Posted by Chuck on May 16, 2017
Credit Card Offers

Published on May 16th, 2017 | by Chuck


Chase Freedom Cards: $15 Back with Android Pay Usage at the Grocery

The Offer

  • Get a $15 statement credit when you  tap-and-pay with Android Pay five times with your Freedom or Freedom Unlimited card at the grocery store

Lots of people are getting an email about this or seeing it in the Android Pay app. If you add your card now, you should see the promotion as well in the app.

The Fine Print

  • Valid May 15 through June 15, 2017
  • Only the first 24,000 cardmembers who qualify will receive a $15 statement credit
  • Purchases are when you, or an authorized user, use a card to make purchases of products and services, minus returns or refunds
  • Please allow up to 8 weeks after the qualifying purchase(s) post(s) to your account for the statement credit to post to your Chase Freedom or Chase Freedom UnlimitedSM account
  • If you change your credit card product during the promotional period you will forfeit this offer
  • Limit one statement credit per customer or card account

Our Verdict

Easiest way to meet the five transaction requirement is to do five small transaction at the self-checkout. There’s also a similar offer of $25 for the Ritz-Carlton card and on the Marriott card.

Note, the credit will only be given to the first 24,000 users. I interpret that to mean that the first 24k people who complete five grocery transactions with Freedom or CFU on Android Pay will get the credit.

In my view, it’s tone-deaf to make a 5-transaction requirement and then limit it to 24k users since that’ll encourage the self-checkout/promo-seekers, as opposed to getting people used to using the card at the grocery. In any case, that’s what you’ll want to be doing.

You should be using the Freedom card at the grocery now, in any case, due to the 5x points on up to $1,500 in purchases for Q2 2017.

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Serious Chase?

Why limit it to the first 24k people.. you’re absolutely right, the people that know the ins and outs of the system will be the ones rewarded, not the people who organically spend everything (the customers they actually like and profit off of).

First 5/24, then the 1099-MISC for referrals 2 months past IRS deadline only to rescind the letter after I filed amendments twice, then the BRAT cases, now this. They are slowly turning into my least favorite bank.

Not interested in programs that don’t allow you to lock in eligibility prior to completing the offer.

Promotions that offer a reward after a specific task is completed but then limit it to the first X number of users who complete it first without a real-time tracking system is a complete scam.

I hope you are wrong (but I fear you are right). How stupid would it be to have a promo for which you don’t know whether you qualify until you rush to complete the terms and then hope for the best. I would assume/hope that what they really intended to say is that only the first 24,000 people will be able to register successfully, similar to Amex limited enrollment promos. The other way doesn’t make sense.

offer showed up when I added my freedom to android pay. any idea if there’s minimum transaction amount?

If you see people hanging around self-checkout for 25 minutes buying a candy bar at a time you know what’s going on.


Just a DP here: I added my CF and the promo showed up. Tried then adding my CFU and there was no additional promo, so seems like the limit of one credit per customer is built in.

What if you used CF deleted it then added CFU?

Where does it shows up in the App?

Ian Michael Scott
Ian Michael Scott

anyone know of any online store that takes android pay and also codes as grocery? I don’t have an android pay enabled phone.

I know that Android Pay works with Dunkin Donuts without a NFC enabled phone. Codes as grocery?

5 times…

damn, you beat me to it!

pro-tip: Whole Foods is the greatest for this. I had a friendly (/ awesome) cashier & manager let me use 10x Amex Android Pay offers in one go, for a total of 11 different split payments.

that cashier is a keeper

not to piss on ur parade but ur situation is not unique to wholefoods. its essentially any grocery store with an awesome cashier who accepts NFC and is down to sit there waiting for you to process multi split tender and not think youre a terrorist. the only exception is if the POS craps out after X number of splits. good to hear WF allows 11. ive only done 5 at kroger and 5 at rite aid. wish i knew all the max limits.

Funny but true!

I got offer directly from chase and dont have chase card added to AP.
Though which Grocery store accepts AP? vons? My ralph doesnt though samsung pay works there.

Vons should be fine. At least the ones in south CA. (I have no idea where Vons are present otherwise.)

In north CA, practically every single grocery store you can find accepts it.

The Safeways I’ve been to in norcal don’t accept NFC payments.

are gift cards eligible for this offer ?

I don’t see any minimum amount requirements. Assume I can go buy 5 bananas in 5 separate transactions to satisfy this. Hopefully 24000 others don’t have the same idea…

I got 5 items at Sprouts. Told the cashier I needed to do 5 transactions to hit a Chase bonus. They were stoked for me, but sad they had a Bank of America card. Seems you could buy 1 banana for a quarter and split payment 5 ways. I hadn’t done Android Pay in at least a year- really smooth process, and thankful for Magisk so I can still have root.

I went to a Bi-Lo and did 5 transactions on 5 bags of chips for 60 cents each. The friendly cashier was patient with me after I told him I was pursuing a Chase credit card promotion just for these purchases lol.

So I got mine at whole foods as well hopefully I get it but fun moment cashier just laughs and splits up the 5 item purchase for me. As I am walking out it only shows 4 and I like ugg he must have put something together oh well grab some bananas and get my 5 and then I notice he didn’t charge me for my pizza so I saved my self 7 bucks no matter what lol.

FYI to everyone. a Chase “PUNCH CARD” actually shows up next to the CF CC within your AP app showing how many times you paid. pretty cool stunt. wish other CCs were like that. esp Amex. its not like a random guessing game. but i guess even then the 24k limit applies.

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