Chase INK Referrals Slated To Go Down From 40k to 20k In September

The refer-a-friend bonus on the family of Chase INK cards is slated to change from the current 40,000 points per referral down to the old 20,000 points offer.

As of 9/3/2024, you’ll no longer earn 40,000 bonus points for each business. Instead, you’ll earn 20,000 bonus points for each business, up to 10, that gets approved.

The limit of 200,000 points will remain the same, and the referral total goes from 40k five times to 20k ten times.

The 40k deal started back in early 2023 and will end on September 2, 2024.

Honestly this 40k referral offer is insanely good. And it’s on top of excellent signup bonuses on the cards as well. I was able to get a few of these giant 40k bonuses by swapping referrals with my brother (we each apply using the other’s link); it really turbocharges the signup bonus.

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Mo (@guest_1870771)
July 7, 2024 15:33

is this per Ink or total between all Ink cards in a calendar year? For instance can I get 200,00 referral points for each Ink Card I have or is that total for all of my ink cards?

Tony (@guest_1856276)
June 5, 2024 22:34

Opened Ink Premier. It has kind of unusual credit line. It said I got 10k credit line and 2k flex for business limit. Do I understand it correctly that it means that the total credit line is 10k, but I can carry a balance of up to 2k and pay interest on it (I will not, of cause).

And the most important thing I want to make sure is true for this card is that if I pay full previous statement balance every month by the due date I will not get any interest charged. Is this correct for this card?

Celia 🔗
Celia 🔗 (@guest_1856758)
June 6, 2024 20:32

IIRC, the Premier is a charge card, so is supposed to be paid in full. So yes, your credit line is 10k and as long as you pay in full, no interest will be charged.

Again yes, I think the Flex line means that you also have the (horrible) option to pay over time with interest.

Frey (@guest_1856765)
June 6, 2024 20:46

You can’t transfer URs from the Premier to other Chase cards, can you? But you can transfer to partners?

Tony (@guest_1861022)
June 18, 2024 02:30

AFAIK, you can’t transfer to other cards. I don’t know about partners.

Cate the MSer
Cate the MSer (@guest_1856178)
June 5, 2024 20:25

fk UUUU Chase!!!! I help you Chase to increase customer base by referring more than 200 businesses. And you did this to me?!?!?!?!?

DailyGrindit (@guest_1856053)
June 5, 2024 17:16

So I guess a referral made on Sept.2 will still be paid out 40k?
Even if the application is approved after Sept.2

Josh (@guest_1863592)
June 23, 2024 13:29


Vic Jang
Vic Jang (@guest_1856049)
June 5, 2024 17:02


Kay (@guest_1855771)
June 5, 2024 12:16

I currently have the Ink Chase cash product changed from the INk preferred many years ago, am I eligible for another bonus?

Jon (@guest_1855793)
June 5, 2024 12:31


VL (@guest_1855823)
June 5, 2024 13:05

Officially, every INK card is a separate product. So if you have not received a bonus on any given product in last 24 months, and do not carry that card, you are eligible for the new card and bonus. So in your case you are “officially” eligible for the bonus on INK Preferred and INK Unlimited without even closing your INK Cash card.

In addition to that Chase counts each business separately. So if you have a business #2, that business is eligible for all 3 INK bonuses.

Unofficially, Chase does not apply that eligibility rule on INK cards at all. So, if you are approved for the card, you will get the bonus. With the plenty of INKs usually there is really no need to apply for exactly the same one you already have or just got the bonus on. In most cases you can pick up one you are “officially” eligible.

Hope that helps.
Good luck

Kay (@guest_1856491)
June 6, 2024 11:16

Thank you for your reply and really appreciate the details. The reason why I am looking at the Ink cash is the ability to spend over 6 mths for the initial bonus and a 2nd bonus after spending 6k total in 6 months. Nevertheless, I appreciate taking the time to explain the details. Much appreciate:)

WS (@guest_1857601)
June 8, 2024 23:44

Everyone refers to the “official” terms of 24 months, but I can’t find that mentioned in the Chase Ink terms at all. Maybe it was removed?

ST (@guest_1855744)
June 5, 2024 11:53

Is this new language or has it always been there for Ink cards?

“Chase cardmembers who currently have or have had a Chase credit card in any Rewards Program associated with this offer, may not be eligible for a second Chase credit card in the same Rewards Program. Chase cardmembers currently receiving promotional pricing, or Chase cardmembers with a history of only using their current or prior Chase card for promotional pricing offers, are not eligible for a second Chase credit card with promotional pricing.”

ST (@guest_1855749)
June 5, 2024 11:55
Jon (@guest_1855794)
June 5, 2024 12:31

Basically the same as its always been. If you get approved you get the SUB nothing to ring any alarm bells about.

Gabriel (@guest_1855808)
June 5, 2024 12:50

Always been there, not enforced on the business side for whatever reason. Hence people have multiple cards at once.

Celia 🔗
Celia 🔗 (@guest_1855831)
June 5, 2024 13:19
ST (@guest_1855865)
June 5, 2024 13:47

Good to know – thanks!

Abey (@guest_1855669)
June 5, 2024 10:56

“ The limit of 20,000 points” you mean 200 k

Ben (@guest_1856411)
June 6, 2024 07:55

Abey – is this per Ink or total between all Ink cards in a calendar year?

ST (@guest_1855636)
June 5, 2024 10:39

Gonna try to squeeze two more in before September then…wish me luck!

Mark (@guest_1855579)
June 5, 2024 10:02

Chase hasnt properly paid out my last 2 referrals to p2. Anyone else having trouble? Havent pushed it to not have extra eyes on acct.

Matty (@guest_1855701)
June 5, 2024 11:21

Howe long has it been? For the past several years, all my referrals have posted within about 2 weeks, often faster.

I’d say there is no harm in calling in and inquiring, especially since it’s a P2 referral, and Chase will ask for the details of the person you referred in order to track things down.

Mark (@guest_1855741)
June 5, 2024 11:51

Been months. Messaged then and they wanted more info to send on escalate and stopped pushing

Matty (@guest_1855862)
June 5, 2024 13:45

Personally I’d call them and ask, then send in P2’s account info if requested. That’s 80k UR you’re leaving on the table for what I’d argue is a low risk inquiry.