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Published on January 13th, 2018 | by William Charles


City National Bank Crystal Visa Infinite 50,000 Point Sign Up Bonus ($400 AF No Longer Waived, Lounge Access & $250 Travel Credit)

The Offer

No direct link, need to go into a branch for offer. Might be restricted to some branches.

  • Receive a signup bonus of 50,000 points after $5,000 in spend within 90 days of account opening on the City National Crystal Visa Infinite card.
  • There is a $400 annual fee. This used to be waived for the first year, but that is no longer the case.

The Fine Print

  • Unlimited Priority Pass Select lounge access for two and their guests (e.g. one primary and one authorized user card + guests)
  • $250 airline credit for eligible incidental charges per card per calendar year; each authorized user also gets the $250 benefit separately, up to three AUs. View what does/doesn’t trigger the credit here
  • $100 companion fair discount, this can be repeated
  • $100 Global Entry Credit
  • Crystal Card Concierge service
  • Visit Infinite Benefits
  • 12 free Gogo passes annually
  • Available to U.S. Citizens only (resident was successful here)
  • Bonus Points offer is limited to City National Bank clients and colleagues who do not currently have, and have not had within the 24 months prior to the date of application, a City National Bank Visa personal credit card account (this comes directly from an e-mail they sent announcing the offer).
  • Read the full review here.

Our Verdict

When this card first launched it had a 100,000 point bonus, then 70,000 points, then it was 50,000 points and no annual fee and now it is 50,000 points with an annual fee. Despite the annual fee no longer being waived, I do think this card is still good value if you can max out the airline credit for both yourself and authorized users. I also don’t expect the bonus to improve/for the annual fee to be waived in the future (it’s just been steadily getting worse). Because of that I will be adding it to our list of the best credit card bonuses, even though this isn’t the highest offer we’ve seen on this card.

Keep in mind it is difficult to get approved.  You need to go in branch to apply branches are in: NY, DE, GA, TN, NV & CA, with the vast majority of branches in California [branch locator here]. They are also a very selective bank looking for high networth/income individuals (although some reports of people getting approved with lower salaries). You should also be able to apply in branch even if you don’t live in a state with branches. If you live near a branch or are planning to be near a branch at any stage I definitely think this card is worth applying for.

Hat tip to reader Kumar

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Can someone still get this by calling the guy in the NY branch?

Is 3 the max authorized users I can add to an approved account? Do they need SSN to add authorized users like Amex? Will it count as 5/24 for authorized users like Amex?

They do need SSN. Not sure about 5/24 but you can always call recon and explain to chase that it’s an AU. It’s an awesome card. SO and I both have it so 2K in airline credits. Will debate what to do about second year onward.

Man, still kicking myself for when this was 100k no AF and they weren’t really enforcing the in branch only. Up there with Merrill+ for my biggest regrets.

Definitely kicking myself too for missing out on the $500 Merril+ when they were still doing over the phone apps.

What’s killing me is not exchanging my 105k points to 1000.00 VGC when I had the chance. Now they devalued it to 130k for 1000.00 VGC.

Do charges on the authorized user cards count towards meeting the minimum spend requirement to get the 50,000 points?

Yes it does count.

Interesting, I was just in a new branch that opened in LA last night asking all about this card and other products, and they didn’t say anything about this offer. I was thinking about opening a deposit account because I want to apply for this card and once saw a DP claiming existing clients didn’t require proof of income.

While I was there, I found out they also had a similar card in a business flavor (Visa Crystal Commercial cc) that I’d never heard of before, but that’s probably because it lacked the category bonuses, GE credit, PP, etc, had a $400 AF (not waived)… although it did have a the $250 Travel credits and a weird 5% off all taxi/limo charges up to $5000 benefit I’d never seen on a card before.

Also, any DP’s on whether the incidental credits can be used for gift cards?

It works on AA gift cards, Got $1K last year.

You can apply for this card online by opening up a checking account. Once opened, you will have the online portal for online credit card apps. The checking account will be closed automatically if you do not fund it.

This is not true, I applied online after opening a checking account and was eventually contacted by a branch about my credit card application saying they needed tax forms or pay stubs to proceed with processing it.

So even if I apply online is not an automatic approval/denial?


I was told by the banker I was talking to the other day that this sort of thing is by design with CNB, because they are “trying to be more relationship focused than other banks.” He said that’s also why the branch didn’t have teller windows because they wanted you to come in and sit down and talk to a banker and work out whatever you needed… needless to say this did not make the bank more attractive in my eyes. All I really wanted to know (but didn’t directly ask of course) was: what was their limit on how many deposit accounts could be linked by ACH transfer, what’s the speed of push and pull, is it free, what are the daily & monthly limits, was the bank EWS sensitive, would they report to EWS after opening the account, how are they with MO deposits and mobile deposits, etc etc lol…

Joining the party of regret! I just logged into my National City online account and I’m able to apply for the card online, however, there is no 50K point offer, and no AF if approved by the 16th…wondering If I could apply for the card, and then ask for the 50k point match. The way I see it is a $100.00 risk. any data points out there?

There’s also a City National Bank branch in downtown Minneapolis, MN. The bank is a subsidiary of the Royal Bank of Canada which has its RBC Wealth Management division headquarters in Minneapolis

I knew this new offer and already posted it on FT a few days back. I know the local VP and I applied for this on Thursday on phone with her and got approved on Friday. I did not want the 50k offer with $400 AF as I wanted to get in for free first year waived deal. My only question – is the Global Entry fee reimbursed even for the AUs? I have added 3 AUs to my primary card.

How long does it take to hear an approved / declined answer? I applied last Wednesday and was told I might have an answer for Friday – but nothing yet.. I’m horrible at being patient!

How long did it end up taking?

Ralph Rodriguez
Ralph Rodriguez

This is Ralph Rodriguez. I am a Banker at City National Bank. To dispel the myth, one need not be a high net worth individual or high income earner to qualify for the Crystal Infinite Visa card. Just as with any bank, we underwrite according to debt-to-income guidelines. The trick is that the minimum credit limit we issue for the card is $10,000, so the income/debt balance must be sufficient. However, for those with modest incomes but with relatively large, liquid assets, such as bank accounts and/or non-retirement investments, we can perform debt-to-asset analyses for underwriting purposes. This gives us the ability to potentially give applicants sizable credit limits. For more information, contact me at or (212) 597-0119.

Ralph how long does the application process take?

Hi everyone, any recent updates on 1099’s or (lackthereof) for the $250 travel credits (for both primary and authorized users)?

I’m interested too to learn mainly about 1099, do they actually issue 1099 for benefits?

Is it OK to MS on this card? Is the bank tolerant to MS?

From what I have read on some other forums while searching online Link, it’s not ok. Also underwriter manually reviews it and approves.

My application is still in process

I applied for this card last year and was denied with them stating my income wasn’t sufficient. Make ~$115K/yr, and little debt, scores were in the mid-upper 700s at the time, so the explanation surprised me a little bit.

That’s strange as I asked relationship manager there and asked if there was any minimum income, she stated no there isn’t any such requirement.

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