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Published on June 16th, 2017 | by William Charles


[Expired] CardCash: 2.5% Off Amazon Giftcards + 5x On Chase Ink – Is It A Good Deal?

Warning: If you’re making a purchase, be sure you use the card within 45 days otherwise you have no buyer protection. You can also use the e-mail to hopefully get better than normal customer support. Adding the gift card to your account by not using isn’t good enough.

The Offer

Direct link to offer

  • CardCash is offering a discount of 2.5% on Amazon gift cards. In addition you can get 5x Chase Ultimate Rewards points by using a Chase Ink Cash or Chase Ink Plus

Our Verdict

7.5% discount on Amazon is not bad, the downside is that you need to deal with CardCash. Personally I’d rather pass on the extra 2.5% than deal with them and there are plenty of other ways to get 5x on Amazon.  As always if you want to save money on Amazon I’d recommend reading our complete guide.

Hat tip to Miles to Memories

35 Responses to [Expired] CardCash: 2.5% Off Amazon Giftcards + 5x On Chase Ink – Is It A Good Deal?

  1. Audrey says:

    What do you mean “adding the gift card to your account by not using isn’t good enough”?

    • Bob Newbie says:

      Yeah, seems like an odd thing to say. When you add it to your Amazon account it’s “redeemed”.
      Not sure how you could get screwed over after that..

    • If Amazon believes a fraudulent GC was added to your account, they will remove the funds. Otherwise you could just steal a credit card buy $1,000 in gift cards redeem them to an account and Amazon could do nothing about it.

      • Steve says:

        I guess the advice should be to also spend any pre-existing Amazon gift card balance, not just the amount of the new gift card? (e.g., if you had $1000 Amazon gift card balance that you bought directly from Amazon, then bought a $100 Amazon gc from CardCash and spent $100 immediately, Amazon could still reduce your gift card balance by $100) Maybe this even means you should never buy Amazon gc again; theoretically, Amazon could take your gc balance away as soon as you buy it; but maybe in practice they don’t do that.

  2. S Nack says:

    Doesn’t this stack over JetBlue portal? Doesn’t JetBlue requires payment charged to credit/debit cards?

  3. deerseason says:

    Welp, ordered 200 (50×4) no problem. Then ordered 400 (50×8), and 5 of the cards didn’t work. Submitted claim.

    • Goodluck, send an e-mail to they should give you better support than normal (keep in mind we don’t have any financial relationship with CardCash, I just asked for better support for our readers).

      • deerseason says:

        Just sent. Thanks!

        • Keep us updated, please. I want to find out how useful that e-mail actually is. If you don’t get a satisfactory answer I’ll speak to my contact directly for you as well.

          • deerseason says:

            Will do. I had submitted a claim before the email, and then sent a screenshot of the claim in the doc email. We’ll see via which avenue they’ll respond.

            I also suggested they take those cards down. The emails give the card number as a random 16-digit numerical number which doesn’t resemble Amazon GCs. The actual number is the PIN.

            Except one of those cards only had the first 4 characters of the actual gift card number as the pin, so I couldn’t even verify if they were invalid. It’s a mess.

          • deerseason says:

            Update: Cardcash contacted me this morning (start of the work week business hours) via the support email (not the DoC email) and processed the refund via paypal to my original payment source. I will update one more time if/when the refund actually hits my chase card.

          • Thanks. Are you happy with a refund or would you have preferred a new Amazon GC?

          • deerseason says:

            No, I asked for a refund. The 200 dollars of gift cards that actually worked were enough risk for me at this point, I’m definitely done with Cardcash at this point, especially at just a 2.5% discount. Not worth it versus just buying from Gyft or PPDG.

  4. Ben says:

    Ordered 1 x $100, tried to load it to Amazon, and it didn’t work. I’ll use your address for support.


    • Please keep me updated, I want to do a full review with as many datapoints of bad GC as possible.

      • Ben says:

        It’s especially confusing because they sent me a 16-digit GC number, but Amazon GCs are always 14 or 15 digits (according to Amazon’s site). I tried a few permutations (ie. leaving off the last digit), but nothing worked. They also sent me a pin number that was all 0’s……. even though Amazon GC’s don’t use pin numbers.

        I wonder if they’re having some IT problem rather than the GCs themselves being compromised.

      • Ben says:

        They responded pretty quickly to the email (by 8:30 the next business day):

        It seems as though the wrong numbers were sent to you.

        Here is the correct code ###.

        Thank you


        • Thanks for the update, Ben!

        • Ben says:


          So the next day they emailed me again and offered me another “corrected” $100 code. This is not a “sorry for our mix-up, here’s a gift” code, this is a “we screwed up *again* and didn’t realized we already fixed your problem” code. I ignored the 2nd code and let them know, but now I’m worried this might lead to some fraud alert that blows up my first code…

          I think I’m probably done with CardCash too… this isn’t worth the $2.50 I saved.

          Btw, they sent me an actual photo of the 2nd gift card, and it was clearly an off-the-rack physical gift card that someone had scratched off with a coin, so these do appear to be used GCs.

  5. Dave says:

    Wow, I had no idea the failure rate was so high. I bought 2x $100 and loaded them within a couple hours, no problem.

  6. James says:

    Cardcash is sketchy as fuck. I tried ordering cards in the past and everytime they had a zero balance

    Never again

  7. Ray says:

    Damn didn’t know CardCash had such a bad reputation. I never really paid attention to it but just used it for the first time today to buy some GameStop gift cards to use online. Bought 3 to total up to my order amount and it worked fine. Will definitely be careful in the future.

  8. stvr says:

    This seems like a good way to get your Amazon account shut down, just like Starbucks shuts down accounts that use bad gift cards

  9. Kyle says:

    They can still shut down your Amazon account even if you redeem and spend it. Look at some old fatwallet threads if you need proof.

    There’s also probably a good reason that Cardtrash is randomly have a fire sale on Amazon gift cards. They probably know they were bought with a stolen credithe card or have a strong inkling which is why they’re trying to unload quick.

  10. Sam says:

    I ordered 8×50 for $400 worth and all loaded without issues. Glad to take advantage of this offer as cardcash pings as “utilities” with the chase ink via paypal giving back 5x points per dollar.

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