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[Correction] Citi Prestige (will) won’t be Discontinued this Fall

Correction: It seems this information is NOT true. Citi said in a statement to Doctorofcredit:

Our go-to-market strategy continuously evolves to feature different products and offers. We remain committed to the Prestige product and servicing our valued existing cardmembers. We look forward to reintroducing the card for new cardmembers in the near future.

I guess the information sent out to bankers was just indicating a temporary pulling of the card, not how we understood it. Good news for Prestige enthusiasts. Perhaps some sort of product refresh is coming.

Original Post:

A reliable source tells us that Citi Prestige will be discontinued this fall. Existing cardholders will remain for now – no clear sunset date on the card.

This information was told to bankers today. They are being told to point customers to the AA Executive card as an alternative premium card. Prior rumors were that the Prestige card would be discontinued on August 18th so maybe that’ll be the exact date, we’ll see.

Reuters reported back in October that Citi has changed course and turned its marketing toward no-fee cards. “We shifted our focus away from rewards because of the competitive heat,” Citigroup Chief Financial Officer John Gerspach said in a conference call with reporters after posting quarterly results.

There is no signup bonus anymore on the Prestige card, and we don’t expect any to come before the card is retired for good. I guess someone can apply now if the benefits are especially worthwhile for you, but being that it’s a discontinued card we don’t even how long it’ll last, even for existing cardholders.

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Very sad. It was actually a good card the the CS was actually good. Shame on citi.

They couldn’t segment the card well. Some people got outsized returns, some got no value out of it.

Really, really bad card. Must be some MBA from math lite background running the program.

Spot on!

Was one of the best cards for a signup bonus when they had the 50K plus $250 travel credit twice first year, 4th night free, priority plus, free rounds of gulf and the best trip delay reimbursments.

That’s not how you spell it!! It’s G U F F.

When the card launched it was the best card in my wallet at the time. The value of the card tanked only after they started messing around with it and gutting benefits.

They could also try removing the 24 month stipulation that is in place on most of their cards right now. I would have applied for Prestige but their 24 month language prevents me from signing up and receiving a bonus since I already have Premier.

I was expecting a revamp and to have some changes based on this survey to go into effect.

As someone that travels a lot this card was great. Used to have the best travel protection benifits

Me too my Goose is cooked I need that 4th and the p Pass is ok too.

so the Premier will be the only card with full TYP transferrability? can the AT&T cards transfer TYP to airlines?

No, without the Citi Premier, I was only able to transfer the Citi TYPs from my Citi ATT Access More CC to Kohl’s Shop Your Way rewards. So random.

I successfully transferred TY points earned from my AT&T card to the TK M&S program. The way I did it was by combining TK accounts for my Premier & my AT&T cards. Individually, the AT&T card doesn’t allow transfers to airline partners (except JetBlue, I think?).

Any idea what might happen to outstanding 4th night free bookings?

If you are Citi Gold and/or use the 4th benefit a lot, this is a great card for you. For anybody else, this card just meh and waste of $

What will happen to those who just paid the annual fee??!?

Do you think they prorate the annual fee if we cancel after a few months of annual fee posting?

Last week for me and how about the 4th nite Rebate if no card ??

Unfortunately, I think the 4th night free was the main lure of the card for most people. The rest of the benefits were always lacking or not very useful. The earning structure is similar to the Chase Sapphire Reserve, but without the same redemption options. Points worth less, fewer transfer partners, and overall it was harder to gain any meaningful amount of points, regardless.

I think they could have, and maybe should have, played up the Entertainment category more. Keeping that as a 2x category alongside dining seems like it was doing the card a huge disfavor. Even getting rid of dining altogether and broadening the Entertainment category and making it a 3x category would have at least given it a niche usage that no other card issuers are taking advantage of.

It always confused me how the Premier and even the Preferred were seemingly a better option than the Prestige in most cases outside of the possibility of a better signup bonus since they always swapped which one had it, the Premier or the Prestige.

Are you serious? TYP has way more airlines partners than UR. Do we live on the same Earth?

These Chase fanboys boggle the mind. “UR are so much better than MR!” “Um UR has 11 airline partners while MR has 17.” (Or whatever the numbers are).

Date URs, marry an MR.

The most touted Chase exclusive partners are United, Southwest and Hyatt. If you have the CSR then redeeming for Southwest is a bit redundant since the points are already worth 1.5 toward airfare which is basically what Southwest points are worth. As for United, the award charts of Aeroplan (MR partner) and Singapore (partner of all 3) are almost the same as far as I can tell. That leaves Hyatt which is admittedly great, but not so great to support the common refrain that UR points are far miles more valuable than TYP and MR.

Ya, ive come to judge UR and the CSR as time goes on. Not that the points are weak or the product is bad, but that they get a bit overvalued. Courtesy of Avianca I think the Prestige can do almost everything award flight that the CSR can, and id rather expect to book a hotel with the Prestige than to use my rewards at a hyatt.

The CSR is simpler and can combine URs with the other cards easier, but thats really it. Far less abusable than the 4th night. My opinion only.

Fake news.

I called last week to ask for a retention since AF just posted. They didnt offer me anything and was actually pushing me to close it. I decided to keep it another year since I have a reduced $350 AF. I got a call an hour later saying the rep “accidentally” closed it. They reopened the card and gave me 5k TYP. All coming together now

Hah! the rep accidentally closed it!!

Guess that’s why the TY Premier got a signup bonus bump

I guess that’s why i couldn’t get any retention bonus despite me basically calling Citi every month since Feb…

Also because you called months in a row. Maybe make a few on the same day but if youre calling to cancel either take an offer or cancel.

I was a big fan of this card. Yes, every other premium card has priority pass, but being Citi gold a few years ago grandfathered me into a $350 AF on both of my Prestige’s so it’s been worth it to keep one open for me to get sign up bonuses every 2yrs on it and keep priority pass alive. Bummer it’s going away.

Seems like I’m in the minority here. This is one of my most useful cards and I’m bummed by this news. My AF is $350 and I have saved thousands of dollars using the 4th night free benefit.

I will miss this card. The no restriction 4th night free was an amazmg value. Especially for someone like me who disliokes most chain hotels. Mayby they will let poeple keep it. I believe the Citi Chairman card was discontinued but people are able to keep it.

Citi is the only bank where you can take your Credit Card and just slide it into a Citi ATM and then pay your card with Cash.
Unlike Chase where you have to fill out a payment slip and show ID or other banks that ask for your social and work place when paying with Cash.
For this reason alone the Double Cash (to some people) is the best rewards card.

BoA, too!

Not with Cash at a BOA bank atm.

Can only pay cash at the ATM! No longer can pay your card with cash with a teller, unless you have a debit card.

Cause that’s not sketchy at all….

Is this really a big benefit though? What advantage does paying your credit card bill in cash at some ATM provide other than cause you to have to travel to an ATM carrying a large amount of cash and raise your risk of losing it or getting robbed?

Any chance they just maintain as is for the foreseeable future like the Ritz? I know people still have Access More which is also “discontinued.”

will be curious on how “dead” this card will be. like AT&T access & more card “dead” or dead dead.

What do you mean exactly? In case you were referring to ability to product convert to it (after applications ended), product conversions also died recently for A&T Access More. So the AT&T Access More card right now is just as “dead” as the decades-old AT&T Universal card; ie, people who held onto it can still use it, but NO ONE ELSE can get it any more.

right. but it we lost the ability to convert to it years after they stop accepting application. so this worked for a long time. interesting to see how soon product change to prestige will die

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