee. My 1st Amex card, any expert know what’s consider supermarket for 6% ( am near kroger? And neighborhoods Walmart) reward? Also can you give some examples or name count as department store for 3% reward. TIA.

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