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Michael (@guest_1768471)
January 1, 2024 15:33

P1-P3 received the savings bonus, and we all just closed the accounts recently. We’re all OOS from So Cal and got in by way of opening Vio bank accounts. I had also attempted the checking bonus last year, but I never received it, and I’m thinking that my fake DD’s did not qualify. You have to call to close your account with this bank–even if you send them an SM about anything, they will always tell you to call.

You’ll want to close your Summit savings account asap unless you plan on leaving $10k in the account–under this balance, you’ll be charged $15 monthly. When I closed the account, they still paid out the accrued interest that hadn’t posted yet for the month, even though their terms state that you won’t receive it. Here’s my bonus timeline, P2 and P3’s are similar:

6/29/23 – Opened Summit savings account thru promo link with $10k initial deposit from Discover savings account
9/26/23 – $100 bonus posted, 4% APY posted monthly for all 3 months prior

P2 and P3 received the checking bonus in 2022, but I don’t think I was disqualified for this, since Midfirst doesn’t seem to enforce the household limit on their bonuses. I believe that I signed up through my P2’s referral link for Oklahoma, and she didn’t receive anything for referring me, so there’s that. It could have also been because my account wasn’t formally approved until after the 12/31/22 deadline, who knows.

nik (@guest_1735184)
November 11, 2023 19:06

Any recent datapoints being able to open the account for OOS with an existing vio bank account?

gustavo ramirez
gustavo ramirez (@guest_1718616)
October 19, 2023 11:21

can the zelle transaction be $1 to a friend or family ?

Sammy (@guest_1708805)
October 4, 2023 13:13

The $300 bonus posted yesterday 10/3 (one of the quicker ones to do so). I opened my Midfirst account on 9/13. 9/21 was when I had a real $501 Direct Deposit then I made 3x Zelle transactions all on 9/26. I was skeptical of the 3x Zelle, so I tried to do 10x legit debit transactions as well concurrently (didn’t finish until 10/4 which was well after the bonus posted already). Keep in mind if you do the 10x debits, they all can’t be at the same merchant consecutively for the same amounts or small amounts per their offer terms which sucks. Fortunately the bonus posted as you only need to meet 2/3 of the terms (A $500 direct deposit, 3x Zelle, or 10x debit transactions).

OverUnity (@guest_1697114)
September 18, 2023 22:23

Data points for MidFirst Bank checking bonus:

06/01 Opened account
06/09 Real direct deposit of $509 from paycheck posted to the account
06/13 $200 checking bonus posted

I did not bother with the savings account component of this offer.

Mark (@guest_1695850)
September 17, 2023 03:03

Denied. It’s possible because of Chex, not super high though as I can recall.

Boost Checking
Thank you for your interest in opening a new account.
Unfortunately, we are unable to open an account for you online. If you would like to re-apply, please review your information closely and ensure you are using your most current information and formal name as it may appear on public records.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 888.643.3477 and choose Option 6. Our business hours (Central Time):
Monday – Friday 7 a.m. – 9 p.m., Saturday 8 a.m. – 6 p.m., Sunday 12 p.m. – 4 p.m.

Channing (@guest_1694914)
September 15, 2023 17:00

P1 and P2 churn this thing every other year, alternating who opens the account each year. One bonus per household claim might be enforced if done concurrently, but certainly has not been enforced when only doing one at a time.

Every Egg Is Expendable
Every Egg Is Expendable (@guest_1694338)
September 14, 2023 23:36

These dipshits suffered a data breach earlier this year and have been sending out notices recently telling customers and former customers that their private information including SSN was exposed to the hackers. This includes anyone who took part in the “Monifi” offers prior to their shutdown earlier this year. That’s the cost of churning bank accounts and pimping out your personal information folks!

Sam (@guest_1693016)
September 13, 2023 18:22

“Multiple swipes for the same purchase amount or at the same merchant in succession do not qualify for eligible debit card purchase transactions.”

Did Amazon reloads work for anyone?

crazypaving (@guest_1692787)
September 13, 2023 14:50

OSS possible?