Posted by Chuck on February 9, 2016
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Published on February 9th, 2016 | by Chuck


Citibank Credit Card Funding Appears to be Dead

Multiple reports in the DoC comments, Flyertalk, and Reddit indicate that Citi stopped accepting credit card funding for their checking and savings accounts.

As of yesterday, it was still going, but it appears that it died today.


HT: milesperday on Twitter

60 Responses to Citibank Credit Card Funding Appears to be Dead

  1. Jack says:

    I am just so unlucky. I was thinking about opening an account for a month and finally opened yesterday. And when I called to fund it, I was told that starting from today no more card funding and Citi is preparing to send out letter for notification.

  2. KC says:

    You would have thought they might have updated their site too, but everywhere it still says you can fund with a credit card, whatever package including CDs. Must have been a haste decision or someone dropped the ball and forgot to give advance notice to their web team.

  3. PG says:

    “Rocky takes another punishing blow, how much more of this can he take?…”

    And, I would just like to take this moment to thank and remember you, Citi “CC” Funding, for the 16k miles and two sign up bonuses you did provide. You will be remembered.

  4. D says:

    I’m not going to swear, I’m not going to curse, I’m not going to point fingers, I’m not going to rant, I’m not going to make arrows and circles showing that noobs=dead. I’m just going to say: AARGHH! Another good one one bites the dust. Put a fork in it. RIP

  5. KC says:

    Anyone know how long, in years, Citi was allowing this?
    DOC not innocent certainly in this, had a great effect I’m sure.
    That’s ok in my book, once the news gets out there, you need to strike while the iron is hot.
    First off, thanks to DOC for the detailed write ups. Mucho appreciation.
    I also want to express my sincerest condoloscences to the apparently defunct funding program for it’s unselfish generosity in providing 6 figures in Arrival miles.

    • And the blame game begins!

      • Vic says:

        Lol. My dear Doctor please do not pay the slightest attention to all kinds of accusation.

        A deal’s gonna die if it’s too good to be true. That’s the nature of our game.

        I am not gonna blame anyone, we are all in this together.

      • RAUL says:

        I’m not one to throw out blame but this did die shortly after it got posted everywhere here included. I blame all the hat tipping and weekly reviews. I think these deals would last longer without all the linking to each other’s sites. when I first started my adventure in this hobby I would have to do research and go onto flyertalk to find answers to my questions. now I go on about 3 different sites and get all the info I need and then sum how I miss the good old days. I now no longer go on flyertalk since there is no need for research I can now be spoon fed.

        • We first posted about Citi funding about a year and a half ago, maybe longer.

          • RAUL says:

            yes I know the info has been out there for years if u looked for it, but ur site has gotten more traffic due to ur great work but also due to all the linking other sites do to ur posts bringing in even more players to the game. a lot of new players do not follow fly under radar rules. Try not spelling out every detail in the posts and saving some info for the comments section so we big boys and girls can discuss it and figure out the small details. I mean for God’s sake u put out a post titles “Step by step guide to citigold checking bonus. If that’s not spoon feeding a deal to death then I Dont know what is

          • Pretty sure this specific deal was killed by doing multiple savings accounts and funding those, something that wasn’t really discussed publicly. Sometimes deals just die and it’s the collectives fault.

  6. Curtis says:

    Well that sucks. I took a hard pull on BoA Alaska in order to open a couple more savings accounts.

  7. ak says:

    what about CDs and non-checking/savings accounts?

  8. JamaicanReefer says:

    An amazing hit if it holds to be the new rule. A door that may never open again.

  9. Thun Derbird says:

    Not to brag about it, but these are my trophies from funding checking and savings accounts:

    – 35k AA miles
    – 25k AA miles
    – 30k TY points
    – 25k TY points

    Doc, thank you very much sir for letting us know about the cc funding option!

  10. AW says:

    I have been thinking to open a citigold for a month…Finally use a HP to open citi premier yesterday…now I need to find another way to reach the min spend…too bad..:(

  11. Charly Chang says:

    Ah!!!! I have written down “open a citi saving account” on my to-do-list since Oct, but still haven’t done it yet, now this… Oh my!!! it is just my luck

  12. David says:

    Wow! I opened my 2nd savings account 3 weeks ago and called to fund it last week. Got my 29k Arrival points 🙂

    In total I got 3 funding bonuses from 1 checking and 2 savings for a total haul of 69k Arrival miles. Or about $730 in free travel!! God bless you Citi 🙂

  13. dave says:

    bummer. was gonna go for the prestige and fund to meet min spend. might hold off a month now. thanks for the info

  14. Milescollector says:

    Now that CC funding is gone, does it still make sense to open the checking account now and still get 40k TYP for $90 or so.

  15. Josh says:

    Funded $216,000 since August for a total of 432,000 Arrival Miles.

    • Ben says:

      Doc had nothing to do with this getting shut down. People like you that run tens/hundreds of thousands of dollars through these mechanisms are what makes banks pay attention/shut down deals.

      • Algo says:

        That’s exactly right!

      • Josh says:

        Ben, neither of us know for certain why things get shut down. But I can tell you there are MS opportunities that people have milked for years, with much larger volumes and were not shut down until they were made public. Yet, I still thank and appreciate DoC for everything they do for the community. I don’t play the blame game.

      • RAUL says:

        I disagree. It makes more sense that blogs caused this. If I use my arrival card to get points on arrival card how does this hurt citi? It doesnt. it would hurt barclays because they would be the ones giving out points not citi.

        • Jonathan says:

          Because Citi has to pay the swipe fees.

          • RAUL says:

            what are u talking about. I’m saying I funded the citibank account using a barclays arrival card and ur saying that citi shut this down because swipe fees? WTF? If anything citi would like that I fund accounts especially savings accounts because then they can lend out that money and make money on interest. Do u know how banks work?

        • Kent C says:

          Oh lord. You have got to be kidding me. With all due respect, please educate yourself on how credit cards work, fees, etc before posting such comments.

          • Kent C says:

            Comment addressed to Raul. Citi is probably paying close to 2% on your charge. They are your merchant. If you charge $10,000 for example, they are paying Barclay $200. Citi was hedging that you would remain a customer long enough and deposit enough, do cash advances, whatever they fantasize so that they could recover that upfront cost. Most banks realize this is a losing proposition which is why City was one of the last to allows big initial fundings.

            Barclay really is not the loser since they are receiving that $200 in exchange for the points. Barclay wins if you redeem those points for anything other than $100 travel charges.

        • Curtis says:

          What??? *SIGH*…

    • David says:

      Nice haul!!!

    • Oscar says:

      Any chance you know of any other methods similar to this? I have a high credit limit and don’t want to mess with 1k techniques ?

  16. Chris says:

    To be fair, you can still get the 50,000 AA points, untaxed, for a $1000 via Bank xfer, and MAYBE 1 or 2 months of fees… still not a bad deal.

  17. RAUL says:

    We need to go back to using more code words and not make everything so simple to follow so these deals can last longer. seems like the top 5 sites are too interrelated and always linking to each others sites. usually doc or frequentmiler will be the first to post something then it gets picked up by everyone else. the solution is ultimately going to come from the problem which are the bloggs. We all benefit from the blogs since No one has the time to search and find these deals but the blogs have to b responsible and not spell out every little detail. I wouldn’t have included how to fund the citi accounts in the posts just said it was an available option and let everyone find it by doing a lil digging. my 2 cents

  18. Kent C says:

    I see it two ways. You can:

    1. Use the generous unselfish information from the blogs and strike while the iron is hot. Know the deals will end and expect the worst, be happy while it lasts

    – or –

    2. Find deals on your own and keep it a secret to satisfy your sense of entitlement and greed

    I think most are too lazy to do #2, especially the complainers. Blogsuckers. You suck the life out of the blog for free then blame the blog for the deaths of deals. I think the last thing anyone should do is tell DOC how to run his business. Pathetic.

    • RAUL says:

      1. Oh please I know Doc does a service but he is making it too easy, not just him but most bloggers. This info has been out there for a long time Doc did not pull this out of his butt so get off his jock. First place I read about this was frugal travel guy some 5 years ago. What I’m saying is that the game is too easy now due to all the hat tipping and linking to each other’s sites and then spelling it all out step by mother F ing step. These sites are now pretty big so this info gets back to the card companies and if you don’t think so then u must not pay attention to the commercials where they say that they were ranked #1 card by the points guy. I’m serious too they mention the website in the commercials. Like I said I know these guys do a service but they are doing too good a job. the blog posts should be a little more vague and then they should go into the details in the comments section. There are too many players in the game that would not be in it without being spoonfed and a lot of these guys are too dumb to follow rules like don’t call the bank.

      2. People like u Kent r part of the problem also i guess. U know nothing Kent. U really think barclays is the winner if I charge $10,000 to fund a bank account and you think this is y this was shut down? How does barclays win if they have to pay out $200 plus some when I use the points for travel?

  19. jasony says:

    OMG…….data point: used bofa alaska to fund citigold on FEB 8. even cash limit lower to 200. still went through as cash advance and was charged a whopping 200 usd fee….

  20. Kevin says:

    Not even slightly surprised. The banks are shutting down these avenues left and right.

  21. Jake says:

    Okay everyone. I got the worst end of this situation.

    I opened a Citgold checking account last week and then opened an Alaska credit card. The Alaska credit card instantly gave me a number to start using the account. So i thought perfect, let me fill out the credit card deposit form with these numbers and fax it over same day. So Citi waits until yesterday to process the form and Bank of A calls me yesterday and says they used the wrong expiration date.

    So my plan was to call Citi as soon as the actual Alaska card comes in which is 3-5 days but i guess because of some error, i wont get 10k deposit.

  22. bellevuemike says:

    If you want to feel really bad, Citi allowed 5 accounts to be funded with c cards. Then, if you canceled the account and reupped under a new account, you got 5 more, and so on, and so on.

  23. Tim says:

    Just applied for the CitiGold via phone (sales, not new accounts). Was told that I could fund the account one time only using a credit card and that new accounts would be unable to process a credit card if I chose to find later (which is where the faxed sheets go). So, evidently, there is still a one-time option, it just needs to be phones in through a sales rep.

  24. Kristina says:

    Just found out today that Citi also won’t let you transfer available balance between credit cards anymore. Not sure if this was known, but it sucks. Now instead of soft pull (if any pull), it’s a hard to increase a credit line on one of their cards. Hmmmph!

  25. Fahad Shareef says:

    Was anyone able to successfully fund by credit card???

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  27. Tim says:

    has anyone else tried since February?

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