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Published on March 13th, 2018 | by Chuck


Chase Freedom Q2 2018 to be Grocery, Chase Pay, and Paypal

Update 3/13/18: This is now confirmed in a press release. It’s clear there that all Paypal purchases will work, both online or in-app.

R/churning member abhirupduttamit heard from a Chase rep the upcoming Q2 2018 Chase Freedom 5% categories:

  • Grocery stores
  • Chase Pay
  • Paypal

These aren’t yet showing on the calendar or in the login, but a reader in the comments here confirmed the same from a Chase rep. We’ll update when it goes public.

Q1 2018 also has Chase Pay, and it’s not surprising to see that again as Chase has been pushing hard for their mobile wallet. Personally, I’m pleasantly surprised to see Paypal as that’s literally the easiest one for me, personally. I’ll max it out with some gift card purchases on eBay which no longer have any other category bonuses.

The Q2 2018 categories will be available for activation on March 15, and will be usable from April 1 through June 30, 2018. Discover will also be offering Grocery as their Q2 2018 category.

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I was gonna boo when I saw groceries, but PP is interesting. Not bad at all.

MCGC and VGC from S&S



What is S&S?

Thank you.

I don’t have one near me but it’s probably Stop and Shop Pharmacy. I don’t think I am violating a policy by mentioning this name but perhaps some oldtimers will be angry that this text will make it searchable and make it easy to find for newbies who will swarm S&S and ruin it for the few who are currently enjoying it.

You were going to boo the groceries category? For real?

Yeah, for real. You can mix gift card purchases into ordinary grocery spend but the PP angle is much easier.

Can you explain how to maximize this offer with PP?

Paypal gift cards, also great when a Bonus Bucks period is present if you want to buy gold under spot.

AMEN! I think if you weren’t excited for groceries, this might be the wrong blog for you 😛

Dude, eat some groceries. Better for your health and wallet than consistently eating out.

Plus super easy to MS.

Dude, I eat out rarely and my health and wallet are doing fine. Discover offers the same category and I am certainly not going to spend 3000 in one quarter. If the two didn’t coincide, it’d be different. As for MS, it gets harder and harder, so it’s very likely I’ll pass even on Discover.

I share groceries with multiple family members and we can easily hit $3000 in 3 months if we are religious about using the right card every time. Remember, the Discover card doubles the cash back at the end of the first year so effectively it will be 10% off, assuming the card stays open until the first anniversary. In recent years I have always multiple Discover cards that are in the first year with 0% intro APR and the double cashback offer.

Discover says “This exclusive offer is available only to new cardmembers.”

Do they still classify you as a new member if you already have a Discover card?

It’s for your first year of being a card member only.

When they say new card member they mean 1) new customer (never had any Discover card product) or 2) new Discover It card member (never had a discover it card) or something else? I have a Discover More card and just got the it about a month ago and would like to understand if I will get the match. Thanks.

If you get a new Discover card you get the matching, doesn’t matter if you currently hold a Discover card or not. In your case you will get the match.

I eat out more rarely than you.

Oh wow, they finally got Chase Pay to work on Google’s flagship Pixel phones….

Also, I guess at the end of the quarter if I have any of the $1500 unused I’ll just paypal it to myself for a points gain 😀

Huh? It was working fine on my Pixel since day 1.

You could not paste your password. So if you use a password manager with a very long password, it wasn’t worth it to login… Also there was no fingerprint login. I just checked and it seems those things are available now on my pixel.

Is that possible? Just kinda paypal it to another account? Like my main Checking account for instance. thanks

Avi (r/abhirupduttamit)
Avi (r/abhirupduttamit)

Hey Doc I checked it with another phone rep and she gave the exact same info again. 🙂

Which stores take ChasePay right now? Specifically, anywhere that sells $500 VGC? It seems that ChasePay and Walmart have a partnership, but I couldn’t get ChasePay to work in store at Walmart when I was trying for this quarter’s bonus. The original articles online announcing their partnership- which are from December 2016- say that ChasePay will be integrated into the Walmart pay app, but I couldn’t figure out how to do this. Any ideas how to do this, so we can use ChasePay at Walmart for both Q1 and Q2? Thanks!

I think it’s only best buy and starbucks.

Potbelly Sandwich Shop also has Chase Pay.

If you open the CHASE PAY app and click on nearby merchants you’ll see quite a long list of vendors (predominantly restaurants) that should be able to accept that form of payment. Be sure your default payment card is set to FREEDOM to get the bonus, you won’t get the 5%, for example, on a CHASE UA, Marriott or SW VISA.

Thanks! App says I have 2 merchants within a mile, 6 merchants within 3 miles, in Seattle. I’d rather not even try to use this app

I was at potbelly and saw the chase logo at the register, but the cashier thought that it only worked through the potbelly app. She was surprised to find that I was able to pay through the chase pay app. you use ChasePay for purchases.

WMT might be Walmart’s stock ticker but is not the same thing as redirects to which is probably not what you have in mind.

Sadly ChasePay only works at for now which limits its value for this. CSR’s are clueless about if/when it will be in store

kidding? I’ve used ChasePay all over the place. Lots of independent retailers don’t even know they have it. My local pharmacy, seamstress, whole foods, starbucks..

Easiest category for me to max.

Are you sure you’re talking about Chase Pay? Is the cashier scanning the barcode on your phone? Or are you using it at the card reader? WF near me have Apple Pay but not Chase Pay.

Cashier never scans my phone, but hold it near the credit card reader or pinpad. Has to have the digital payment logo of course. I did this all of Q1 and got the bonus. I have never asked if they take Chase pay because again, most cashiers will not know.

joe. i can easily tell ur totally confused on the different tech ur using and spreading crazy talk. u should probably look into it more. but thats fine. glad its working for you.

Joe got the bonus all Q1 because Apple Pay and/or Samsung Pay were included, as well as Chase Pay. Q2 it doesn’t look like that will be the case, so they will have to specifically take Chase Pay.

For ChasePay, they have to scan QR code on your phone.

Every cashier I’ve asked to scan Chase QR codes doen’t know what it is. Even after, what, a year of this janky app? It’s just embarrasing and slows up the checkout line, bigtime.

I’ve used in Shoprite, Best Buy and

How does Chase Pay work in a Walmart Store with Walmart Pay?
Download the Walmart app for your mobile device and log in using your user ID and password
To set up Chase Pay for use at checkout in-store, select the Walmart Pay icon in the Walmart app
When prompted to add payment information, select Add Chase Pay and log in using your user ID and password”
Once Chase Pay has been enabled, complete the setup process to begin using Chase Pay in stores
If you have already enrolled in Walmart Pay, follow these steps:

Open the Walmart app and tap Walmart Pay icon on the home screen
Simply swipe up from the bottom of the screen or tap on the payment icon within Walmart Pay to pull up your payment options. To enable Chase Pay, select Chase Pay
Log into Chase Pay with your user ID and password. Chase Pay has now been enabled within Walmart Pay. To make Chase Pay your default payment method, tap Chase Pay to adjust the checkmark

This is not the first time that DISCOVER first announces a 5% bonus category which CHASE later “copies”. The Freedom card incentive for grocery shopping would have been of greater advantage to many of us in any other 2018 quarter EXCEPT this one,

Totally agree with Mikey here. I feel cheated. I’m making all my grocery purchases with my Discover card for Q2.

Why not just buy gift cards to your local grocery store in Q2, for use in the future? For grocery store spend specifically, it’s not a bad strategy, since you’re unlikely to need purchase protection on what you buy there.

Agreed. It seems that Chase decision to copy Discover 5% Categories forces one to choose. The real Value to the consumer would be NO Duplication of categories.

I do not like this tactic and will give Discover iT all of my 5% on any quarters that Chase copies.

This is the same calendar Chase had in 2017 this far with added sub-categories. And 2016 IIRC. They aren’t copying Discover here lol

Yes, it’s true that Chase had groceries as its Q2 category in 2017. If I remember correctly, they revealed all their categories in Dec.2016 so I’m a little annoyed with them for being so cozy about this year’s schedule.

Their goal is to get you to use their card the entire year. If Chase and Discover used different categories in different quarters, they would essentially be inviting you to use their competitor’s card for half the year. It would not be a very smart business move.

Not really, if Chase offers a good category that Discover doesn’t offer in a certain quarter, I would use Chase.

You mean they’re actually competing with each other?!?! The audacity of it all….

Freedom will be easy as long as they’re pushing ChasePay every quarter ;).

For those of you that want something at Walmart, you can use ChasePay as a payment option online. This opens up 5% on all WMT and Sam’s Club then if going for WMT store gift cards.

I don’t think so, not many options with ChasePay. Apple Pay I would agree with, works with Staples/OD/OM and their rebates.

No more rebates from Staples if the data points are correct. We haven’t seen any this year.

I’m still sitting on Walmart GCs from the fourth quarter when I backed up the Chase Pay truck. Chase Pay in my area is a sick joke.

What I need is Android Pay to play too.

Yes, that is a good strategy for WalMart purchases- except if trying to buy $500 VGC. WalMart gift cards won’t work in-store to purchase $500 VGC, and they don’t sell $500 VGCs online (only $200). So it doesn’t seem like it’s possible to use ChasePay for $500 VGC.

Chase Pay looks pretty worthless from the few merchants that accept it

Yaay. Grocery. No options for chase pay where I live and I don’t shop anywhere PayPal is accepted.

Agree that it makes sense that Chase would try to push Chase Pay, but honestly I hope this is incomplete information and that they will continue the Chase Pay/Android Pay/Apple Pay/Samsung Pay combo from Q1. The only places Chase Pay is accepted are so ridiculously overpriced (e.g. Starbucks, BestBuy) that I wouldn’t dream of using any form of payment there. The more broad mobile wallet category from Q1 is infinitely more useful for me. Granted, much of my Android Pay 5% in Q1 was from grocery stores, but I found it worked in a bunch of other B&M locations, many of which didn’t realize they accepted it, lol. Groceries overlaps with Discover, so that’s pretty much a cointoss for me. I already do some transactions via PayPal, including a recurring charitable contribution, so there’s that. And a few places I visit online have a PayPal checkout option that I’ll probably avail myself of instead of ignoring. Doubt I’ll max out the $1,500 on all three of my Freedom cards, but I’ll make a dent.

So i can just go to my local shop rite and buy gift cards i anyway need, like gas, restaurants etc.
Also SVM gift cards on eBay/paypal would be a nice double dip.
By the way can you have more then one freedom by product changing?

Abey yeah between my so and myself, we have 5x freedoms.


I don’t get it. Vgc at grocery stores don’t work anymore?

Last time I went to Winn Dixie it rejected credit cards for VGCs. I believe it’s now hard coded not to accept.

I believe that Shell Gas takes Chase Pay. Another quarter of gas for me.

Some locations (like near me) do.

Ugh grocery still less than Amex Blue Preferred but 5% is better than a stick in the eye. And UR points at least.

I value 5 UR more than 6% cash back. Either are great redemptions.

Amex BCP is at best 4.4% groceries (6% minus the $95 AF), and that’s only when you spend exactly $6000/yr.

But… Amex Blue 6% groceries came with a $200 sign up bonus after first $1K spend. Amex posted the $200 on my account within 2 days after I hit the $1K requirement.
So, in effect the $95 fee is paid for two years with the signup bonus. I can easily spend $6K per year on groceries…so Amex works better for me…netting $360+ per year in cash back applied to statement balance…which, of course, is on auto-pay for the full statement balance every month. thus, no interest, and no hassle.

Time to Paypal my friend and have them send it back via Venmo. $300 here and $150 there.

You would be eating a pretty large fee. Really eats into your profit on the bonus.

But I’ll be getting 7500 UR in a category I have no hope of maxing out, especially considering most of my Grocery spend goes on my Amex BCP and Disc It has a grocery category too. The PayPal angle is the only way to go for me to max it out. I don’t mind the fees when the points are worth anywhere from 1.75 to 2.2 cents per point via transfer partners.

PayPal is a bit odd, but it fits with mobile payments from this quarter, I suppose. I also think Chase needs to push merchants accepting Chase Pay if they want people to use it – it’s mostly useless to me since only a few places accept it. I’ll have to decide if I want to max next quarter out mostly organically or not…

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