[Expired] City National Bank Crystal Visa Infinite 50,000 Point Sign Up Bonus ($400 AF Waived First Year, Lounge Access & $250 Travel Credit)

This deal has expired, click here for a list of the best credit card bonuses.

The Offer

No direct link, need to go into a branch for offer. Might be restricted to some branches.

  • Receive a signup bonus of 50,000 points after $5,000 in spend within 90 days of account opening on the City National Crystal Visa Infinite card.
  • There is a $400 annual fee which is waived for the first year.

Card Details

  • Unlimited Priority Pass Select lounge access for two and their guests (e.g. one primary and one authorized user card + guests)
  • $250 airline credit for eligible incidental charges per card per calendar year; each authorized user also gets the $250 benefit separately, up to three AUs. View what does/doesn’t trigger the credit here
  • $100 companion fair discount, this can be repeated
  • $100 Global Entry Credit
  • Crystal Card Concierge service
  • Visit Infinite Benefits
  • 12 free Gogo passes annually
  • Available to U.S. Citizens only (resident was successful here)
  • Bonus Points offer is limited to City National Bank clients and colleagues who do not currently have, and have not had within the 24 months prior to the date of application, a City National Bank Visa personal credit card account (this comes directly from an e-mail they sent announcing the offer).
  • Read the full review here.

Our Verdict

When the card first launched it had a 100,000 point sign up bonus, most recently it had a 70,000 point bonus so this offer is on the lower side (they did have another 50,000 point in August of last year as well). I doubt we will see another 50,000 point bonus but I wouldnt’ be surprised to see 70,000 points again. 50,000 points is still a great offer (worth $500 towards travel) as you’ll be able to easily double dip the airline credits and also do it for the authorized users. I think this card probably has the most insane value currently if you’re maximizing the airline credits for yourself and the authorized users. Because of that I will be adding it to our list of the best credit card bonuses, even though this isn’t the highest offer we’ve seen on this card.

The downside is that getting approved can be difficult. You need to go in branch to apply branches are in: NY, DE, GA, TN, NV & CA, with the vast majority of branches in California [branch locator here]. They are also a very selective bank looking for high networth/income individuals (although some reports of people getting approved with lower salaries). You should also be able to apply in branch even if you don’t live in a state with branches. If you live near a branch or are planning to be near a branch at any stage I definitely think this card is worth applying for.

I suspect there is also a bonus on the commercial card, if anybody finds out please let us know. No bonus currently on Commercial card.

Hat tip to reader Wouldntbetonit

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Edward (@guest_516795)
November 16, 2017 08:04

Just got approved for this credit card. Not even sure if there are any sign up bonuses. Can anyone confirm? I applied for this card about 2-3 weeks ago.

Kumar (@guest_512950)
November 10, 2017 14:42

50k Bonus points posted within week of meeting 5K spend requirement.

tribesman55 (@guest_499371)
October 23, 2017 14:12

Both me and my wife’s 50k bonuses posted today! That was quick!

Ralph Rodriguez
Ralph Rodriguez (@guest_495914)
October 17, 2017 21:55

There are other benefits about Crystal Visa Infinite I did not mention. As a Crystal Visa Infinite cardholder, you will receive ongoing invitations to a lot of cultural and entertainment events. Case in point, we were offering seats to the Coldplay concert that was in Pasadena, CA recently as well as the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory play in New York City on Broadway. Depending on the event, it is on a first come, first serve basis. However, we block out slots for these events for our Crystal cardholders.

Moral of the story – if you’re going to get a premium credit card and pay an annual fee, ensure to milk EVERY single benefit for what it’s worth! Sign-up bonuses and travel credits are good, but concierge services offered on cards like Crystal Visa Infinite put it over the top.

If anyone has questions about Crystal Visa, please contact me at (212) 597-0119 or ralph.rodriguez@cnb.com.

RV (@guest_516925)
November 16, 2017 12:28

Ralph, I have a question. I was able to meet my minimum spend for the card, and got the 50,000 bonus points.

I like to usually redeem it for statement credit. I noticed though that the points per cents redemption structure is WORSE that everyone else’s.

American Express is 1 MR = 1 cent (or better sometimes)
Bank of America is 1 Point = 1 cent
CHASE is 1 UR = 1 cent (or better sometimes)
Wells Fargo is 1 Point = 1 cent

For City National Bank, 1 Point = 0.8333 cents

Why isn’t it 1 point = 1 cent just like everyone else when it comes to redemption?

The 50,000 bonus points does not mean $500 for statements credit redemption us $416.65.

AL (@guest_516986)
November 16, 2017 13:55

If you are comparing apples to apples, Amex MR are only .006 for statement credits.

AL (@guest_516988)
November 16, 2017 13:56

…unless you go the extra mile for Schwab, but that’s still not apples to apples.

Ralph Rodriguez
Ralph Rodriguez (@guest_487781)
October 4, 2017 23:19

This is Ralph Rodriguez from City National Bank again. Hope everyone is well. A question I have been receiving a lot over the past few days us whether or not there will be a new round of sign-up bonuses for the Crystal Visa Infinite Card. At this time, we haven’t received any word on that. However, a lot of the new clients I have been fortunate to connect with have been applying for the card without regard to sign-up bonuses. The travel and concierge benefits of Crystal Visa Infinite are so powerful. As a profile, most of those clients are/were holders of the Chase Sapphire Reserve card or AMEX Platinum card. In the end, we were able to differentiate ourselves due to the few structure and extended benfits to authorized users. A good number of you have already been in contact with me, so I hope you get the feeling I am both eaay-going and informative. If anyone has specific questions about the Crystal Visa Infinite card, or general questions about how to leverage your credit power to the fullest, touch base with me at ralph.rodriguez@cnb.com or (212) 597-0119. The one thing I can guarantee is a worthwhile conversation. May your credit limits be high, and your credit balances be low!

tribesman55 (@guest_487826)
October 5, 2017 00:46

Hi Ralph thanks for all the information. Do you know how the sign up bonuses work for City National cards? It seems to be that there is a date range window where anyone who signs up for the card and approved/account opened is enrolled in the bonus, is that true?

Ralph Rodriguez
Ralph Rodriguez (@guest_487906)
October 5, 2017 07:21

This is correct. More specifically, the credit application must be approved and the card number generation or before the date of expiration. Keep in mind there are sign-up bonuses for different segments. The bonus period that just past was available to all who were able to qualify for the card. However, for time to time, there are other offers we reserve for current clients, as well. From reading the posts on DoC as well as other sites, this is probably why there is an air of mystery about the other card.

I know a lot of people out there are serial internet researchers who prefer to go on their own and limit human interaction with their finances as much as possible. Understandably, there is so much noise out in the eletronic ether that it is natural to want to sift through for the best deals. On occasion, it is good to talk to someone in the industry one-to-one. Just make sure they have your best interests at heart!

Ralph Rodriguez
Ralph Rodriguez (@guest_553332)
January 23, 2018 00:20

New update on sign up bonuses for the Crystal Vusa Infinite card. Starting January 16, 2018, the 50,000 point bonus will be an indefinite part of the card for new clients. Just spend $5,000 on the within the first 90 days. Also, if you spend $50,000 on the card annually, you will get an additional $550 statenent credit for any airline club membership. Keep in mind that the $400 annual fee will no longer be waived in the first year, no exceptions! I know I have helped a lot of people on this thread with the card as I am a Banker at City National. If anyone has any questions, please contact me at (212) 597-01119 or ralph.rodriguez@cnb.com. Have an amazing and prosperous day!


Bill (@guest_493379)
October 13, 2017 14:32

Hi Ralph,

Thanks for the information. Can you confirm if each AU is eligible for the Global Entry application fee credit? Or does the main account holder only receive the Global Entry fee credit?

Ralph Rodriguez
Ralph Rodriguez (@guest_493382)
October 13, 2017 14:36

Hi Bill,

Each AU does receive the Global Entry application fee credit, as does the primary account holder. It is a competitive advantage the Crystal Visa Infinite card has over other premium travel credit cards.

Shane (@guest_484602)
September 29, 2017 13:00

DP: Met min spend within first month. Statement posted with no points bonus but did have regular accrual. I rang the call centre to inquire and was told that the bonus posts after the full 90 days have elapsed.

tribeman55 (@guest_484632)
September 29, 2017 13:58

Hopefully it posts sooner, if you check the older Crystal Visa Doc posts you will see that people received their bonus points in much less time.

MaLaCoiD (@guest_483913)
September 28, 2017 03:21

I snoozed on this deal! I can still apply tomorrow (Thu 09/28? Going to Carlsbad branch- any data points from there?

tribesman55 (@guest_484011)
September 28, 2017 10:10

Don’t bother, I’ve spoken to reps in branch and on the phone, in order to be enrolled into the bonus offer the account has to be OPEN before 9/29 and it takes them at least 4 business days to get you approved and get a CC number generated into their system.

MaLaCoiD (@guest_484035)
September 28, 2017 10:53

Thanks for the disappointing but frustration-saving data point!

Jack (@guest_484855)
September 30, 2017 02:22

This is definitely not true. I went in 9/28 and my rep said the account need to be generated by 9/29. I applied on 9/28, got approved 2 hours later and got an email from him the same day saying account number was generated and my card will arrive soon.

tribesman55 (@guest_483561)
September 27, 2017 13:22

Not sure if anyone knew but CNB changed the Visa GC markup on their rewards website from 5% to 30%

RV (@guest_483673)
September 27, 2017 16:41

Meaning you get 30% more? Or it costs 30% more?

tribesman55 (@guest_483834)
September 27, 2017 23:35

It costs 130,000 points now instead of 105,000 for a $1000 gift card. So yeah, terrible now.

tribeman55 (@guest_480930)
September 21, 2017 15:16

How do you confirm your account is enrolled in the 50k bonus? There is no mention of it anywhere on the application. Is it that you just need to open a Crystal Visa before 9/29 to be eligible for the bonus?

Any DPs?

Ryan (@guest_480237)
September 20, 2017 12:52

Has anyone tried using this card to fund a bank account? There are no DPs on DOC. Would really like to knock this out with CC funding.

RV (@guest_480359)
September 20, 2017 17:26

I have tried funding a bank with this card.

First it took a week just to get them to change the Cash Advance limit (which by the way, is not listed at all with the other pertinent info like the CL) to zero. I Lear es that it’s usually 30% of the CL.

I wanted to fund BBVA all the way up the $5k. Initially it did accept it through online instructions. Within a few hours I got an email from BBVA saying that my card was rejected, and that I need to send a check for $5k. I called in BBVA and CNB to see what’s up. BBVA said it’s all good on our end. CNB said that they denied it because the request came in as a Cash Advance, not credit purchase, and since my CA was set to ZERO, they didn’t approve it.