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Published on May 4th, 2017 | by William Charles


Chase Ink Preferred 100,000 Offer? Real Or Mirage? (Hint: Mirage)

In late April we wrote a post regarding a rumor that Chase would be offering increased bonuses of 100,000 points on the Chase Ink Preferred and $500 on the Chase Ink Cash card for small business week. Chase then reached out and told us that “[N]o new Ink offers for National Small Business Week” and it looked like our original sources had been confusing this with the ongoing promotions available for business relationship managed customers (these are due to end on 8/27/17).

Then Angelina Travels posted that one of her readers was able to see the 100,000 point/$500 cash offers in branch. They received this flyer:

cip 100k offer

Thanks to Angelina Travels for image

Apparently this person was a Chase Private Client and applied with a business relationship manager. Gary at View From The Wing also had a similar post with a reader being able to get the increased offer, I suspect they also applied with a business relationship manager. Reddit user bbrown3979 was also able to find this offer in branch, they didn’t speak to a business relationship manager but the branch did have one.

So it looks like there isn’t a new offer at all, if you go to a branch that has a business relationship manager and apply with them (this isn’t new) you might be able to get the increased offers otherwise everything is just business as normal. I think the confusion around this is really due to the national small business week branding, but they also have that same branding on the regular $300/80,000 point offers.

If you do go in branch hunting for this offer, keep in mind the $300 checking & $200 savings bonus currently available as well. Also don’t forget if you’re going to apply for the regular 80,000 point offer to use a readers referral link!

24 Responses to Chase Ink Preferred 100,000 Offer? Real Or Mirage? (Hint: Mirage)

  1. niiimz says:

    I applied for the CIP in-branch, denied. Recon’d 2x and got it approved. Hit the min spend a few weeks ago and got the 80K. Then thought why not try? And requested via SM to be matched to 100K, and was given the extra 20K right away. I don’t want to label this a DP because one, I don’t know if who I originally applied with was a BRM or not. Two, I just feel like it was a fluke. But I wanted to share anyway because I’m stoked about it. I’m not CPC, and yes the AF was waived since I applied in-branch.

    • MoreSun says:

      Woah- I think you’re the first DP on getting a match! Congrats!

      • CM says:

        I’m not aware of anyone who has applied in branch and wasn’t able to get a match.

        It’s if you apply online then for sure you won’t be matched to the in-branch-only offers.

      • niiimz says:

        Thank you- Win some lose some.. win some. 🙂 Only reason I tried was because I came across a few DP’s of people getting matched. But I think it’s hit or miss, because I have seen DP’s of people not getting it, too.

    • Steve says:

      What did you say to get approval with recon?

      • niiimz says:

        It was a confusing recon since I got a slew of reasons from them. But by the time I did my 2nd recon attempt I had gotten to 0/30, and I was able to move credit from my Ink+, I think that was what did it. I got my CIP just 60 day after the Ink+, I consider myself lucky.

    • Alli says:

      Annual fee was waived because you applied in branch? I tried to apply in branch, there was an issue with the business part of my account. The business account guy said he could see my business card but couldn’t apply for the card though. I applied online, got denied. I called back, offered to move credit from my Ink Plus and they still denied it. They said Equifax had too many credit requests. Is this 5/24? How do I see when I opened each card?

      • niiimz says:

        Yes, in-branch apps have or had the AF waived, but that may have been a promo. Always verify. But I know online apps don’t get it waived, plenty of DP’s for that.

        No, that doesn’t necessarily mean 5/24, you don’t know where you are at?
        It could be 1/30 or 2/30, or they just don’t like how many inquiries they are seeing. Don’t let it stop you from trying another recon.

        • Alli says:

          What is DP? If I’m not at 5/24, I’m very close. How do you keep track of when you got each card? I wasn’t tracking it when I started but I want to now.

          • Nick says:

            DP means datapoint. Most of us in this hobby keep an excel file or some means of writing down cards we apply for, date of application, approval/denial, credit limit, sign-up bonus offer and time frame, annual fee (or if waived first year), and cancel by date to avoid paying a 2nd annual fee if churning. This helps keep things organized – something vital to success in this hobby.

    • VL says:

      I applied in branch with BRM a week before 100K became available (beginning of March). Few weeks later I asked my banker to call CSR and ask if they can match, and was promised a match after meeting the spending.

      SMed after met the spending, mentioned the name of the CSR who promised that and got 20K extra points instantaneously.

  2. Evan says:

    This is a bit irrelevant, but can someone confirm that a new Ink Cash would still earn UR points? The application page mentions ‘Cash Back rewards’ with no explicit mention to UR points. The same is true for other Chase cb cards like Freedom and FU, while CS and Ink Plus explicitly mention the UR points. If there is any chance the rewards is just cashback instead of UR points, I don’t think the card is worth it for me.

    • Josh says:

      all of the chase cards earn UR; they market the Freedom and Freedom Unlimited as cashback too but they all earn UR. Source: I have them all.

  3. Dong says:

    I met a BRM 2 weeks ago, he could see a preapproved offer of 100k ink preferred and $500 ink cash, and also told me that would make me go around 5/24. He will have to put a paper application through “business special lending department”, whether a client has preapproval or not. every credit application through him would be a paper one.
    I took the preapproved offer and got approved, already got the 100k. I am in southern California.

    • Jim says:

      Thanks for sharing the datapoint — did you specifically request a BRM during your in branch visit? And do you happen to have existing business accounts with Chase?

      I’d like to help a family member apply for the 100k CIP, but it seems some have qualified without Chase business relationships

      • dong says:

        you are right, you might not need a BRM for you to submit an application, as long as you got the preapproval. It took me some time to find a BRM in my area. I guess it’s double insurance that you do it through BRM, since they put application in another channel, and that should override the 5/24

        • Jim says:

          May I ask how you found your local BRM?

          I called up one branch and was told I can schedule an appointment with a “RM” as s/he travels between locations and isn’t regularly available.

          I called up another branch and the rep wasn’t too sure what a BRM is, so put me on hold. A few minutes later, said she looked it up, that BRMs only consult with $1M/year revenue businesses, and for me to see a business banker instead, and that s/he would be able to help with business credit cards. And then if need be, direct me to a BRM…


  4. Curmudgeon says:

    Sent an SM to see if I could get matched to the 100k offer on Ink Preferred. Got this response:

    Thank you for contacting us about your Ink Business
    Preferred credit card.

    I’m sorry that I’m unable to honor your request to match
    the promotional offer that you inquired about.

    This offer is only available to customers who received the
    You can visit to learn more about our
    current business credit card offers.


    Well, it was worth a shot. 🙂

  5. Ryan says:

    The only way to get this offer is to find a branch that has a Business Relations Manager. I was told that out of 6 Chase branches around your area, there would be 1 branch that has a Business Relations Manager.

    • Jim says:

      May I ask how your located your relationship manager?

      Haven’t been able to explicitly find one with a couple local branches I called


      • Ryan says:

        Im in Orange County, Cali. The branches over here know about their Business Relations manager.

        • Jim says:


          Glad they’re readily available — did your branches try to filter you out by mentioned the $1M annual revenue requirement, before being allowed to see one?

          Or do you just ask to schedule an appointment?

          I wonder if I’m just getting the run around and need to say something explicit to get ahold of one…

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