Blaze Secured Credit Card Review

 Card Stats:

blazeMinimum Security Deposit: $300
Maximum Security Deposit: $1,500

Interest Rate: 24.90%
Introductory Interest Rate: None
Grace Period: 25 days
Foreign Transaction Fees:  Not listed
Annual Fees: $39
Application Fees: None
Rewards Program: None
Signing Promotion: None
Interest Earned on Security Deposit: No

Other Features:

None listed

Editor’s Review

This review was provided by William Charles, editor of Doctor of Credit. 

This is another terrible secured credit card that nobody should apply for ever. It has a massive $39 per year annual fee and no rewards program. There is also no mention of graduating to an unsecured card.

Annual Fees

This card has an annual fee of $39 which is exorbitant considering other cards have no annual fee.


To go along with the high annual fee, this card also has a massive APR of 24.90% making it the second highest out of all secured credit cards on the market.

Rewards Program

To keep in line with how terrible this card is, there is of course no rewards program offered.

[Read: Secured Credit Cards With A Reward Program]

Credit Reporting

This card reports to all three credit bureaus, it does not report itself as a secured card.

Adding Funds

There is no information on how to add funds to the security deposit to increase the credit limit on this card and we haven’t found anybody who actually has this card to confirm if it’s possible.


Blaze doesn’t seem to offer graduation to an unsecured card (and thus a refund of the security deposit) but again, we haven’t found anybody who actually has this card.


Again, we know of nobody with this card so we’re unsure how hard it is to be approved or denied for it.

Final Verdict

This is probably the second worst secured card currently on the market, only the Centennial® Classic Credit Card with an annual fee of $75 and an APR of 36% is any worse. There is absolutely no reason to apply for this card, if you’re thinking of doing so STOP and look at the top secured credit cards first.

Still want to apply? Use the link found below.

Apply for Blaze Secured Credit Card

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Blaze is credit Card that is utilized INTERNATIONALLY. There is no reason for someone in the USA to apply for this card and expect fair APR. This is not the card to establish credit. The APR is extremely high, the annual is way too high and worse of all there is maintenance fee without even using the card. FIRST PREMIER has a monthly charge as well with a lower APR. First Premier is in the USA as optional.


They require copies of bank statements and utility bills and pay stubs. I had applied and then they requested all this info. In the meantime i have read this article and certainly will not proceed. They never mentioned it was prepaid either. You saved me.


I have a Blaze Mastercard unsecured card w/750 credit limit. Had cancer, ch 7 bk, and job 2007. Yes the apr is high..and a $75 annual fee. But I pay my balance off each pay day..and have had several offers for line increases. Their cust sve is excellent. If you pay in fuul each month..its a good card. No issues at all.


I applied for the “blaze” Card Assuming it was the Mastercard version on April 25th, 2016….I found the application online….I called The blaze application status line and after giving My SS Number, I was told I was Approved….and the card will arrive in two to four weeks…..They Said….Now I’m not sure if I’m getting
the Secured or Unsecured Card…..I could’nt talk to a live Rep, it was a recording……….Has anyone experienced this ??? I was wanting the unsecured card.

Malei Marivi
Malei Marivi

Blaze MasterCard stated they are not a debt collector by definition under the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act. So as per them they can continue harrassing with letters, monthy statements and notices. Are they right (judgement proof). How to stop them for harrassing?


I am a Blaze card holder and have had no issues with them. They have a good customer service, and would recommend them.

Mike Hunt

Horrible card to the letter and the worst customer service out there and it was so bad I closed my account and decided not to do any further business with this company. They stated upon me being approved that they report positive information to the three credit bureaus however even after 6 months later with paying on time each and every single month they reported nothing to the 3 credit bureaus at all as they lied like a rug for sure.

This in just another typical online scam and scheme. Anyone on this thread that stated they never had any problems or issues with them is so full of crap that their eyes are brown and must have been paid by this ripoff outfit to post positive information about them.

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