Secured Credit Cards With No Annual Fees

We just recently finished our Best Secured Credit Card review page, but one of the most common questions for people looking at secured credit cards is “which secured cards have no annual fee”.

We’ve listed all of the cards with no annual fee below, we split them into two categories. Ones with no annual fee ever and ones with no annual fee for the first year.

No Annual Fee For The First Year

  • AeroMexico Visa® Secured Card
  • LANPASS Visa® Secured Card
  • LifeMiles Visa® Secured Card

All three of the above cards have a $25 fee after the first year.

No Annual Fee Ever

  • Harley-Davidson® Visa® Secured Card
  • Navy Federal nRewards Secured Card^
  • DCU Visa Platinum Secured Credit Card*

^ must be an active or ex military member
* must be a member of DCU credit union, this costs $15 per year

As you can see the Harley-Davidson® Visa® Secured Card is the only card that has no annual fee and is available to all consumers. It also has a rewards program which is why it’s our #1 ranked secured card.

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Michael Walker
Michael Walker

I looked into he Secured Card from DCU, and they do not give you the option to be an EX military Member as you have listed, they send you thru a list of questions and non asked if you were Ex Military, so if your not correct active or reserve you cannot get to apply. Can you check into this again to verify?

Michael Walker
Michael Walker

Whoops I meant the NF Credit Union not DCU


Swagbucks offers a secured card, underwritten by First Bankcard.
No AF, 0.5x swagbucks cashback (these are worth at least a cent each), $15 signup bonus.