[Expired] Chase Spending Offers: Up To 10x Points (1/1 – 3/31)

Deal has ended, view more spending offers by clicking here.

Update 1/4/24: Spending period doesn’t start until 1/15 for at least some offers.

The Offer

Direct link to offer 

  • Chase is offering some cardholders spending bonuses for spend between January 1 through March 31, 2024

Our Verdict

Feel free to share the offers you received in the comments below. If you don’t get target then sometimes the offer will come through in a day or two.

Hat tip to travel on points.

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Tikky (@guest_1781391)
January 19, 2024 14:35

This is one of the BIGGEST red herring marketing stun that has littered deal sites, blogs and discussion forums. It’s an ideal click-bait. Someone in marketing did a number on everyone using the “Chase 10x points” to push the subscription count up. They all get “compensated” to spread such news by affiliates and advertisers, not DOC. Only DPs you’ll see is for HBO MAX offer and in unicorn cases 5x on groceries.

DeniedbyCiti (@guest_1780373)
January 18, 2024 10:19

Only HBO MAx and 7,000 point bonus through chase portal books (min $105 for flight and hotel) here. 6 cards

Mike (@guest_1780211)
January 18, 2024 00:47

Max offer $25 off $99 dafuq LOL

aram (@guest_1780164)
January 17, 2024 23:20

Got emails for 5X grocery gas restaurant on Southwest IHG and United personal cards

CT (@guest_1779887)
January 17, 2024 16:50

i’m getting a “You have enrolled into this offer already. ” is there a way to check what this offer was?

Raj (@guest_1779876)
January 17, 2024 16:29

How do you check what offer I got as it says I am already enrolled

Dave (@guest_1779866)
January 17, 2024 16:20

Crappy Max offer on all 20 of my household’s cards, business & personal. Waste of time.

SF (@guest_1779821)
January 17, 2024 15:23

got a targeted email for chase southwest priority: 5x on gas, grocery, and restaurants up to max spend of $1000 from activation to 3/31

Maria (@guest_1779819)
January 17, 2024 15:20

What a joke! Nothing on all of my cards. Hopefully everyone else will join me in sock drawering my Chase cards.

Travis (@guest_1779851)
January 17, 2024 15:58

Yes, we are all in solidarity with you Maria. Until you get at least one offer, none of use will use our Chase cards. FREE MARIA!

Frey (@guest_1779861)
January 17, 2024 16:17

No spending offers on any of my Chase cards but merchant offers and UR points will keep my cards being used a lot.

scott (@guest_1779862)
January 17, 2024 16:18

And miss out on all those valuable UR points? No, thank you.

Maria (@guest_1779867)
January 17, 2024 16:22

Citi, Amex and Capital One points are just as valuable if you use transfer partners like I do.

bdon (@guest_1779879)
January 17, 2024 16:35

That’s how I got the offer on one card. I didn’t use one card for probably 6 months.

Deva (@guest_1780263)
January 18, 2024 03:15

Yes did that previously with my Disney card. Just locked it again. Hopefully I’ll get it the next time around.

P (@guest_1779811)
January 17, 2024 15:03

I got spend $99 on Max and get $25