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Published on December 21st, 2016 | by William Charles


Chase Credit Journey Review – Free TransUnion Credit Score

Yesterday I let you know that Chase would be launching a new free site called Credit Journey that would give users access to a free credit score, credit monitoring and other benefits. That site has now launched, so I thought I’d do review it like I have for other similar sites such as Credit Karma, Credit Sesame, Quizzle, Discover Score Card, Wise Piggy, &

Free Credit Score

As mentioned, one of the benefits of the site is the fact that it gives you a free credit score. Your not required to input any credit card details, so there is no worry about being charged (this isn’t just a free trial). You don’t need to be a Chase cardholder either to sign up.

The score it provides is a VantageScore 3.0 and is powered by TransUnion. What’s interesting is that Chase typically doesn’t pull TransUnion data when they are making approval decisions on credit cards. It’s also unlikely that they use VantageScores as part of the lending decision as a FICO score is much more commonly used.

This means the score they are giving you is unlikely to be the same score they are looking at as part of their lending decision. The score itself updates weekly as long as you log in and checking the score does not impact your score in anyway.


Credit Tools

Credit Monitoring

You’l be alerted whenever a ‘critical’ change is made to your credit report, for example a delinquent or late payment or a hard pull on your credit report.

Credit Score Simulator

You can see how your score will be affected by doing certain things, e.g how your score will be effected if you pay off debt or open a new account.

Our Verdict

I didn’t have high hopes for Credit Journey, I really don’t think a VantageScore based on TransUnion data is remotely useful anymore especially when Credit Karma gives you the exact same information but also gives you data on your Equifax report and a lot of other features. The Discover Scorecard provides you with a free FICO score as well.

Do you see any point in signing up for Credit Journey? Let us know in the comments below.

Update: Readers point out two things:

  • This tells you exactly how many accounts have been opened in the last two years, this could be useful for determining your Chase 5/24 status
  • They might use this for determining Chase pre-approval data (they surely must be planning to market to users of the site).


45 Responses to Chase Credit Journey Review – Free TransUnion Credit Score

  1. Justin says:

    No point in signing up but Chase DID pull my Transunion on a Southwest Premier recon call.

  2. J.M. says:

    Only reason I can see is to maybe have another staggered report date. pulls every 14 days, creditkarma every 7, so if you start this Credit Journey on a day when none of your other sources are reporting, it might at least fill in a gap, if you’re someone who likes to watch it daily.

  3. Mark says:

    Most of the credit scoring applications show you “Total Accounts.” This new one by Chase tells you exactly how many new accounts were opened within a 2-year timeframe. That alone is useful to me when gauging my status to Chase’s 5/24 rule.

    • Alex says:

      I do not see how it’s useful:
      “Recent Credit History
      See a record of Opened Accounts and Hard Inquiries on your credit report over the last 2 years.”
      This number includes not just opened credit cards but also other loans and mortgages and also hard inquires.

  4. Don says:

    This score has me at 660 with clean credit reports, a 10-year credit history, and barely 10% utilization, with a dozen open accounts and 7 inquiries over the past 2 years. Ouch.

    Not sure why Chase would offer this score except to dissuade people from applying for Chase cards.

    • What is your FICO score?

    • Red says:

      Is overall utilization at 10% but one or more of the cards significantly over 20%?

    • chriso3030 says:

      There’s no way your credit score is 825 with 10% utilization, and 7 hard inquiries. It’s just impossible. Each hard inquiry lowers you 4 points and 10% utilization at least another 15.
      850 – 15 = 835 – (4 x 7 (=28)) is at maximum 807 and I mean at best, not including any other problems you might have. I have to call bullsh!t on that, but it was great story.

      • DudeHoffman says:

        before you call “bullsh!t” on someone, you should read. It makes a big difference in the grand scheme of things.

        You do realize that Don was the original poster and Carlos simply replied to the thread with his 825 credit score. Nowhere does Carlos state that he has 10% utilization and 7 hard inquiries…that was Don.

        You might be good at math, but your reading skills are subpar. Now that was a great story bruh

  5. Elijah says:

    Interesting. This site says I’m 8/24 but my own calculations have me at 10/24 (and I’m outside the range of when cards would have reported the new accounts). So that’s odd.

  6. Matt P says:

    Vantage scores are always way off on my wife’s score (75 points higher) vs the FICO shown on all the credit card sites. She’s never had anything but credit cards and the only old ones are her AU cards on mine.

    She’s at 18/24 and me 19/24, not too shabby.

  7. DrRyan_L says:

    Am i naive in hoping Chase would use my signing up for this as a way to target me for their products? I could be persuaded, Chase, to accept a pre-approval 5/24 bypassing offer for the sapphire reserve if it were to pop up on my dashboard.

  8. Radster says:

    I signed up to check the two year account opening feature – I will be under Chase’s 5/24 threshold in Jan. Journey shows 4 opened in the last 2 years. My own records (backed up by those on Credit Karma) show 5 opened.

    May need to take the results of this feature with a grain of salt!

  9. Lrdx says:

    How does the score simulator work? CK only allows to simulate the effect of a single change. Capital One’s CreditWise allows for simulating multiple changes.

  10. Johnny says:

    I rather like the credit simulator. It’s more intuitive than other ones I’ve used. Useful tool to show my friends that opening numerous credit cards is not detrimental to your score. It will fluctuate within a small range, but it won’t drastically decrease the score like 99% of people think and fear. I can also show them that not paying, for example, is the main detriment to your credit score by using the simulator.

  11. 5150 says:

    Very easy to apply. Only ask for last 4 digits of SS #.

  12. arch says:

    Just tried and got this message: Temporary Issue: We are currently unable to obtain your credit information.

    Anybody else?

  13. kay says:

    Hey William, Which site will be a good one to signup if I want to see my experian credit report? I have creditkarma and I can see my transunion and equifax. Thanks! Appreciate your blog!

  14. Avi says:

    I know I’m a few days late on the bandwagon here, but the number of opened accounts in the past 2 years listed on Credit Journey does *NOT* count closed accounts, whereas as far as I am aware, Chase applications do count closed accounts opened in the past 24 months. Credit Karma shows 8 accounts (including 2 closed) and Credit Journey shows 6, so I reckon that is where the discrepency is coming from.

  15. Matthew says:

    This looks to be the exact same information and website as Transunion’s CreditView Dashboard ( Transunion appears to have built this as a platform to offer various institutions to put their own skin on it and offer to consumers ( ( This is also the same service U.S. Bank offers customers for its credit monitoring. It’s possible we may be seeing other banks adopt this as their credit monitoring application, which is disappointing because now they will all offer the same information instead of building their own and each offering unique data on your credit score.

  16. Dr. Bob says:

    I have Norton Antivirus 360 and when I click on the Chase website (on 12/30/16) to sign up, Norton blocks me and says it is a malicious site. Anyone else get this?

  17. Pawtim says:

    My number of new accounts is also low. I wonder whether this is what Chase uses though.

  18. renzhen says:

    my report says that I have opened 7 accounts in past two years, and compare that to my record and the 7 clearly includes two business cards (one from chase and one from amex), does anyone else have the same thing? (BTW, one of my friends said his number in the report did not include any business cards, even those chase business cards). Seems a YMMV report.

  19. _me_ says:

    I got denied for CSR a few months ago for too many accounts. I pulled my report and was at 6/24. I signed up for credit journey and it says I’m at 4/24. I’m going to try again at the location to see if I have any luck

  20. Abey says:

    I find all of theae fake credit scores to be very inaacurate.
    credit karma, capital ones credit wise, chase credit journey, and so on.
    They all have me in the 670 range and then Amex which i find to be the most accuarate has me in the 760s.
    Ironically, when i applied recently for Capital ones Spark, Barclays Wyndham and Chase Amazon, i got my score along with the credit card approval letter and they were 767 for Capital one 762 for Chase and 757 Barclay.
    And then again Capital ones credit wise had me at 678 (-99) Chase credit journey at 669 (-93) and Barclays at 702 (-55)
    That shows their own model doesnt represent your score when they pull you.

  21. Harmony says:

    Hopefully someone is stil here for discussion.. I am new to credit. I am trying to get a house, but I don’t have any score . Recently got a secured card and waiting for a score . Its been about 5 months, I signed up for chase credit journey because I thought it might let me know of I even have a score. When I signed up, it says I have a 670. Last month, I checked with a lender and the score was unavailable. What do y’all think? Should I expect to have a score and if so what should I predict it be around based on credit journey? Thanks for your help .

    • TomTX says:

      If you just got your first loan, you are just getting scores for the first time. And scores will trend low for awhile. Demonstrate responsible use of credit and your score goes up. Just go do some reading on the topic.

  22. Jeff H says:

    I just signed up for Credit Journey. Separate log in than The attraction for me is Credit Journey makes more commentary than many free credit score sites.

  23. Mark says:

    So, does Credit Journey sell your info to keep their site “free” like the others? I do not want any more pre-recorded calls “Hello and congratulations,… you were approved for a loan,…”

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