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Jason (@guest_1855870)
June 5, 2024 13:49

Anyone able to connect Amex savings to Customers bank via plaid?

007 (@guest_1849943)
May 25, 2024 02:11

Any idea which bank is now 5.5% on MaxMyInterest?

midas89 (@guest_1849944)
May 25, 2024 02:12

007 It is Fieldpoint Private

midas89 (@guest_1849949)
May 25, 2024 02:21

One more thing: If you go to the Fieldpoint Private website (just add a dot com to the name), you will see that they state the following: “We sit on the same side of the table with our clients.”

I don’t want this same-side of the table with me situation.

If the Fieldpoint employee sits on the same side of the table with me, I then will have to turn my head, and possibly strain my neck to look at him or her. I want my financial institution reps to sit opposite of me so I can comfortably look into their eyes.

Now, is this sitting on the same side of me a dealbreaker which would keep me from becoming a Fieldpoint Private client? No. Will I ask the employee to please move and sit opposite of me? Yes. If the employee refuses to move to the opposite of me what will I do? I myself will move to the other side of the table and sit opposite of the employee. And if the employee then immediately decides to get up and move to this new side of the table with me what will I do then?


007 (@guest_1850011)
May 25, 2024 09:07

Ha ha

007 (@guest_1850010)
May 25, 2024 09:07


007 (@guest_1850160)
May 25, 2024 14:49

Btw, are you going to open it? Any idea if we can even do that if we deleted our MaxMyInterest accounts?

midas89 (@guest_1850184)
May 25, 2024 16:11

007 I am not going to open Fieldpoint Private (I am in a fortunate position where the extra $140 annually per $100,000 balance isn’t a significant enough difference to inspire me to open Fieldpoint).

If you decide to go with Fieldpoint, I would recommend first verifying if once the account is opened you can fully manage the account via Fieldpoint, rather than having to do all the transfers via MMI. One would think that Fieldpoint would work the way Customers does, where you can manage everything there, and that not paying MMI would not negatively affect your Fieldpoint acct as far as Fieldpoint is concerned.

Also, perhaps verify Fieldpoint’s ACH limits (they might be disappointing, I don’t know), and whether they’re enforcing 6 withdrawals per month limit. (If you do find out, kindly post the answers here, thank you.)

Yes, if your MMI acct is fully deleted, you’d have to reapply and see how that goes.

007 (@guest_1850213)
May 25, 2024 18:04

I see. Thanks so much for the helpful and detailed reply!

Grateful (@guest_1855626)
June 5, 2024 10:34

From [email protected]:
As of right now, we are not enabling online banking access for the first 90 days. Until then, you can use the Max My Interest platform to view your account.

007 (@guest_1855633)
June 5, 2024 10:37

Interesting. Thanks for helpful datapoint!

midas89 (@guest_1855692)
June 5, 2024 11:14

Grateful Thanks for that info. I wonder if MMI is doing that with all of their listed banks now, perhaps because too many people decided to immediately ditch MMI after opening, preventing MMI from making any profit at all from being the middleman, even if it might only be 90 days.

007 (@guest_1855863)
June 5, 2024 13:46
007 (@guest_1856507)
June 6, 2024 11:52

midas89 Did Fieldpoint Private pull your Chexsystems? Looks like I was declined and when I called in they said they auto decline if Chex is frozen. Not sure this is worth a Chex inquiry…

midas89 (@guest_1856692)
June 6, 2024 17:32

007  I am not going to open Fieldpoint Private. I am in a fortunate position where the extra $140 annually per $100,000 balance isn’t a significant enough difference to inspire me to open Fieldpoint.

My ChexSystems is frozen, too, but I always temporarily unfreeze it as a just-in-case whenever I do decide to open a new account. I wish we knew how many accounts that report to ChexSystems one has to open in a short time before a bank will think we are a higher risk for them.

If the extra interest on an account was ever considered significant for me personally, I would just take the ChexSystems hit, and just take the chance it wouldn’t negative affect me whenever I decided to open my next account.

007 (@guest_1856724)
June 6, 2024 18:59

Thanks for your thoughtful reply.

I did not thaw anything for the Customers Bank accounts FWIW.

I am sitting on a pretty large cash position at the moment but won’t be long term. I mostly was just curious about the account and wanted to try it out.

I do still do the bigger bank account bonuses and ever since Laurel Road denied me “due to Chexsystems” (but likely actually due to EWS) I’m very cognizant about my Chex inquiries, despite having much fewer than many on this site.

Thanks again for your thoughtful reply! FWIW I was able to re-open a MaxMyInterest account so seems they do give second chances…

Grateful (@guest_1856915)
June 7, 2024 08:44

Confirming Fieldpoint Private did a Chex hit,

007 (@guest_1856917)
June 7, 2024 08:45


Jason (@guest_1820024)
March 26, 2024 13:56

Seems customres bank savings account can be opened directly as of NOW. “Our new Yield Shield Savings Account automatically adjusts with the Federal Funds Rate* – so you get a rate that’s up to date. It’s easier to manage-no need to constantly check rates-and easy to open. Open your account today.”

007 (@guest_1820026)
March 26, 2024 14:01

Is that the one that requires $25k minimum to earn the higher interest rate?

Jason (@guest_1820027)
March 26, 2024 14:03

Yes minimum is $25k to get the rate.

007 (@guest_1712747)
October 10, 2023 15:12

midas89 Looks like they just killed this as a Hub account as they are requiring Plaid to link external accounts.

midas89 (@guest_1712761)
October 10, 2023 15:26

007 Of course, this is a disappointing development. Incidentally, I have had success multiple times contacting Plaid via where I request they delete the personal data obtained when I have had no choice but to use Plaid in the past at other banks. I have always received a reply confirming my data has been removed.

Of course, with the new changes regarding linking external accounts at Customers Bank, if one needs to link to a financial institution that is not serviced by Plaid, they would not be able to link the account at Customers. Plaid says they can connect to more than 12,000 financial institutions, so hopefully any future accounts you, I, or anyone might want/need to connect is one of them.

007 (@guest_1712763)
October 10, 2023 15:32

Thanks. The 6% APY up to $2k (yes, small amount and not significantly higher rate, but have it from legacy days when rates were 0%) at HEB Debit is not linkable via Plaid, unfortunately. Thanks for the tip re contacting Plaid to delete info.

007 (@guest_1713187)
October 11, 2023 09:08

So looks like I can link the heb debit card by choosing netspend as the account, fwiw

007 (@guest_1681824)
August 28, 2023 15:10

Oddly enough when trying to link this account to Cash App via routing and account number I get “ This bank account can’t be added. It’s been linked to activity that goes against our Terms of Service.”

midas89 (@guest_1672091)
August 14, 2023 17:15

On 8/14/2023, Customers Bank Max Savings is now 5.30% APY. The APR is now 5.18%.

Edward (@guest_1646608)
July 3, 2023 17:14

The Max CB Savinfs is up to 5.20% APY but in my account it’s still showing 4.99% APY. anyone else?

midas89 (@guest_1646663)
July 3, 2023 18:19

Edward The interest rate on Customers Bank Max Savings is now 5.08%.
The APY is 5.20%. The interest rate will eventually appear inside everyone’s Customers Bank online banking, as always.

Edward (@guest_1648122)
July 6, 2023 06:23

oh yeah it did update. thanks!

007 (@guest_1639005)
June 21, 2023 11:12

Re Max Pro Checking from customer service: “ Hello 007, The CB Max Checking is a view only account through our online banking, all transactions for the checking need to be iniated through the Max platform. Thanks, …”

midas89 (@guest_1639010)
June 21, 2023 11:19

007 Are you saying, if you log into online banking at Customers Bank directly, and then go to the Transfers section, and then attempt to do an ACH transfer from or to the Max Checking account, there is no option to choose the Max Checking account?

Or, if the account is listed as an option, the ACH transfers will be rejected?


007 (@guest_1639024)
June 21, 2023 11:37

The account is not able to be selected at all under Transfer section. Only the Max Savings account can be selected. Hence the secure message and their response.

midas89 (@guest_1639061)
June 21, 2023 12:37

007 Thank you for the info, 007. What a terrible situation, and even more frustrating since this critical fact is nowhere to be found at the Customers Bank Disclosures Page.

MMI did not have a deal with Customers Bank for a checking account for most of MMI’s existence. It was first with a different bank. They obviously switched to Customers Bank where they were able to get this “exclusivity” scenario where you must stay tied with MMI to be able to utilize it, unlike with their regular savings accounts at the various banks where you don’t have to.

The puzzler here is that at MMI, their FAQ specifically states if one closes their MMI acct they get to keep the bank accounts. Apparently, the exception must now be the Max Checking acct, since if they close MMI, they wouldn’t be able to initiate transfers from the acct. Thanks again.

007 (@guest_1639070)
June 21, 2023 12:51

Thanks for sharing the back story re their old MMI checking account. I suppose you do technically get to keep the Max Checking account, just cannot initiate any transfer to or from it. I was mainly interested in having a checking account with them in case Regulation D (6 withdrawals per savings account per month) begins to be enforced for the savings account (my understanding is that it is not currently, correct?) so that I wouldn’t have to change hubs

midas89 (@guest_1639074)
June 21, 2023 12:58

007 Understood. You are correct that Customers Bank allows unlimited transactions from their savings accounts. I have both Max Savings and High-Yield Digital Savings accounts with Customers Bank, and unlimited transactions are still in place.

Now, the Fed stated back during the pandemic they have no plans to reinstate Regulation D, however, we know in the future this could conceivably change. I have not read any reports that either the banks themselves or anyone in Congress want it reinstated. And, of course, banks have the option to still require only 6 withdrawals per month, as you know.

Let’s hope Customers Bank never decides to change their policy where they stop allowing unlimited withdrawals from the savings accounts.

007 (@guest_1639081)
June 21, 2023 13:07

I do agree. There is likely no current plans to make any changes to limiting to 6 withdrawals per month although who knows about several years from now…

007 (@guest_1642715)
June 27, 2023 11:27

So I was trying to see if I could move a $1 from checking to savings via text banking yesterday, and this morning I get the following:

“Dear 007,

Please be advised that Customers Bank has identified unusual activity associated with your account and, as such, has made the determination to restrict account access pending further investigation.

Customers Bank will not honor any outstanding checks or electronic payments that may be presented to your account until further notice. We will be in touch with you either via telephone or e-mail no later than at the conclusion of our investigation, which could take several days to complete.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding this action please contact Customers Bank Fraud Prevention and Investigations at 1-844-552-6902, Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM, EST.

Thank you.”

midas89 (@guest_1642776)
June 27, 2023 13:37

007 Thanks for posting your experience with this. If someone told me in advance they were going to do a test $1.00 text banking transfer, I would have advised to absolutely call the fraud department in advance to advise, and to put a note on the account, etc.

As you know, many thieves out there do small test amounts, either via transfers or to credit card charges just to test to see if the accounts are active, etc. But not withstanding this sad fact, so many banks’ fraud departments call account holders anyway whenever they just do their first transfer before they’ll approve it.

So much theft and bank fraud is really making things harder and less convenient for the rest of us.

007 (@guest_1642785)
June 27, 2023 13:55

That’s fair enough, I suppose.

The unfortunate thing is that the number they emailed leads to a voicemail box despite calling three times during business hours today. They even advise to call your local relationship manager on the text prompts, but obviously I don’t have one.

Good news is I have a minimal amount in the accounts presently as I was waiting for the ability to initiate external transfers from within CB so that I can explore the hub capabilities of the account.

Thanks again!

007 (@guest_1642852)
June 27, 2023 16:21

Update: apparently customers bank restriction was due to me complaining about not having full access to the pro checking account despite the max my interest FAQ about “full account access” after cancellation. They have now lifted the restriction and apparently will be forwarding my message to the digital team to see how the restrictions re transacting on my pro checking account can be lifted. They did ask why I signed up for max my interest then immediately closed my account

midas89 (@guest_1642931)
June 27, 2023 18:13

007 Wow, that would be fabulous if Customers bank lifts the Max Pro Checking restriction, so you can do the ACH transactions directly at Customers, just like they allow for the Max Savings and the free checking account Customers Bank made available to me when I signed up.

Good luck!

007 (@guest_1642943)
June 27, 2023 18:29

Thanks! Hope it works, I guess the only way to get it is to complain, though.

007 (@guest_1646732)
July 3, 2023 20:17

midas89 So it seems their formal response to my complaint is that they can’t do anything about the max checking account. Any good references re no limits as far as 6 transactions per month on the savings account? Thanks!

midas89 (@guest_1646803)
July 3, 2023 23:06

007 Very disappointing news. I was hoping for a different outcome, of course. Thanks for the update.

Until something better comes along, my backup Hub if Customers Bank were to ever change their policies is CIT Bank, where I have both their Platinum Savings and their eChecking accounts. The only thing I absolutely hate about CIT is their 5-business-days hold on money pulled in, even if pulled into the checking account. Since it’s 5 business days, it will always be more than that regarding calendar days because you’ll always have the weekends. (Interest is earned during the hold time, of course.)

CIT doesn’t offer Same-Day ACH. Also, they have not hit the 5% APY club. They’re at 4.95% APY.

CIT positives:
Unlimited amount of withdrawals
$250K ACH Daily Push, $500K Daily Pull. No monthly ACH limit
10 Externals can be linked (info from CSR, but could be inaccurate info)
No Hold time if money is pushed into CIT from your external
With $25K+ balance, free wire transfers
Has Zelle, but only $300 per transaction, $600 per day

007 (@guest_1646973)
July 4, 2023 08:48

Thanks, will consider CIT if Customers policies change.

What I meant in my original post was, do you have a link that references they do not have a 6 withdrawal maximum on the Max Savings account? If not, that’s ok. I don’t see any language about 6 withdrawal maximum on the consumer disclosures, but would be nicer to have some link that states there is no limit or such (they have it for the checking accounts).

Also, I re-read their final email, and they actually *closed* my Max Pro Checking account, which seems like somewhat an escalation. Still consider CFPB complaint although really what would be the point?

midas89 (@guest_1647083)
July 4, 2023 13:07

007 Oh my gosh, that’s terrible they closed your Max Checking. It’s crazy. I wonder on what grounds they closed it? Just because you inquired on whether you could make ACH transfers on it via Customers Bank’s online access versus only via the MMI portal?

Yes, a CFPB complaint might be a waste of time, as banks have the right to close any account for any reason at any time, as you know. The only way a CFPB complaint might work is if someone at Customers Bank closed the account due to a misconception on what you were requesting they do.

While there is no specific language at Customers stating unlimited withdrawals are allowed with the Max account, you can be certain this is the current policy. Reasons why: There is no language in the disclosures saying otherwise, and there most certainly would be, as required. The Max My Interest paid platform for those that choose to pay for the service is designed to be able to do many transfers as needed, and when I originally opened my acct, the head of the digital banking dept explained there wouldn’t be any amount of times one can do a withdrawal.

007 (@guest_1647330)
July 4, 2023 23:28

Thanks for the clarification re the withdrawal question and your experiences asking the head of the digital banking dept (assuming at Max My Interest although perhaps you meant Customers Bank?) re withdrawal limits.

I am still somewhat torn re CFPB complaint. Looking at the org chart, I might file one just based on the fact that looks like I reached middle management who made this decision rather than executive team. Middle management may not have the power to remove restrictions or change my checking account type and, I suppose from their standpoint, there is little difference between having an account one can see on the online banking platform but for which no transactions can be initiated and closing such an account.

midas89 (@guest_1647332)
July 4, 2023 23:38

007 I did mean at Customers Bank. Once I had my Max Savings acct opened, I never once had any contact with MMI again.

I think you should absolutely file a CFPB complaint, as you have nothing to lose. If Customers Bank replies that they have the right to close any acct for aany reason, at least you tried. And if the complaint gets to someone higher up who is sympathetic to your harmless request, perhaps you’ll then be pleasantly surprised and certainly glad you filed the complaint. Good luck!

007 (@guest_1647740)
July 5, 2023 16:37

Thanks, CFPB complaint done. I think that was the longest CFPB complaint I’ve ever filed in my life.

007 (@guest_1661742)
July 28, 2023 16:13

So did get a response to CFPB complaint finally. Unfortunately, they just cited their account terms that state that the Bank “…may close your account at any time and for any reason without notice to you. We will mail or deliver to you notice of the closing of your account along with a check to the address in our records.”

Of note, there was no notice of the closing of my account sent to the address in our records.

EDITED TO ADD: Stated account terms are at

007 (@guest_1666259)
August 4, 2023 14:20

midas89 Btw, I will note than the same day ACH transfers are quite speedy. Generally I can initiate a pull in the morning, have it show as available in the account later in the day, then also do a transfer to the 2nd external account. Thus end up with basically next day ACH transfers from external account #1 to external account #2 via CB

midas89 (@guest_1666283)
August 4, 2023 14:58

007 Yes, and it’s a great feature, as you know.. We have to hope that the same-day ACH policy never is removed.

And we also have to think that there has to be another bank of CU out there in the USA with this exceptionally-useful and appreciated ACH transfer policy. However, I assure you, I have searched and searched again, and I cannot find any other bank or CU that has the identical ACH transfer policy, regarding both features: Same-Day ACH & Generous Transfer $ limits. If you ever find one, please share. Thanks.

007 (@guest_1666294)
August 4, 2023 15:27

Will definitely share if I find one.

fubag (@guest_1672645)
August 15, 2023 12:27

personally ive never had an issue with Fidelity including same day ACH and generous transfer limits; happy camper using them as my primary checking account

007 (@guest_1680600)
August 26, 2023 18:45

fubag I thought Fidelity tends to put a hold on incoming funds?

EDITED TO ADD: for ACH pulls from external accounts initiated on fidelity side to then withdraw funds (rather than to invest funds which does not have a hold)

007 (@guest_1636762)
June 18, 2023 14:50

Weird my Max Pro Checking APY is listed as 0.0% on my most recent (first) statement despite it being listed as 0.2% APY on the consumer disclosure . Not sure if this is because I opted out of MaxMyInterest or some other reason…

Some1 (@guest_1625269)
May 28, 2023 19:38

I’m 100% sure I entered my information correctly during the application, but got this:

While we are grateful for your interest in opening a Customers Bank (CB) Max Savings account through, we regret to inform you that we are unable to process your application.
Once again, thank you for your consideration.
The Customers Bank Team

jak (@guest_1626042)
May 30, 2023 11:12

Same. Unless someone else can confirm successfully opening an account, I’d say this deal had been closed (unless going though a financial advisor partner as suggested) until further notice.

007 (@guest_1626135)
May 30, 2023 14:07

Opened on May 26th at 4:30 pm through max my and immediately closed max my interest account. I don’t think it can be opened directly through Customers bank or could be for some time if ever.