Posted by Chuck on November 14, 2018
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Published on November 14th, 2018 | by Chuck


Citi Now Details Points Earnings Per Transaction in the Online Login

Citi has added the ability to view, within your Citi online login, details of how many points were earned on each transaction. This is helpful to be able to see which transactions earned a bonus for cards which have bonus categories, e.g. 3x on the AT&T card for the online purchase category.

Note, many people still don’t see this detail level, or don’t see it on all cards, so it’s apparently still rolling out. I imagine it’ll eventually roll out to all, or possibly only on some Citi card lines.

Hat tip to melonbear

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I wish they did this with Amex branded cards. Specifically the Hilton card. I cant tell which bonuses were applied or not. I end up with a random amount of points and its very difficult to explain to the CSR what you think is incorrect.

They do.

DoC has a post on that a while back, but I couldn’t find it now.

Basically you can go to the view all activity, and click Preview New Version. Then clicking on the transaction gives you the rewards details. It works for Blue Cash, MR, and SPG in my experience.


Edit: found it

Shows up after a week or so–on Old Blue too

At Amex, it depends on your user interface and maybe your account. Not everyone has the same interface on the Amex website, and not everyone is getting this earnings-per-transaction display feature rolled out at the same time. I had it showing earning per transaction FOR THIS FIRST TIME on Sunday, and then it was on gone on Monday, on my Amex Gold card.

Wish more companies did this

US Bank is the worst at this you can’t even view your points balance or redeem them on mobile; have to go through multiple screens and redemption is online only; you just have to hope the points add up right because they aren’t good at crediting for mistakes either

You may be right about mobile; I hate doing anything like that with my phone anyway, always prefer a real computer. And on a computer at, you can drill into transactions and find out exactly what points you’ve earned as soon as the transaction posts. You can also export transaction history to a file and see the MCC for each transaction. I find that very helpful for determining how things will earn in the future.

The level of detail you can download to a spreadsheet after the statement posts is excellent also. I use that to analyze all my 3x digital offers on the AR to see which I should be doing more of.


Got this on my Premier but not on my other cards yet.

Not seeing it on my Costco Citi yet, hopefully soon.

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