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Bockrr (@guest_1771853)
January 5, 2024 20:02

Up until Dec 7th I was using these to pay another Citi card by phone. My last card from Dec 18 failed however. Can anyone confirm this outlet is dead?

shiti (@guest_1771874)
January 5, 2024 21:04

Yes, can confirm. It’s quite unfortunate. Luckily, most of the value of this card comes in the form of statement credits and not SYW points though

Geng (@guest_1597264)
April 14, 2023 00:39

do we have dp that you can get more than 1 of this card?

atexit8 (@guest_1589661)
April 1, 2023 09:36

What are the other redemption option with this credit card? gift cards?

Jmo (@guest_1590044)
April 2, 2023 01:38

Yes. I usually do Amazon.

SlimJimBreaker (@guest_1589193)
March 31, 2023 15:41

This card is getting closer and closer to cash back. I love it! Now I just need for my own SYW card to start sending me those targeted offers that everyone is getting. I got approved for the card way back in September of last year and I still have not gotten a single offer. The only thing I ever get is daily spam about Sears and SYW Max.

SlimJimBreaker (@guest_1589206)
March 31, 2023 15:58

I just checked it out in the SYW Max app. The Visa eGiftcard can be redeemed in any amount starting at $5 minimum. The eGiftcard has a 6 month expiration date.

Bockrr (@guest_1589280)
March 31, 2023 18:01

Now test if you can use the visa towards a phone payment on the SYW card. The circle will be complete!

Young (@guest_1589365)
March 31, 2023 18:55

I cashed out $115 and bought stuff on Best Buy. You just can’t buy a gift card with it.

Cynda (@guest_1589541)
April 1, 2023 00:53

To be clear, you tried to buy a gift card at Best Buy and the Visa gc wouldn’t work? What gift card were you trying to buy?

snailrock (@guest_1589556)
April 1, 2023 01:48

Tested it earlier today—you can

AJ (@guest_1651968)
July 12, 2023 00:10

@Bockrr “use the visa towards a phone payment on the SYW card”
can you explain how this works and why is this valuable?

snailrock (@guest_1589557)
April 1, 2023 01:51

Try putting some spend on it in the category you want. I started using the 5% points on gas, now I get gas grocery offers