Posted by Chuck on November 23, 2016
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Published on November 23rd, 2016 | by Chuck


Chase Not Allowing Upgrades to New INK Preferred Card

Chase recently unveiled their INK Preferred business card to replace the INK Plus card for new applicants.

Millionmilesecrets did an interview with Chase about the new card and learned that the new card is only available by applying for it new. It’s not possible to product-change a different INK card to become an INK Preferred card, although that option might become available in the future.

The Preferred card could be an excellent option for business owners who spend a lot on advertising, yet most of us prefer the INK Plus over the INK Preferred due to the 5x categories.

The more interesting question, then, is the reverse: if someone applies for the INK Preferred card with its lucrative 80,000 bonus, can they subsequently product change in to become an INK Plus card? Chase did not address this, and we won’t know until people try it out – likely a few months down the road. In the past, cards like the Sapphire have been available for product-change long after they were discontinued for signup, so this might be possible.

In any case, it should be possible to product change the INK Preferred into an INK Cash since that card is still available for signup.

A couple other things Chase confirmed in the above-mentioned interview:

  • The INK Preferred card does fall under the 5/24 rule. (Reports we’ve been hearing indicate the same.)
  • You can get more than one INK Preferred card for multiple businesses. (This is consistent with Chase’s policy; it’s even possible to get the bonus twice for two businesses.)
  • The INK Cash card is here to stay.

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yeah… not sure why anyone would do this… must be very rare circumstances.


Agreed it is rare, but as someone who is way over 5/24 and spends a ton on marketing and very little at office supply stores (aside from gift cards obviously) this is unfortunate news for me…


It is also possible to get Ink Cash & Ink Preferred for the same business. I got Ink Cash (MC) 3 years now, and I just got the Ink Preferred for the new business (unfortunately I’ve missed the Ink Plus 🙁 just for few days)

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