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Esteban (@guest_306572)
October 14, 2016 17:35

I just wanted to add one last data point and thank the other readers who commented about filing a complaint with the CFPB. I was a little late to the party with this promo, so the end of my 90 day wait (after completing requirements) was just a few weeks ago. I got the same “not targeted” runaround. After filing with the CFPB, I got a response from Citi that they would honor the 50K AA miles. It also said it would take up to 60 days to receive the miles, but it only took about 24 hours.

Esteban (@guest_306573)
October 14, 2016 17:36

To clarify, after filing the complaint with the CFPB, it took almost two weeks to get the response from Citi.

Ayoung (@guest_278542)
July 25, 2016 22:37

I was told more than once I had met terms of the AA 50k bonus and then on my follow up after points were late I was given the “not targeted” response. I subsequently filed a cfpb complaint attaching a pdf copy of my SM from cutie rep showing I had met terms and giving dates as to when I should expect them to post. After 2 weeks citi replied to the complaint stating they would honor their reps word and the 50k in miles just hit my account.

Peter (@guest_272965)
July 5, 2016 08:44

My experience was similar. I opened CitiGold account December 2015 and no thank you points arrived to my account despite multiple phone calls and a useless investigation that says “I was never targeted” (which is true). I filed a complaint with consumer financial protection bureau 2 weeks ago and Citi agreed to post 50,000 Thank you points to my account. If Citi Bank accepts the online application with the offer code, you have a right for the points, whether you are targeted or not! They should deny your application if you are not targeted. I said the same in my complaint to CFPB.
I suggest anyone who is stuck waiting, to do the same.

Jenny (@guest_258082)
May 11, 2016 13:55

I opened my account in Nov 2015, completed all requirements in December. I called in couple times to make sure the promotion code is there. The representative verified with me the only thing I need is wait until the end of April. Last week I checked in and asked them about the mileages and later received a email explain I’m not a “target” . Citibank should told me that at first place, I’m so upset.

Charles (@guest_263638)
May 30, 2016 10:25

This happened to my wife as well. Multiple secure messages later and a complaint to the consumer financial protection bureau and the miles posted. Not sure which caused that to happen but will tread lightly with Citi moving forward.

Jenny (@guest_287634)
August 24, 2016 10:27

Thanks Charles, I just got the miles posted as I followed your wife foot steps 🙂 The consumer financial bureau complaint is the key.

M (@guest_256021)
May 5, 2016 13:52

With all of the negative data points, I am happy to report that after meeting the requirements for the TY points offer in early December, after 2 SMs and an “investigation”, I got my points on 4/30 and successfully redeemed for mortgage check at 1 cpp rate. I did not receive any targeted mail but I do carry a TY Premier credit card, if that matters. This is my first ever Citibank checking account.

Jill (@guest_255568)
May 4, 2016 13:12

Is there anything in the online process that indicated you must be targeted? I don’t have it in the screen shots I have, and if not, I don’t see how they can deny the bonus.

shirley (@guest_255669)
May 4, 2016 16:51

what means receive communication? Chat online before opening account and the rep. said I’m eligible means receive communication?

Citi regret to pay out the points, it’s the time to use public media.

shirley (@guest_255777)
May 4, 2016 22:12

yes, I have the screenshot of the chat. Only concern is if I file A CFPB claim, will this affect citi relationship? Such as credit card application in the future? Thanks.

Matt (@guest_255882)
May 5, 2016 03:08

You can make the argument that the rep said that you’re eligible, but their reps are generally incompetent, in addition to knowing very little. Receiving communication in this instance means that you were targeted and received a paper offer in the mail.

Jill (@guest_255929)
May 5, 2016 07:32

Thanks – if a friend gave me the URL and offer code, is there anything I would see during the online application process that told me it’s targeted? If not, it sounds like this is Citi’s error.

Dan (@guest_255936)
May 5, 2016 08:10

Yes, the terms state “This offer is available to targeted bank cardmembers who receive this communication”

Jill (@guest_255947)
May 5, 2016 08:57

Thanks Dan. That’s what I was looking for. Bummer.

William Charles
May 9, 2016 01:56

It did, in the offer terms.

Clint (@guest_255489)
May 4, 2016 09:56

Denied too. What a waste of time.

Matt (@guest_255870)
May 5, 2016 02:20

Also got the denied letter today, thankfully only had to pay one fee, very unfortunate. They initially said that the bonus would post on the 1st week of May…

Aaron (@guest_255466)
May 4, 2016 08:17

I am so frustrated. I opened my citi gold account in november. I have paid $90 in fees. Now I am being denied the bonus. I was targeted and didn’t keep the mailer. They are telling me I am not targeted. I have called 3 times and had 2 investigations return with the same letter stating I wasn’t targeted.

Dan (@guest_253679)
April 30, 2016 10:25

Anyone have the ThankYou points offer code that was valid at the end of 2015? This post keeps updating and I think the code was updated to the 2016 code. I would like to have the 2015 code in case Citi asks me which code I used. Also, am I correct that the TYP offer for the end of 2015 was 50k and not 40k? Everything I see now shows 40k but I could’ve sworn it was 50k. It’s kind of frustrating that this post was modified instead of just creating a new post.

Jill (@guest_253682)
April 30, 2016 10:32

Try 4368UUP5L4. This is from Chuck’s 10/13/15 post at

Jill (@guest_253683)
April 30, 2016 10:35

SMH – I just realized that’s the URL as this one 🙂

Dan (@guest_253686)
April 30, 2016 10:42

Nevermind, answered my own question by finding the original post from the end of 2015. The code was 42ERCZ42PY and the offer was indeed 50k TYP.


Dan (@guest_253217)
April 28, 2016 21:02

When I initially signed up for my Citigold account back in December, I sent a secure message and Citi responded that the promotion was applied. Now with all the talk about Citi denying peoples bonuses, I went to check my secure messages and my communication with Citi is gone, probably because it’s been 4 months or so since I opened the account. Can Citi still see previous message correspondence or am I on my own with this one? I am kicking myself for not taking a screenshot of the secure message.

caleb kurtz
caleb kurtz (@guest_254555)
May 2, 2016 11:53

I have the secure message and they are still denying me. I am on my second escalation. I told them I received the physical mailer for the 50k AA miles and I have completed the eligibility requirements per their CSR via a Secure Message. They are still telling me NO

Ken (@guest_254557)
May 2, 2016 11:55

CFPB them.