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Credit Sesame Switching to Transunion

Credit Sesame has long been a great way of finding out what’s in your Experian credit report. Besides for the FAKO score which they provide, they also let us monitor our credit which lets us know about inquiries made to the Experian report, accounts being reported on the report and addresses as well.

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This is important since Credit Karma provides information on the Transunion and Equifax report, which leaves Sesame as the only free way of getting constant updates on the Experian report.

Based on my correspondence with Credit Sesame, it appears that they’re in the process of switching over to Transunion information, both for the FAKO credit score and for the credit monitoring.

Numerous people on Reddit (1, 2) and MyFico started reporting that Sesame is shifting over to Transunion. The first I saw was that when logging into my Sesame account they popped up with an option of viewing your credit report. Upon clicking that option it pulled up with the Transunion report, not the Experian report. I’m still seeing the Experian credit monitoring info. As for the score, it isn’t clearly labeled if it’s Experian or Transunion.

Here are the 3 emails I received from Sesame:

sesame 1


sesame 2


sesame 3

From what I gather, the score that shows now in your Sesame account is the Transunion score (a new thing, I think). The report is still the Experian report but will be switching over soon to Transunion.

From the email I received, the reason they’re switching over is “so we can offer … more credit related services to our customers”, i.e. so we can make more money. Apparently, using Transunion is somehow more profitable than using Experian.

This is terrible news since Sesame is currently the easiest way of getting constant, free updates on what’s changing in your Experian report. There are still other options available, such as getting your free report once-per-year via Lots of people are also eligible for free credit monitoring from one of the many data breaches which have happened over the past couple of years.

Below is a list of the other free credit monitoring websites and what data they provide:

As you can see, will still provide you with free credit monitoring for your Experian credit report – so that will be your only real free option when Credit Sesame makes this switch.

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hamid afsharieh
hamid afsharieh

i switched to, which offers experian. Problem solved. 🙂

Tony Bologna
Tony Bologna

Mint pulls Experian for its credit score. I believe those updates are 90 days, but better than nothing.


Looks like my mint credit score is from Equifax.


What about I think they also use Experian and their service is free, though I don’t know for sure because I am not using it.

William Charles

Yup they use Experian, added a little at the end that explains what each of the other free service offers.

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