[Expired] Chase Spending Offers (1/15 – 3/31)

Deal has ended, view more spending bonuses by clicking here.

The Offer

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  • Chase is offering some cardholders spending bonuses for spend between January 15 and March 2023.
    • Hyatt: Earn 5x points on gas, grocery & internet cable services
    • IHG: Earn 7x on gas and 5x on grocery & internet cable services
    • United: Earn 5x points on gas, grocery & internet cable services
    • United:
      • Earn 4 total miles per $1 spent on United® purchases
      • Earn 4 total miles per $1 spent on hotel stays when booked directly with the hotel
      • Earn 2 total miles per $1 spent on select travel when you use your UnitedSM Explorer Card

Our Verdict

This is different to the Chase business spending offers. If you’re not targeted for this round of spending bonuses, don’t worry yet as often cardholders are targeted when the offers officially go live on the 15th.

Hat tip to ZinCO17

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Acid Bath
Acid Bath (@guest_1549569)
February 4, 2023 12:36

How do you verify you are signed up for this offer?
I signed up for it 2 weeks back, thru the link and it worked. I forgot to take a screenshot.
If I use the link again to check if I am signed up, it does not state anything.
I do not see it under accepted offers when I sign into my Chase account.

Acid Bath
Acid Bath (@guest_1550037)
February 5, 2023 04:03

disregard. It’s working now. I put it in too many times so it was throwing an error:
“We are currently unable to identify your account. Please contact us using the number on the back of your card.”

Dugroz Reports
Dugroz Reports (@guest_1539243)
January 21, 2023 12:54

My Amazon Prime Visa also got this (didn’t get email, just tried the link):
5% back on Gas/Cable/Internet/Phone & 3% on Grocery until 03/31/2023 on up to $1,500 combined.

Dugroz Reports
Dugroz Reports (@guest_1539237)
January 21, 2023 12:47

Player 2’s IHG Premier card: 7x on Gas & 5x on grocery/internet/cable/phone until 03/31/2023 on up to $1,500 combined.

Note this is 7x or 5x TOTAL points, not 7x or 5x additional points.

tom (@guest_1534966)
January 16, 2023 10:16

7x gas + grocery on the BA card
No email, just tried the link

escot (@guest_1534926)
January 16, 2023 09:26

Thanks DoC for keeping track of these various Chase spending offers — AND even more so for separating out the offers aimed at “business” cards. (eg INK’s & United) Have several in both groups….

ps, Offers vary a lot from quarter to quarter. (for example, had 10k/gas on IHG premium last quarter – limited yes, but rather nice – buying 1,5K of 3×500 gcs at Speedway earned a modest free night at an IHG plus 40x+ (4%) at Speedway. (harkens back and beats Macomber Hilton nights of yore — remember them?)

Gerald (@guest_1534647)
January 15, 2023 21:34

Just what I need, another card with groceries this quarter.

escot (@guest_1534923)
January 16, 2023 09:15

Fair point for most, yet I’d be impressed with 5x groceries on cards where each spending point already worth considerably more than a penny each. e.g. I’d jump on that if I had say United (personal) or esp. Hyatt in my wallet. (by contrast, United Biz is “only” 2x for groceries — IF you get to 5k spending threshold)

Gadget - BankBonusGeek dot com
Gadget - BankBonusGeek dot com (@guest_1534582)
January 15, 2023 19:18

P2’s Disney Visa, sent 1/11/23 via email.

From J‌an.15 through Ma‌rch 31, 2‌023, you can earn 5% total in Disney Rewards Dollars on:
• Gas station purchases
• Grocery store purchases
• Internet, cable and phone services
This offer is valid for every $1 you spend on up to $1,500 in combined purchases made with your Disney® Visa® Card.*

Erin A.
Erin A. (@guest_1534760)
January 16, 2023 00:11

I got this one too.

scott (@guest_1534552)
January 15, 2023 18:31

5x gas/grocery/Internet on Hyatt and IHG for P1. Nothing on mine.

Neil (@guest_1534490)
January 15, 2023 16:23

5X United; nothing on IHG, Hyattt

VermillionNova (@guest_1534464)
January 15, 2023 15:33

Nothing on ihg platinum