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They merged with Andigo and sent Andigo customers new cards. I received a funny insert that said, “NOW you can use your checking account to make purchases like writing a check.” It went on to explain…debit cards, or as they call it, a “Visa check card”. Who in the world is their typical customer? LOL


Here’s a way to optimize your direct deposits in an automated way:

– deposit it into one finance to get 3% on 10% of your direct deposit
– ask astra.finance to move the remaining 90% consumers credit union so you can get 1.5%. you can do this via the “sweep” routine – e.g. “sweep all cash above $100 from the one finance spend account to consumers credit union’s savings account”


Chuck If people need to open a checking account, they should do it through Swagbucks for 5000SB ($50) since there isn’t any other public bonus right now.