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Published on June 13th, 2018 | by William Charles


Chase To Launch Marriott Rewards Premier Plus Business Card On August 26th

As part of the Marriott/SPG acquisition Chase & American Express made a number of changes to their credit card line ups. Despite adding a Marriott Premier Plus personal card, it looked like the Business card was largely staying the same. It looks like that won’t be the case for long with a document showing details of a Premier Plus Business card that looks like will start from August 26th, 2018 onwards (and presumably existing Premier cardholders will be converted?). The new card will earn at the following rates:

  • Six Marriott rewards points per dollar spent at participating hotels
  • Four Marriott rewards points per dollar spent on the following categories: restaurants, gas stations, shipping, internet, cable and phone services
  • Two points per dollar spent on all other purchases

It isn’t clear what other benefits the card will come with. The full program agreement can be found here. There is also some confusion in the comments as Chase is supposed to lose the ability to issue business cards as part of the Marriott/SPG acquisition. There are two things that could be at play here:

  • This won’t be issued as a new card and will only be offered as an upgrade
  • Chase will continue to be able to issue a business cards until the programs formally merge (as American Express seems to be able to do with the mass market consumer cards).

Readers will also wonder if this new card is subjected to the Chase 5/24 rule or not (as currently the Marriott business card isn’t). This is impossible to know at this stage.

Hat tip to Chong786 via mkvandy03

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Hmmm. I have a Marriott business card opened last September that I wasn’t planning on keeping this year. Maybe I’ll hold out for an upgrade offer now, like they had on the personal version.

Its worth to keep for the free night.

That’s completely subjective. I’ve never found a particularly good use of Marriott points or free night certificates.

Airport hotels. Since babies don’t do well with connections, I usually overnight at every layover, where these come in super handy.


Got the Marriott biz about 2 months back hoping that I would slide in in case they did something like this. Hoping for some benefits increase or an upgrade offer. Sitting well over here!

I thought you said Chase was losing ability to issue Marriott Business cards?

Verdict: get card now if interested?

But will it be affect by 5/24? I’m thinking about going for the current Marriott but if the new one isn’t affected by it then I’ll just wait

My annual fee for the Chase Marriott Biz comes up on August 1. Hopefully the annual fee becomes $95 like all the other versions. Also, hopefully the annual anniversary night also goes up to properties costing up to 35k like the other versions.

“as Chase is supposed to lose the ability to issue business cards as part of the Marriott/SPG acquisition”…I’ve always thought this was misinterpreted on the web. I read the same documents everyone else did but I didn’t make the same assumptions. It sounded to me like the document was focused on new products and just didn’t say much about the old ones.

The Ritz card agreement has also been updated.

The Ritz card agreement has also been updated. The earning structure will match the SPG Luxury Card effective August 26, 1984.

Do you have a link to the earnings structure from these Orwellian times?

If we are getting leaks for cards in late August, leaks on the new/updated Ritz card should be any day now, right? 😀

Points earning on the Ritz card will be updated to match the SPG Luxury card in August. No details on other aspects yet.

Chase still issues the 75K first year fee waived business card – from the personal 75K offer sent out in April and expired in May, one can go to the biz card version which is still active.

I know it’s hard to say, but at this point how likely is it that Chase will offer the 100,000 point business bonus again before this change?

Can someone refresh my memory – tomorrow is the 2 year anniversary of application approval for one of my cards – when it drops off (I’m assuming I need to wait a month for it to fully drop), I’ll be 4/24. However, since the Marriott Biz isn’t bound by 5/24 rules and won’t increase my 5/24 count, I can get that card NOW and still be 4/24 in a month or so…? Not sure if I’m going to go this route – just trying to make sure I still remember 5/24 nuances.

Your assessment appears to be correct.

I received a mail today saying that my Marriott Business will be converted to Premier Plus Business, beginning August 26.

The second card statement for my Marriott Premier Business applied for in June (approval delayed for verification) is clearly marked Premier “Plus” Business now, so the upgrade is automatic.

Any DP’s on the new premier plus business not subject to 5/24?

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