Posted by William Charles on April 15, 2018
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Published on April 15th, 2018 | by William Charles


Delta Now Allows Purchase Of Gift Cards With Miles (~0.7¢ Per Mile)

Delta is now allowing you to purchase Delta gift cards using Delta milesIs it a good deal? Oh, young innocent naive reader. This is Delta we are talking about, of course this is a terrible deal. Below you can see why:

  • $50 gift card for 7,150 miles (0.6993¢ per mile)
  • $100 gift card  for 14,300 miles (0.6993¢ per mile)
  • $250 gift card for 35,700 miles (0.7003¢ per mile)
  • $500 gift card for 71,450 miles (0.6998¢ per mile)
  • $1,000 gift card for 142,850 miles (0.7000¢ per mile)

What makes this a particularly bad deal is the fact that Delta already allows you to use miles to pay for flights (“Pay With Miles” option). You pay 5,000 miles per $50, although you do need to have an American Express Delta card to take advantage of this it’s kind of ridiculous that this option gives you 1¢ per mile and the new gift card redemption is 0.7¢. The majority of people will get even better value just booking normal award flights, although given how often Delta likes to devalue their loyalty program maybe this 0.7¢ per mile valuation is a better indication of where the program is heading.

Hat tip to Laptop Travel

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“young innocent naive reader”
lol =))

Not surprising, although normal people do love gift cards, which probably appeal more than miles. At least it’s not 5 cpp? I certainly hope Skypesos doesn’t get any worse than it is. It’s one of my top points program to burn as often as I can.

William Charles
I like the opening lines 🙂

I wonder which will be worth more in a year, SkyPesos or Chuck E Cheese tickets?

I was always wondering that william Charles is of Chinese origin or speaks mandarin. young innocent naive is obviously a phrase that known to Chinese speakers from former President Jiang “The Elder”. And it’s not the first time that William Charles quotes some thing from Chinese pop culture.

Pretty sure he’s British, considering he always talks of ‘expiry dates’.

Delta is my favorite airline and has good costumer service on and off the field. so i feel embarrassed when they cheat with their loyalty program, it suits better for Spirit or United to do so.

Perhaps the only arguable reason to convert miles to GCs through this method is to meet some MQD spending requirement. Otherwise this is a badddd deal.

“Pay with Miles” also earns MQMs and MQDs. There is no reason to use this.

And remember, Delta gift cards can’t be used for luggage or anything besides paying for a flight.

This is true with AA as well. Really annoying.

At least you’ll earn RDM/MQM/MQD when making the purchase with a Delta Gift Card. Does pay with miles earn miles?

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