Posted by William Charles on October 13, 2017
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Published on October 13th, 2017 | by William Charles


Chase Now Limiting You To One Card Per Family/Brand? – Datapoints Wanted [Seems Unlikely]

In late August Chase introduced a new rule for Sapphire credit cards limiting you to one Sapphire card and restricting you from getting the bonus if you had received a Sapphire bonus in the past 24 months. Within the past few days several readers have let me know they have been denied new card applications and product changes for the same reason but with brands/families other than Sapphire. One reader received the following note regarding a product change:

  • When selecting the credit card that best meets your needs, please remember that our policy no longer allows for  customers to have more than one credit card in the same product. Applications for a card product you already have may not be eligible for approval. (this isn’t new language)

Another reader was told of the same rule when calling reconsideration on a Chase Southwest card. It’s possible that this is only affecting cards that aren’t instantly approved and it’s due to customer service representatives not differentiating between the Sapphire rule and other card brands but that doesn’t look to be the case. If you’ve recently applied for a Chase card (since let’s say Monday October 9th) please let us know the following in the comments:

  • If you have another card within that brand/family (and if so what card it is)
  • If you were approved instantly or denied (and if denied what happened when you called reconsideration)
  • Anything else you think might be relevant

It might also be a cause of this affecting brands under the 5/24 rule and other brands. I guess we will find out when we have more datapoints.


We are only interested in data points from Monday October 9th onwards, any datapoints from before this data are irrelevant.

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This doesn’t apply for the Freedom and Freedom unlimited right?


I tried to product change from the Slate card to the Freedom (10/13 about 12pm) but the rep said that it was not possible. They could however change me to the Freedom Unlimited, a card I just recently acquired. I informed the rep that I already had a Freedom Unlimited. Before the call, I sent a secured message to check the product change path.

I then asked the rep what was the product change path for the Freedom Unlimited, since converting the Slate card would give me 2 Freedom Unlimiteds. I was informed that I could receive the Slate, Freedom, or Sapphire cards. I didn’t inquire which Sapphire card. I’ll have to call again to see which one. The rep also informed that I would not get the introductory offer once I product changed to the Freedom. The Freedom intro offer was ONLY for new applications. I told her not to convert my current Unlimited card.

Like I said,I have to call again or message to see which Sapphire card the Unlimited can be converted. I knew I did not what to lose out on the Freedom points.

The CSR PC change path also needs to go to CFU 1st. You may be able to do a Slate > CFU > CF.

You might be a good DP as to 2 cards in Freedom familty being allowed or 2 CFUs being alllowed.

Do let us know how you end up PCing.

I PCed to a Chase Freedom card on Wednesday with no issues and I have a existing Chase Freedom

This rule likely only applies to new applications.

Same, PCd CSR to second freedom less than a week ago.

This is a little outside your time frame, but in the event it’s useful I’ll post anyway. Applied for ink cash on 10/6 after already having ink preferred. App went to pending, and I assume was approved soon after because I just got the card today.

Hey DoC can you clarify what you mean on the Ink+ DP or provide the source of the DP? I’m not sure what you mean by it, was the person trying to PC an Ink+ to an Ink Preferred while already having an Ink Preferred/Cash?

PC’d from CSR to regular Freedom on about 9/15 (not sure of the exact date) via secure message. No problems.

Should’ve noted, I already had a Freedom and an FU.

A little outside your time frame but I helped my friend get on the path to the companion pass. She applied for the SW plus card 9/27, auto approved and SW applied for premier 10/2, auto approved

Applied for CIC via paper app with BRM Oct 2; I have CIP. Approved.

If they won’t let you have two SW cards could you get one card, make the spend and cancel and just apply for the 2nd card around June ? 18 months of Companion Pass beats nothing.

this is accurate..father was approved…mother was not..neither met 5/24 rule

Friend’s first hand DP:

9/11 applied and approved Ink Cash
10/2 applied SW Plus and approved
10/2 applied SW Premier and pending (expected, due to 2/30)

10/13 called for SW Premier recon (passed 2/30), and approved.

Great news

What does “2/30” mean?

No more than 2 chase cards within a 30 days window.

Wife auto-approved for SW plus on 10/5, and auto-approved for SW premier tonight.

If you have to freedom card, can you get category bonuses on both cards or is it one category bonus per social security?

I meant two or more freedom cards

You can get category bonuses on as many Freedoms as you have.

9/15 PC’ed Slate to a Freedom #2

the day “1/24 sapphire” rule gets extended to SW and even Marriott and United cards is going to a sad day. Unfortunately, (for most part) those beyond 5/24 won’t care and those under 5/24 will probably be too newbie to comprehend.

I pced my Chase Sapphire to a freedom unlimited and I already have the freedom. This was on 10/12.

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