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Published on March 4th, 2015 | by William Charles


Chase Disney Credit Card Review – $200 Disney Gift Card Sign Up Bonus

This is another post in our Weird Wednesday series where we look at credit cards that aren’t often talked about. You can view more posts in this series by clicking here.

Chase cards are talked about a lot, so it’s a bit weird writing a post about a Chase credit card. That being said, I almost never see anybody talk about the Disney card they offer so I thought it was worth a look. Before we get started, it’s important to note that there are actually two Chase Disney credit cards: Chase Disney Premier & Chase Disney Rewards.

chase disney credit cards

The Basics

Let’s have a look at the marketing bulletins for each of these cards.

Chase Disney Rewards

  • No annual fee
  • 1% in Disney Dream Reward Dollars on all purchases
  • Disney perks:
    • Character Meet ‘N’ Greet at a private Cardmember location
    • 10% off select merchandise purchases of $50 or more at Disney Store and

Chase Disney Premier

  • 2% in Disney Dream Reward Dollars on card purchases at gas stations, grocery stores, restaurants and most Disney locations
  • 1% in Disney Dream Reward Dollars on all other purchases
  • Annual fee of $49
  • Disney perks:
    • Character Meet ‘N’ Greet at a private Cardmember location
    • 10% off select merchandise purchases of $50 or more at Disney Store and

Getting this card doesn’t make sense, you’re basically paying $49 annually to get 2x on certain categories. It’s easily possible to get 2% cash back on ALL purchases, so getting the premier makes very little sense.

The Benefits

Character Meet ‘N’ Greet

Both of the cards offer this benefit, there are some restrictions and fine print that we should go over though.

  • Only available at Disney California Adventure® Park and the Walt Disney World®
  • Must present your valid Chase Disney credit card to gain entry
  • Allows entry for up to 6 people
  • Each card can only be used for one entry per day (e.g for a party of up to 6)
  • Only offered at set hours at Epcot
  • Includes one complimentary 5 x 7 photo per valid cardmember account per day
  • Complimentary photo must be picked up at a Disney PhotoPass location the day the photo was taken
  • Cannot be combined with any other offer

This benefit sounds pretty good, but it’s hard to get a good gauge without having actually used it yourself. Thankfully, lots of people have used it and have shared their experiences. It actually sounds like a pretty good experience from the reports I’ve read, but I’d encourage you to read them as well. Here are some of the better ones I’ve found:

One thing that a lot of people reported is that they will take some pictures using your camera as well if you ask nicely. 

10% Discount

There are a number of restrictions that apply to the 10% discount that both cards offer. Let’s have a look at them:

  • Offer valid only at Disney Store and Disney Baby Store retail locations in the U.S. or orders placed online at
  • There is a minimum purchase order of $50
  • Offer excludes Shipping & Handling, Theme Park Passes, Disney INFINITY, Disney Electronics, DVDs, Blu-rayTM, CDs, Video Games, Books, Art & Collectibles, Jim Shore, Lenox�, Enesco Busts and Figurines, Olszewski, Precious Moments, Vinylmation, Limited Edition Dolls, D23 Memberships, D23 Merchandise, gift cards or certificates, Disney Dollars, personalization, gift wrap and gift boxes and items not in stock
  • Not valid on purchases at The Disney Studio Store Hollywood & Ghirardelli Soda Fountain Shop
  • World of Disney® locations are not operated by Disney Store
  • Cannot be combined with other discounts
  • Must use promotional code DRVCMEMBER

How useful this benefit is probably depends on how often you shop with Disney and what type of other discounts they usually offer. I imagine it’s usually cheaper to buy the same products from a third party than from Disney directly, but it’s really not my forte.

The Sign Up Bonus

If you’re observant you’ll probably notice I haven’t mentioned anything about a sign up bonus on either of these cards yet, but I did mention $200 in the title. The current public bonuses are a $100/$50 statement credit. There are two ways to get a Disney gift card of $200 after $500 in spending, one of these works for the no annual fee card and the other works for the annual fee card.  Here is how to get these offers:

  • Get a referral link from somebody who already has the card. For some reason the referral bonus is $200 after $500 in spending, the person who refers you will also receive a $50 bonus if you are approved. It’s usually possible to find somebody in this thread with an active referral link (go to the last page or just search for ‘Disney’), if you have one then you’re more than welcome to share it in the comments.
  • Order a free Disney planning CD from the Disney website. The CD that you want is called ‘Disney Vacation Planning‘. I learned this trick from Frequent Miler, he has a great guest post titled ‘Hacking Walt Disney World‘, which is well worth a read if you plan on going to Disney World.

Now obviously using a referral link is better because it’s for the no annual fee card and the annual fee doesn’t have any benefits/features that are actually useful. Your best bet might be to try and split the referral bonus the other person gets, which would bring your total of $225 which is a very competitive bonus (Disney gift cards sell for 80% of face value, but they will be similar to cash if you’re actually going there).

Final Thoughts

This isn’t an amazing card, there are cards that have higher cash sign up bonuses. That being said if you’ve already got all of those higher bonuses and don’t really value travel rewards and are planning on going to Disney then this is an OK choice. It doesn’t make any sense to put any actual spending on these cards, but the meet ‘n’ greet features and the fact that it’s no annual fee should make it worth keeping (if you go to Disney World on a regular basis).

The major downside is that this is yet another card issued by Chase and they offer a lot of really great bonuses (e.g the Freedom is often a bonus of $225 in cash with rotating categories). Because of this I wouldn’t recommend this card to most people.

Disney lovers, what did I miss? Are there any hidden benefits that make this card a must have? Would you recommend it to others? As mentioned previously please feel free to share your referral links in the comments below.


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Here is our referral is anyone needs it:

Call 1-866-425-0136
Referred by: Kara Burdick
Referrer’s Disney Member ID: 18538029
Referrer’s Zip Code: 14534
Must apply by:3/31/15

Note the phone conversation takes about 10 minutes to complete with an operator vs. an online application.

oh darn, do you have an active one? 🙁 this is the only reason i want to apply, i have never bothered with any other card before, ever. but with my credit score i am hoping to be approved. thank you

Still active extend to September 30, 2015 and now appears to be extended into 2016.


Is this still active?

Hi David is your card still active.can I use your refferl

I do have an offer available if you still need Satwinder

I have an active referral offer if anyone needs it.

I need one, Please forward it to me.

Can you email me one?

Vivian my email is – please send me your e-mail

If you bank with Chase, you turn your regular debit card into a Disney Debit Card for free. Just call Chase and ask for it. There are 4 designs to choose from.

The debit card comes with the same bonuses: Character Meet & Greet + the 10% discount.

I just applied for this card last week (before reading this article!) because I plan on taking a “Behind the Scenes Tour” this summer. Using the Disney card to pay for the tour gives you a 15% discount. Easy way to save money and the tours are always fun!

I will probably apply for a second card for my husband to see if we can get the higher sign up bonus, as I am nearing the minimum spend requirement on my Southwest card, but charging dental work. A Disney card is a lot more fun!

$200 gift card referral for free annual card:

Call 1-877-257-09474
Referred by: Patrick Mannion
Referrer’s Disney Member ID: 13900377
Referrer’s Zip Code: 85310
Must apply by: 9/30/15

0947? Or 9474? Is this still active?

Sorry about that….877-257-9474

Still active until Sept 30.

Is the $200 referral still an option? I’ve never had the Disney card and online has a premier card with 200 statement credit but the apply now button doesn’t work and I’m getting ready to book a trip for march.

Disney World Nut
Disney World Nut

I’ve always been able to get a $50 shipboard credit when using the Disney Visa to book a Disney cruise. I’ve done this on the last 5 cruises that I’ve taken with Disney. I don’t think they advertise this, but if you ask for it when you book, they will apply it. I’ve even booked online and then called DCL later and they gave me the credit.

Also, Disney World offer special vacation promotions and discounts throughout the year exclusively for Disney Visa cardholders. Many of the discounts are also offered to the public but DV cardholders get to book 3 days in advance. This is a great perk when discounts go quickly. I regularly save over $1000 on my WDW vacations with their free dining offer by having this card. It’s a must for me!

Does anyone have a current referral link?

Hi Disney World Nut,

I just applied for the Disney Rewards credit card last week and waiting to receive it. I applied for it because of the $200 gift card you get after spending $500 in purchases so I’m hoping that I will receive the gift card before we go away in April so I can use it in Disney. I noticed in your post you said you regularly save over $1000 on WDW vacations because of their free dining offer. What do you mean by free dining offer?

Disney World Nut
Disney World Nut

For the last several years (since 2008 at least) Disney has offered their dining plan for free when you book a vacation package with them. It’s usually been for travel dates from September-December. Keep a check on the “special offers” page of their web sites to see if they offer it this year. The deal is usually released in the spring. You have to be on the ball though. You will only get it if you book as soon as it’s released. Last year many people did not get it because the demand is huge! But some years they allow Disney Visa holders to book 3 days before anyone else. Good luck!

Does anyone have a referral link for the $200 gift card with sign up?

looking for a referral link for the 200 card with signup also. thanks to anyone that can help me.

Melissa Marwede

My referral information ?

Call: 1-800-453-4909
Referred by: Melissa Marwede
Referrer’s Disney Member ID: 35049937
Referrer’s Zip Code: 49707
Must apply by: September 30, 2016

thank you stranger, i was able to use your code

How long does it take for the $200 gift card to come in the mail? I bought our Disney tickets with the card in our first month, which was well over the $500 they want you to spend. Our trip is in July, I am hoping to have the gift card before our trip so we can use it. We should also have a $50 additional card coming for adding an authorized user (this was our promotional offer that came in our mail, because I was already a Disney Movie Club member)

They had told me 4-6 weeks and I was worried I wasn’t going to get my card in time before my trip either but I ended up getting it in about 2 weeks after I made the $500 purchase. My SIL also signed up for the card and made the $500 purchase and also received the gift card in about 2 weeks.

Trying to book a trip for Disneyland. Let me get this right, so if I apply for the Disney Premier Visa Card and charge over $500, I will receive a $200 statement credit including a $49 annual fee. Where is all this referal and gift card talk coming from?

If you have a referal and apply for the regular Disney visa Rewards card (NOT the Premier) then you get the gift card.

oh ok, got it

Anyone have current referral info?

see SL Mannion below for current code

Also looking for a current referral.

see SL Mannion below for current code

New 2016 code

$200 gift card referral for FREE annual card (must spend $500 in purchases in first 3 months:

Call 1-800-453-4909
Referred by: Patrick Mannion
Referrer’s Disney Member ID: 13900377
Referrer’s Zip Code: 85310
Must apply by: September 30, 2016

Carolyn Cooksey
Carolyn Cooksey

New 2016 code

$200 gift card referral for FREE annual card (must spend $500 in purchases in first 3 months:

Call 1-800-453-4909
Referred by: Carolyn Cooksey
Referrer’s Disney Member ID: 10488442
Referrer’s Zip Code: 32344
Must apply by: September 30, 2016

I’m trying to find the link and am not having any luck. I’m seeing where you can apply for the card as you usually would but without going through the application process, not seeing where I would input a referral. Do you have a link to it? Or if it’s a chase card I looked on their website and they said you can send a referral email with the link. Would you mind doing that?


According to the small print on the referral card, you must use the phone number or web address provided in the offer. No web address was given. It is pretty quick on the phone.

Is this for the premier one with the annual fee of the no annual fee card?

The one from Patrick Mannion is the regular card with no annual fee.

Thank you for sharing your referral Carolyn! 🙂

Mary Marzullo

Here’s a valid code for anyone that needs it!

Call 1-800-453-4909
Referred by: Mary Marzullo
Referrer’s Disney Member ID: 10380451
Referrer’s Zip Code: 07405
Must apply by: September 30, 2016

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