Chase Credit Card Green-Star “You’re Already Approved” Offers

Reader HR shared with us an interesting thing he noticed today in the Chase login. Instead of the oft-discussed Chase ‘Selected For You’ offers, he got a different ‘You’re Already Approved’ list of offers showing up, apparently with the promise that he’ll definitely be approved upon application. The list of offers are all the same as the public offers, but interesting to get a promise of certain approval – it seems to be more than the standard prequalified offer which isn’t a guarantee of approval.

The ‘Selected For You’ offers have been said to bypass 5/24, and these ‘Already Approved’ offers should certainly do so as well. Let us know if you see these offers and how it turns out.

Update: Readers in the comments report that ‘Already Approved’ offers do get a hard pull. Some indications are that they do not bypass 5/24, while another reader reports that it did work to bypass 5/24 for them.

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bankbonus (@guest_1776823)
January 12, 2024 20:08

These don’t seem to be a guarantee. Had this showing for all of the Inks along with the APR, but application was denied and reconsideration stated it was due to lack of business financial history with them (I had only one Ink that was opened about a year prior)

Frito Pendejo
Frito Pendejo (@guest_1563847)
February 25, 2023 12:31

I noticed today I had two pre-approved offers for Freedom products. I am over 5/24. I opened both in separate tabs, filled out the app for the first, insta-approved. Filed out the app for the second, submitted, it threw an error and booted me out of application proces, and now the second pre-approver offer no longer appears. Oh well, even one is nice

Unfortunately I applied for the slightly worse card first, but meh.

Ben (@guest_1360488)
April 8, 2022 09:38

I just had a Green Star offer appear in my app and I was instantly approved. It was for Freedom Unlimited with a $200 SUB and the 5% on gas for the 1st year. I was 6/24 if you consider being an authorized user, and 4/24 if you don’t consider being an authorized user. So I’m not sure if this helps determine if it bypasses the 5/24 rule or not, but I didn’t have to call into recon at all.

The offer included the credit limit and APR that they would give me. All I had to do was provide my mobile number and click that I understood the terms, and then click “Accept” (note: not “apply”). I was in my app, so they already knew my personal info, I guess.

I haven’t gotten any notifications yet from Credit Karma regarding an inquiry, but I’ll update if I end up getting one.

iliana blair
iliana blair (@guest_1203213)
June 9, 2021 09:47

Had 2 pre approved offers one for United the other for Southwest, I applied for one and was denied, I am at 6/24 and one inquiry is to drop off on July 2nd, I was not planning on applying till July, now I call recon and said she cannot override the system, I need to call back to talk to a supervisor, I have very low CL with the 4 Chase cards I own. I am not a happy person right now.

Ray (@guest_1196071)
May 25, 2021 18:53

for 5/24 this is incorrect. I got the “already approved” for the CSP and I was 100% over the 5/24. I applied anyways and was approved.

Eric (@guest_1194765)
May 23, 2021 00:23

One more thing… green star by pass a lot of stuff (5/24, verification, etc). Also comes with high SL.

Chase (@guest_1194772)
May 23, 2021 01:39

No, it does not bypass 5/24 , got denied, called rep who told me I had too many cards (6/24)

James (@guest_1194786)
May 23, 2021 05:12

I don’t think they give out green star if you are over 5/24

Eric (@guest_1194764)
May 23, 2021 00:20

Will… Green star has been around since late 2017 (September).

William Charles
May 24, 2021 01:24

Already approved language is new, isn’t it?

Abe (@guest_1194711)
May 22, 2021 17:54

$20k car loan meh.

frogger (@guest_1194701)
May 22, 2021 16:47

Does someone else’s selected for you links work for other people to bypass 5-24.

TB (@guest_1194714)
May 22, 2021 18:20

No chance

James (@guest_1194726)
May 22, 2021 19:29

They are made only for the selected login. They are unique

DD (@guest_1194666)
May 22, 2021 13:41

Thank you. I wondered if these were genuine because of the brief form you’d have to fill out to receive your special “pre-approvals”.