Posted by William Charles on January 12, 2018
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Published on January 12th, 2018 | by William Charles


[Expired] Clarks – Discounts Trigger Multiple Times

No longer working.

The Offer

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  • Clarks website is currently letting you trigger their promo codes multiple times. I wasn’t able to get it to work properly, but others on Twitter were successful (maybe mobile will work better than desktop?). The trick to get it to work is to enter promo code EXTRA40, press update and then add it again. If that doesn’t work then adding EXTRA30 first, removing ti and then adding EXTRA40 also seems to be working. Somebody on Slickdeals was able to get it to trigger more than twice…


Our Verdict

This is likely an error, no guarantee anything will be honored.

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I was able to buy 5 pairs for $103, card has been charged. Hopefully they’ll ship it.

My order is getting declined. Which card did you use? were you already clark user?

ya same problem, how did you process your payment?

I didnt go through.. eventually gave up.. 🙁

Bought six pairs for $18 a pair!

Nothing is working for me not even one promo!

It worked for me, EXTRA40 twice.

Was able to buy 2 pairs for 56. Works on the winter sale items (30% off sale) excluding the shoes that have a special 59$ price. Used a mobile browser, didn’t work on desktop.

useless and dead as hell… wasted some good time adding any possible shoe just to see even the code works or not!

Trying from a PC. Promo code doesn’t seem to be working or doubling any longer.

At final checkout page, the amount comes to the original sale amount, before the coupons

Worked for me. Problem is most of the shoes are kinda ugly. But I got a pair of winter boots for <80% off (used cashback site) so, win? On desktop/mac.

What site

What time did you order? Every recent order I’ve tried to submit i get an order declined message (seems that the decline is from Clark’s and not from my cc).

Maybe like 20 minutes ago? Make sure you have eligible shoes (Mine were $100 boots).

Thanks Doc, was able to get this to work on two pairs this morning. Kept putting EXTRA40 and EXTRA30 in until it wouldn’t take any more off. Bought $200+ in shoes for about $65. For anyone trying, the sale shoes marked $59.99 do not work.

I got 4 pairs of boots for $96 total!

Worked for me, bought 4 pair of Wallabee Boots for $54.14, checked my CC (3% CB) and says: CLARKS ECOMM #907,,MA,024640000,840 – $54.14, fingers crossed, Thank you Will.

2 pairs of men’s shoes, $31 shipped. Fingers crossed!

what type of shoes did you buy? 40% code is coming up as invalid. What browser?

Was not able to get code to repeat on desktop or moblie. However, getting 2 pair of dress shoes for net $90 is less than 1 pair my SO would have purchased for me in retail was a deal either way.

Showing me I can get a pair of shoes for free(actually that they owe me $9.01) but when I try and check out it says Sorry there seems to be a problem

Was it a particular pair of shoes? Certain category?

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