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Published on August 1st, 2017 | by William Charles


City National Bank Crystal Visa Infinite 50,000 Point Sign Up Bonus ($400 AF Waived First Year, Lounge Access & $250 Travel Credit)

The Offer

No direct link, need to go into a branch for offer. Might be restricted to some branches.

  • Receive a signup bonus of 50,000 points after $5,000 in spend within 90 days of account opening on the City National Crystal Visa Infinite card.
  • There is a $400 annual fee which is waived for the first year.

Card Details

  • Unlimited Priority Pass Select lounge access for two and their guests (e.g. one primary and one authorized user card + guests)
  • $250 airline credit for eligible incidental charges per card per calendar year; each authorized user also gets the $250 benefit separately, up to three AUs. View what does/doesn’t trigger the credit here
  • $100 companion fair discount, this can be repeated
  • $100 Global Entry Credit
  • Crystal Card Concierge service
  • Visit Infinite Benefits
  • 12 free Gogo passes annually
  • Available to U.S. Citizens only (resident was successful here)
  • Bonus Points offer is limited to City National Bank clients and colleagues who do not currently have, and have not had within the 24 months prior to the date of application, a City National Bank Visa personal credit card account (this comes directly from an e-mail they sent announcing the offer).
  • Read the full review here.

Our Verdict

When the card first launched it had a 100,000 point sign up bonus, most recently it had a 70,000 point bonus so this offer is on the lower side (they did have another 50,000 point in August of last year as well). I doubt we will see another 50,000 point bonus but I wouldnt’ be surprised to see 70,000 points again. 50,000 points is still a great offer (worth $500 towards travel) as you’ll be able to easily double dip the airline credits and also do it for the authorized users. I think this card probably has the most insane value currently if you’re maximizing the airline credits for yourself and the authorized users. Because of that I will be adding it to our list of the best credit card bonuses, even though this isn’t the highest offer we’ve seen on this card.

The downside is that getting approved can be difficult. You need to go in branch to apply branches are in: NY, DE, GA, TN, NV & CA, with the vast majority of branches in California [branch locator here]. They are also a very selective bank looking for high networth/income individuals (although some reports of people getting approved with lower salaries). You should also be able to apply in branch even if you don’t live in a state with branches. If you live near a branch or are planning to be near a branch at any stage I definitely think this card is worth applying for.

I suspect there is also a bonus on the commercial card, if anybody finds out please let us know. No bonus currently on Commercial card.

Hat tip to reader Wouldntbetonit

78 Responses to City National Bank Crystal Visa Infinite 50,000 Point Sign Up Bonus ($400 AF Waived First Year, Lounge Access & $250 Travel Credit)

  1. LC says:

    Last month went to vegas for Chase checking churn,
    Next month going to vegas for Crystal Visa Infinite churn.

    What a life

  2. ElJefe says:

    Timing is everything in this hobby. I drove from southern Maryland to north Delaware on Thursday only to find that the deal had expired. And that the nearest branch is in NYC not Delaware. 4 days later, poof, the bonus is back. Maybe I’ll get the Amtrak card, ride to NY and see a show. And grab a bonus.

  3. JT says:

    Even if you value the airline credits conservatively @ $200 cash, that’s still over $1500 in value right there. I wish I could apply for this card.

  4. Rob says:

    Remind me what I should bring with me to the bank? Tax returns? net worth statement?

  5. king king says:

    only for US Citizens.

  6. The Value Traveler says:

    Too bad they don’t have airport branches.

  7. Pat S says:

    Is this churnable? Can you get the bonus more than once – I’m about 35 miles away from a branch might have to try it friday

  8. Jeremy says:

    I’ve tried at several branches in California when I was there. They told me I had to be a resident

  9. Paul says:

    Any data points for getting approved as self employed? Also, which CB they pull in CA?

  10. SnowTiger7 says:

    I opened a checking account 2 months ago with this bank (because if you have a checking account I can apply online for their credit cards)
    on the online application there no mention of 50000 points, mind telling us where did you see it?
    As always thanks

  11. Aaron says:

    Is the airline credit automatic? Or do you need to call in for it?

  12. Ryan says:

    Authorized users are eligible too? Is there a fee to add an AU? If not, WOW! Not a lot of datapoints on what triggers the travel credit but still, with a first year AF waived this is pretty solid

  13. Miles Hustler says:

    Can the points be redeemed for cash back on the account–e.g. a statement credit, and if so, at what rate?

  14. zalmy says:

    Wow, this value sounds absolutely insane. No AF, and double-dipping $250 credits for yourself and 3 AUs? Forget about the points (and global entry, PP, etc.), that’s $2,000 in value right there! Off to NYC I go..

  15. Ryan says:

    Some DPs from my experience with them:
    I applied for this card a couple months ago and was declined for “Income Insufficient for amount of Credit Requested”. The banker put in a request of a $15K credit limit, which would have been on the lower end of my other cards. (They said income was insufficient for $10000, too) They pulled Experian, but didn’t give me a score, so I don’t know the scoring model they use. My FICO 8 was probably around 750 at the time, with no negatives. My income is over 100k, utilization is 7%, and low-DTI, so I’m not sure what they’re expecting for income or if that was a bogus reason. I applied over the phone with a banker, then went into a (different) branch and signed the paperwork, and provided pay stubs and W-2s.

    Everyone I dealt with was extremely nice and friendly, so it was disappointing I couldn’t do business with them!

  16. Daniel says:

    I went into a branch to apply. They asked if I had an account with them. When I said no, they said that they mostly serve the music industry and work on personal relationships. No-go here.

  17. Rob says:

    I saw a sign in downtown Washington, DC that said they were opening a branch there soon. Peering in the windows, it didn’t look to be all that close to opening, though.

  18. Nick says:

    I went into a branch today and asked about the 50k promo and they said it was only for current customers. I was given an application that I could mail back in after my new checking account had been open for 30 days. I could have applied for the card without the bonus but I decided to wait the 30 days and see what happens then.

  19. Lauren says:

    Oh man I’m going to be in San Jose in two weeks for work! Score!

  20. Blueberry says:

    A representative on the phone (for branches in LB and Los Alamitos) told me this offer (account opened by 09/29) was for targeted customers only. She said the deadline to public was in July. 😬🙁

  21. rfisher9 says:

    Called my local “branch” (ATL). Isn’t actually a branch just an office. DP for any Atlantians out there…

  22. Waqas Abid says:

    I called the Delaware branch office and they told me that since their office/branch is not a consumer/ public branch I cannot open an account in delaware. So Delaware should be taken off this list

  23. Kumar says:

    Data point : Have checking Account with them and residing in the state outside their service area. Applied for this card through my banker and got approved. US Resident. So still possible to get this card for non US Citizens.

    • Thanks, added DP to post.

      • Ralph Rodriguez says:

        Hello, my name is Ralph Rodriguez. I am actually a Banker at City National Bank in New York City. So, from the horse’s mouth:

        Yes, the 50,000 sign up bonus is available to new-to-bank clients, need not have an existing relationship.

        Yes – we do require full underwriting and in-person application at one of our bank offices. Documents to bring or send later is W2, most recent paystub, most recent tax return if you are a business owner or earn 1099 income. Liquidity statements (ex. bank accounts, brokerage accounts) can help as we can do a debt-to-asset assessment if a debt-to-income assessment doesn’t work out.

        Because we do actual full underwriting, you can actually request the amount of credit line you want, up to $50,000.

        I have been able to get people approved for this card within 24 hours and even shipped to address of choice expedited. I am not the best salesman! But if anyone has any questions about the card, I can give guidance to see whether or not it is the right fit for their credit portfolio. I can be reached at (212) 597-0119 or

        • noob_churner says:

          hey man i’m not sure if you’re phone’s been going nuts after posting this, but what can you do for me if i’m not in a state that has a location, am I SOL?

        • Thanks, Ralph. Any word on a bonus for the commercial card anytime soon?

          • Ralph Rodriguez says:

            Hi William,

            As of now, no word on sign-up bonuses for our commercial card. I wish there was as we can give credit lines for that card up to $100,000, unsecured. For those business owners who do not have credit, or have challenged credit, there is a secured version of our commercial card, extending lines up to $25,000. The requirement would be 150% cash collateral for the approved line.

            That being said, the “bonus” for our commercial card is that the Annual Percentage Rate of 15.96% for both purchases and cash advances is FIXED, not variable. I’ve been in the banking industry for about eight years now, and I cannot think of another bank that does this. From a business cash-flow perspective, it gives the entrepreneur the ability to really plan debt servicing and cash leveraging.

            Hope this helps. Again, my contact info is (212) 597-0119 and I will be on vacation from Saturday 8/26/17 – 9/5/17 with no access to voicemail or email (on a cruise to Bermuda). But if there is any more questions, just email me and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible!



        • MisterM says:

          I laughed when my local CNB bankster requested full tax return despite showing 1% income/assets/debt-free. CNB underwriting is delusional. No way you get our tax returns for a lousy credit card app.

          • Ralph Rodriguez says:


            I am sorry you feel this way. At City National Bank, we do things a little different. Our full underwriting process allows us to extend the greatest credit limit possible while also mitigating credit risk on our part. We strive to make our clients’ banking experience convenient, stream-lined, and valuable.

            There are other credit cards out there that may fit your needs and financial situation. I highly encourage you to continue with your due diligence. Doctor of Credit , amongst others, are great formats for this purpose.

            Good luck!


        • Qiang says:

          Hi Ralph,

          Could you please confirm that if citizenship, or at least permanent residency, is required? Thanks.

        • DanmakuLife says:

          Which credit bureau(s) do you pull from in NY?

  24. king king says:

    @ Ralph.

    Can you confirm , if this card is open for Non us residents ?

  25. Ralph Rodriguez says:

    Greeting to all,

    A recurring question that has been presented to me is whether or not non-resident individuals can apply for the Crystal Infinite Card. At City National Bank, we tend to lend to U.S. Citizens or U.S. Permanent Residents.

    That being said, there are a number of you who are in the final stages of getting your Green Card, but due to the backlog at the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS), are residency status is on pause. I am reaching out to my Head Underwriter in regard to this situation.

    More to come!


  26. Peter says:

    DP: Applied in a NYC branch about a week ago. No prior relationship with the bank – I live and work in NJ. I said that I was visiting NYC for the day, heard about the bank and wanted to know what they had available. They took a copy of my license, I had to fill out a paper application, and then I had to provide a recent paystub and my latest W-2. Was approved for a $10K limit based on a $60K salary. The individual I spoke with was delightful and happy to help me through the process.

    If you can make the trip to a nearby branch I highly recommend it. Very friendly staff and a smooth application process.

  27. Sid says:

    Can anyone chime in on if they received a 1099 for the signup bonus and/or the authorized user credits for this card? Will determine my decision. Grateful for any hard data points. Thanks peeps!

  28. RV says:

    I applied like 2 weeks ago and just got my card.

    The packaging is different from CHASE and AMEX in that it doesn’t tell me what my CASH ADVANCE limit is, it doesn’t tell me what credit bureau was pulled and its corresponding credit score.

    It also doesn’t tell me in my welcome information about the 50,000 point bonus. In fact, I can’t even find it on the website… just on this page from the Doctor of Credit.

    I’m going to call in a bit to see what’s going on.

  29. Bill says:

    Anyone else having a hard time adding Authorized Users? They’re making me fill out a form with AU’s personal info (SSN, mother’s maiden name, etc.). I feel like name, address, and phone should suffice…

    • Shane says:

      what’s more its a paper form processed manually by a human.

      • Bill says:

        yeah, i fought back and was able to just provide the last 4 SSN and DOB of AUs. Apparently, it’s only needed for ID purposes if the AUs ever called in.

        Other observation. They seem to be pushing the direct relationship between the you and the Relationship Manager (or whoever signed you up). Calling the bank for help, they always direct you to the Relationship Manager to assist (what’s the point of the 800 #?). Great if you like speaking on the phone and having that relationship/service. Not great if you don’t want to want things done quickly or online without having to speak to anyone.

  30. Vic says:

    Filled out app in the downtown San Jose office, smooth process, turned in last two pay stubs and even got the cards rushed delivered.

    I know that the AU cards each get their 250 incidental credit, but can folks provide some DP’s on whether the each AU receives the Global Entry credit? or is it just for the main card holder?


  31. Ryan says:

    Has anyone tried using this card to fund a bank account? There are no DPs on DOC. Would really like to knock this out with CC funding.

    • RV says:

      I have tried funding a bank with this card.

      First it took a week just to get them to change the Cash Advance limit (which by the way, is not listed at all with the other pertinent info like the CL) to zero. I Lear es that it’s usually 30% of the CL.

      I wanted to fund BBVA all the way up the $5k. Initially it did accept it through online instructions. Within a few hours I got an email from BBVA saying that my card was rejected, and that I need to send a check for $5k. I called in BBVA and CNB to see what’s up. BBVA said it’s all good on our end. CNB said that they denied it because the request came in as a Cash Advance, not credit purchase, and since my CA was set to ZERO, they didn’t approve it.

  32. tribeman55 says:

    How do you confirm your account is enrolled in the 50k bonus? There is no mention of it anywhere on the application. Is it that you just need to open a Crystal Visa before 9/29 to be eligible for the bonus?

    Any DPs?

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