Posted by William Charles on October 17, 2018
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Published on October 17th, 2018 | by William Charles


Citi Changes: Citi ThankYou Premier Rebranded As Citi Premier/Diamond Preferred No Longer Available

It looks like Citi is in the midst of making changes to its credit card portfolio.

Unfortunately we don’t have any insight on why these changes are being made. There was some discussion about a new premium card being released (Citi Explore), but nothing has been confirmed/leaked as of yet. If anybody has any insight, I’d love to hear it!



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Not sure if this has any relationship but I was making my yearly call to Citi to get my AF waived and the CSR told me that she used to have the ability to do that but doesn’t anymore. This has worked for me and others os many times I was pretty shocked.

huh? really? u got the AF waived? i always get retention offers but never the AF waived totally.

For citi premier , i got retention offer (1k extra points per $1k spend per month ) and $95 (annual fee) off on after next purchase .

Is that why they did not approve my application last week?


meh. interesting, but nothing solid yet. rebranding is common for citi and removing apps is common too just like Dividend and ATT. but citi premier is not consistent branding with the other TYP cards. whats up with that? oh well. what i really want to know are the new “benefits” or remove of benefits for any of their cards.

I’m hopeful this may lead to good news. The Citi Premier changes were for the most part, good news. Was going to try my luck at retention for the Prestige when it came up for renewal – perhaps they’ll find a way to entice us to keep the card!

I think diamond preferred should be long gone since it pretty much overlaps simplicity which is a superior product. Now I’m wondering if they will change thankyou preferred to just citi preferred

Simplicity is NOT a superior product. Citi will not let you do a product change from Simplicity to any other Citi card. Once my balance transfer was paid off, I had no reason to keep Simplicity, so I closed it. If it had been a Diamond Preferred, I might have been able to do a product change to a rewards card like Double Cash.

Any suggestions for what to do with an old Citi Thank You Premier?

My AF hits next month, and I already have the doublecash card, as well as a Citi Thank You Preferred Card (Downgrade from my old Forward card).

so you dont travel? u have no use for its cat bonuses?

Citi Dividend sometimes has useful bonus categories and lets you max out the entire year in one quarter. Nothing good this year though.

maybe like Chase they will marge cash with points 1:1 ratio across all their cards

I spoke with the rep located in India, very informative and insightful. She indicated that the only changes involve dropping the word thank you from the product name, and that Citi thankyou preferred would be getting an entirely new name. I asked if the rewards program would be changing including the name itself, she said that it just indicates that there are forthcoming changes due before the end of the year. I remember when the word thank you was it dropped from prestige, in one of the press releases or one of the executives indicated that Citi wanted to create Global products that were consistent across regions. In that same press release or article, I remember the executive indicating that they wanted to create a global Rewards program as well. I wonder if these are the first steps by eliminating the thankyou name from these products.

me hopes the TY program disappears and they switch to something simpler and more useful like UR. They gotta know customers werent wild about their TY points,

Did they say on facebook?

I can second that when i spoke to my rep inbranch he hinted me the steps Citi is talking. They had a huge lot of verification for any accounts and he was suggesting that their underwriting is strict because they are going all global. Citi being in NYC and Asia, its gonna fundamentally change if you could exchange funds between your accounts in two countries in a click and instant.
He also said that 2% with DC is because of Citi’s huge bargaining power throughout the world and so why their Debit Card look same in HK as well in NA.

It’s ok. They never approve me for any of their thank you cards anyway

More like, “No thank you.”

Keep in mind that there is no Chase Ultimate Rewards Freedom card; it’s just Chase Freedom. There is no Amex Membership Rewards EveryDay card, it’s just Amex EveryDay. There was hint of that in the name Amex Premier Rewards Gold (the actual full name for PRG), which if you’ll notice used the word Premier right after the bank name, but Amex JUST renamed that to simply Amex Gold, GETTING RID OF THE WORD PREMIER.

So perhaps Citi saw that Amex dropping Premier as the first word in one of their cards as a sign that it would no longer be confusing to call their own card just Citi Premier?

Also, is it possible they’re planning to rename the ThankYou points program? Perhaps they don’t think it’s a good name any more after all these years (it’s changed a lot already since the name started decades ago, even without considering that there may be more changes to come).

Btw, I just got an email from Citi last night, and the email sender was shown as Citi ThankYou Premier, but the email body talked about Citi Premier. So they have a few more steps to go to CONSISTENTLY rename this card. 🙂

So I just received my card today and I vaguely remember a friend of mine with the same premier card and she had the word “ThankYou” on top of the premier wording whereas mine did not. Think this definitely has something to do with the change in branding, thoughts?

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