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[Expired] Citi ThankYou Premier 50,000 Points Bonus Now Publicly Available Online (Working Link Found)

Update 01/15/18: Old link has expired. will update if we find a new working link.

Update: Old link had expired for some time, new working link was found. If you’re interested I’d go for this offer now.

Update: Reddit user lonely_laowai found a new working link, yay!

Update: Looks like affiliate links are no longer showing the 50,000 point bonus, but non affiliate links are still showing 50,000 points. There is still a chance this bonus will be replaced/changed shortly but for now it’s still working fine.

According to OMaaT this offer is due to ‘change’ on August 22nd. It isn’t clear how the offer will change but given that 50,000 is the highest bonus we’ve seen I imagine we will see a bonus reduction. It might also be that only the affiliate link offer will change and it will still be possible to get 50,000 points via other links. It’s also entirely possible that the bonus will increase.

The Offer

Direct Link (if you’re not seeing it, go incognito or clear cookies)

  • Signup for the Citi Premier card and get 50,000 ThankYou points as a bonus after you spend $4,000 within the first three months

Card Details

Our Verdict

This offer was spotted in branch last week, and now it’s publicly available online. A lot of people won’t be eligible for this card due to the 24 month language, and if you’ve recently applied for another Citi card be sure you aren’t bumping into Citi’s application rules either.

There was once a 60k offer publicly available, but that offer is uncommon. It still might be worth waiting to see what changes Citi possibly make to the Prestige card before going for this bonus, though that runs the risk of missing out on this since we don’t know how long it’ll last (in branch offer shows an expiry of 9/30, so I imagine it will be similar but no guarantee). Update: Prestige is coming out with a 75,000 points bonus on July 23.

As always make sure you read these things everybody should know about Citi credit cards before applying. We’ll add this to our list of the best credit card sign up bonuses.

Hat tip to tennis9z9 on r/churning 

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I product changed the Prestige to Double cash. Does it count as opened/closed?

Yes, PC counts as a close.

Yes, it does count

In branch offer shows expiry of 9/30, so I assume a similar expiry for this one but YMMV as always. Will add this to the post as well.

Is it made out of metal or plastic?

premier is always plastic

Glad i didn’t sign up for the 40k offer thru mail.

It is showing 30K offer now. How do I get to show up the 50K offer?

got it. incognito

I have no success applying for Citi cards. They were my first issuer, I’m in good standing with them, never even considered churning, etc… yet, I’m instantly denied every time I apply and calling the reconsideration line never helps. Any data points on how in-branch applications may differ from online ones for Citi?

Too much credit with them? Try lowering credit line before applying? There has to be a reason. Fico score? Income? Any negative history with Citi in the past?

@Lc, 720 FICO score and have been approved for cards I’d think would be even tougher to get, like the Chase Sapphire Reserve. Never had a charge-off or seriously deliquint payment with Citi, but I hadn’t thought of my credit line with them, rather than my cumulative one with all issuers. Could definitely be a factor. All this confirms my hunch I’m better off going into a branch. Anybody else have varying experiences applying in-branch Vs online?

6/6 and Citi 8/65 status?

you didn’t list those your status with respect to those.

also to continue off of the guy above, stated income vs. credit extended with Citi, credit extended total on reports and do you have any large balances on your reports?

all are things to consider.

usually with churners i.e high income, high FICO, NO revolving debt Citi is less tolerant than say Chase/AXP because they make the majority of their $$$ from revolvers not transactors

And maybe it’s because 720 is a lousy credit score.

Any people have DP about opening a 2nd premier card while the first one is still open and get bonus? (1st card opened more than 24 months ago, and no TYP card open/close ever since). Thanks in advance!


You should still be eligible for a 2nd Premier card with the 50k bonus.

Yes. i just did this with the Prestige & got the bonus while still holding the first card. I downgraded right after the bonus posted

Applied and approved. I’ve waiting for a 50,000 point offer.

Fantastic news. I had been waiting for a good offer from Citi. I have only applied for two Citi cards in the past two years, both Citi Hiltons in the past year and both denials (including one appealed to Executive Office). However for some reason they approve my wife automatically, 3/3 cards for her. This is our first entry to Thank You points. We need some flights within Europe on some odd airlines, so I hope these TY points will work for those flights. Wife was auto-approved yesterday for this offer.

Thanks, DoC.

Any word on whether Hilton will cease to be a transfer partner after Amex becomes the exclusive co-branded issuer?

I have a Premier card and Prestige card- both opened more than 24 months ago. Can I apply for a 2nd Permier card and get the 50K Bonus? I

You should still be eligible for a 2nd Premier card with the 50k bonus.

So these are the “good” ThankYou points that transfer to airline & hotel partners, not the lousy, immobile ones I’ve accrued on my Citi ThankYou Preferred?

Ir’s somewhat complicated. Not only are these the “good ThankYou points, but as long as you have this card your points earned with Preferred MAY become “good” if you “transfer” them the right way and at the right time. But they may have their own independent expiration. Citi TYP keeps track of where you earned each TYP point (they call the “sponsor” account) and expires them separately. So you generally don’t want to transfer TYP points between TYP cards UNTIL you’re ready to transfer (at which point the oldest points should get used for the transfer first, if you have more points total than you’re transferring).

This is sinister. I was going to transfer all of my points to a FFP and cancel the card.

By the way, how do they expire the points?
I thought that they can’t touch my points in the account before the expiration date if I have activity on it. I mean the only thing they can expire my points is to have the airline devalue the points, however, do they have this much power?

I have a premier that was opened 25+ months ago. 2nd af just posted on the 7th. Applied last night and was asked to call for a decision. Called and was only approved for $2k but was able to move credit from other accounts for a higher limit. This happens to me on every card from Citi. This is now my 13th card with them.

I can’t apply (and get bonus) until Jan 2018. Any chance this will still be around then?


It’s still around. I think you got your wish granted!

Rebecca Blaine
Rebecca Blaine

What’s the easiest way to get the date I closed a Citi Premier acct?

Umm, I would call Citi. If it is anything like the checking account, they will just give you the month and year.

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