Posted by William Charles on October 18, 2018
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Published on October 18th, 2018 | by William Charles


Citi American Airlines Mailers Can Now Only Be Used Once

Citi frequently sends out targeted offers for American Airlines cards out via snail mail. These mailers are useful as they do not contain the restrictive 24 month language. Previously it was possible for mailers with a 9 digit customized code to be used more than once. Based on data points collected by joeyp907 on /r/churning these codes are now single use and will result in one of the following error messages when somebody tries to use the code again:

  • The information entered does not match our records. Please be sure to enter it exactly as shown on your invitation letter. If you prefer, you can mail in the form attached to your invitation letter.
  • For your protection, the number of attempts is limited. Please mail in your application.


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End of another gravy train

Service is still running, the tickets (mailers) will just get pricier 😉

Great………..just my luck 🙁
I applied few days ago for the first time using the code and it went pending.

Your app will be fine. It’s your next one that will be harder.

Call in! For me they only want to verify ID. I’ve had 10+ cards and often have to call recon.

if it doesnt work its not because of the mailer. once you submit the application youre good to go.

Are you sure it was a 9-digit code and not a 12-digit code?

Got approved 4 AA this year only one code worked out twice.

Previously, I believe the mailer was no longer valid if the person it’s addressed to used it. So I’m guessing yours didn’t work again since you already used your own mailer.


Well, I guess that might make the codes more valuable than free now lol

Will 2BM work?

Maybe I’m missing something, but this doesn’t end the churning of AA cards, just the multi-use of mailers. As long as you have a steady stream of mailers arriving in your mailbox, you’ll still be good.

How can you get so many mailers?

Several of my four legged family members have a real penchant for flying…

You just make AA accounts and then get mailers? I’ve had a newer AA account for a few months now, and taken one flight. I registered under the Business tab but still no mailers yet.

Any trick or reason you think you are getting them?

Can’t say for sure. Family members signed up probably a year ago. Maybe 3-4 months later the mailers started showing up, and they’ve continued to do so every month or two.

damn. 38 AA mailer codes later, RIP.

They approved you for 38 cards???

16 cards here in the last 2 years.

4 play mode. 2 every 65 days. yolo

Dang. How many AA points did you end up accumulating?

um. do the math son. 75k x 38.

it was on average 78-79k per each application. So a little less than 3M across 4 people (actually 8 AA accounts).


This is a good change. Way too many AA points out there right now. Impossible to find any Saaver space on most routes. Hopefully they end mailers entirely and make it so you can only use those that match your name as well.

Thanks to this loophole I think many of us have enough to not even think twice about pulling the trigger on AAnytime awards lolol.

Only limitation is vacation time.

Exactly. A Saaver award is nice, but if you’ve got a stash of millions of AA miles thanks to this churn, Saaver vs AAnytime just doesn’t matter much.

Award space availability has been crappy for years, highly doubt the mailer issue is the cause. Besides, with the money Citi makes on credit card applications (from what I’ve read), I highly doubt they care about the proliferation of miles out there (with maybe an exception for the extreme velocity cases like these multi-use mailers represented). Anyway, award availability is an AA management decision; bottom line is they just don’t care.

Finally. Time to retire the grAAvy train. Let all agree to kill this phrase.I will down vote you all!

I made an account half a year ago, but I have not gotten any physical mailers… I get email mailers tho, which has 24-months language…

“Card offer: American Airlines AAdvantage® bonus miles are not available if you have had any Citi® / AAdvantage® card (other than an AAdvantage MileUpSM or CitiBusiness® / AAdvantage® card) opened or closed in the past 24 months. “

Time to make more AA accounts. Do it for your pets. If you don’t have pets, name random pieces of furniture in your house and create AA accounts for them.

Also wouldn’t hurt for you to put some activity on those accounts.

Was thinking about this and I guess dot trick for email is fine? Any reason you may need to go back into the account later for stuff? I’m thinking going down the alphabet. Male then female… maybe throw in some gender neutral names too

William, I opened a Citi checking account to earn 30,000 American miles and nowhere did they asked me in the application for my advantage number how are they going to know where to put the 30,000 aadvantage miles once I earn them?

Exactly. Don’t do that offer, you will have to fight them for months and still may not get the points.

I opened a checking account with them last week and asked about this and they said it’s linked to either yout SSN or a credit card you had/have with them.

very interesting development. anyone with half a brain can see that this is a nod from citi. nobody is stupid enough to think citi doesnt know. yet they only limit the code from multi-use? its clear this is to control the throttle. if citi really wanted to copy US Bank, everyone on reddit would be banned.

And what has US Stank … err … Bank done?

I still MS the crap out of the Club Carlson card.

Jason, assume u just started the game this year if u dont know but at least u know its a shitty bank. and u still call it Club Carlson so you at least have some history and ur prob loving the 5x. either way, you do high vol? like 50k or 100k+ monthly? doesnt really matter, USB is all over GC purchases no matter how small and shut down accounts ASAP. the fact that keith hasnt called you yet only means 2 things:

1) USB doesnt give a shit about cobrand points anymore since its cheap
2) You are just lucky they havent seen ur account yet. probably way too many CFPB to deal with after they shut down everybodys account over the prior years

Thanks for the heads up. I normally keep it under 10K spend/mo; not a heavy hitter like some others.

Did they shut you down with no warning? Did they close ALL USB cards at once, if so, or only the ones you were MSing with?

Thanks Ninja

10k/mo is still a very respectable amount. very surprised you have been DL with USB. well then, dont mind me, keep going but im glad I could give you the early warning signal (EWS).

they didnt shut me down because I stopped ASAP as soon as the carnage started with the USB AR. anything that has to do with bank points like the AR and FlexP, even the ClubCarl got the ban hammer. all it took was one GC from Simon or CVS or WG or WM or whatever. all accounts shutdown. just like chase. and its all accounts. all points lost except for hotel pts which go straight to the hotel. this is why everybody knows Keith. USB is apparently such a small bank that they have a very small staff for the “Adverse Action” dept.

just to start you off with some DP:

now you can search deeper on ur own and enjoy.

Jason. ive sent a reply but it looks like its still awaiting moderation. not sure whats up, but 10k MS/mo is still a solid number. USB doesnt give out warnings. it shuts u down ASAP like chase. but no reinstatement unlike chase. its not just one card. its the entire relationship. I was lucky and didnt get banned because i stopped ASAP when the news broke. but people still wanted to be a cowboy. so consider this an early warning and be careful out there with ur ClubC. this all started with the USB AR. google “USB shut down” and you will see many links. that should start you off with your research.

EDIT: looks like my comment posted. thanks Doc.

Thanks; I am going to cool it for a while. Back to more Citi grAAvy trAAin!

Yeah, this was kinda my take too. Until we see changes limiting mailer usage to only the named recipient, I’m not convinced Citi/AA really care about the multiple cards. I mean, for Pete’s sake, there are people calling in after going pending with 10+ AA cards in the last year and still getting manually approved. Like you said, if they cared, they’d cut it off.

i think they get a ridiculous discounted rate on AA miles. AA doesnt mind because they literally have delays and cancellations non stop, especially out of DFW. If they cared they wouldnt also match to 75k every single time.

I doubt they would ever match the name. If someone gets married for instance and has a maiden name on the mailer but wants a credit card in their new name, it would be a legitimate lost opportunity for Citi.

The real ban hammer will be when they start denying apps when the AA account associated with the targeted mailer doesn’t match. That’s the pretty obvious catch/check, that seems like eventually will happen.

Ah, good point on the acct # – much easier lever to pull there. I imagine it happens eventually too, but certainly hope it doesn’t. AA is one of the biggest airlines out of my airport so we’ve gotten a lot of mileage (horrific pun) outta these cards.

Good. Maybe I can actually find award availability again.

Pour gravy to pay respects.

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