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SDC (@guest_1852111)
May 30, 2024 12:00

Not worth it for the $20 only. Mysteriously “closed” account and never used the full amount. Starbucks customer service is pointing the finger at Delta and telling me to go back to them.

Al (@guest_1851300)
May 29, 2024 01:09

Deta gift cards have too many restrictions. They should not even be called gift cards or be marketed as gift cards. They are basically the same as travel credit (albeit without expiration date).

Personally, I think DOT should investigate Delta for misleading consumers.

Other Kevin
Other Kevin (@guest_1754400)
December 8, 2023 17:25

I received the 4,500 points today. They do indeed stack.

Johnny (@guest_1752639)
December 6, 2023 16:01

Bought a Delta GC last night after seeing this. Received email from Amex congratulating me in redeeming the offer.

Other Kevin
Other Kevin (@guest_1751841)
December 5, 2023 16:45

I made the purchase yesterday, got the offer email within an hour, and the offer shows as redeemed today. Seems to work fine not using the link stated in the offer.

medellinfein (@guest_1751617)
December 5, 2023 12:22

I also got the Amex email that it stacked (triggered the Amex offer) almost immediately after purchasing

Young (@guest_1751137)
December 4, 2023 19:10

I have spend $300 get $50 off, does this work with gift card purchase or does it specifically have to say Delta gift card purchase.

Bdon (@guest_1751665)
December 5, 2023 13:18

Specifically delta if it doesn’t say delta gift cards. Wording is very specific, I would reread your terms.

Maria (@guest_1751103)
December 4, 2023 18:31

Seeing $25 Starbucks gift card when you buy $250 delta card. May be in flight only though (on a flight right now). Not sure if this link works outside of airplane WiFi

medellinfein (@guest_1751644)
December 5, 2023 12:54

only while connected to Delta wifi:

This special offer is only available to SkyMiles Members in-flight while connected to Fast, Free Wi-Fi. Check back on your next eligible flight to purchase. If you are in-flight and are not able to access, please try disconnecting from your VPN or checking your privacy settings. Offer valid through 12/31 or while supplies last. Terms apply.​

RW (@guest_1750943)
December 4, 2023 15:31

The starbucks gift card I received only has a 6 digit security code and cannot be added to my starbucks account. I guess the only way to redeem is to show the barcode at check out?

ET (@guest_1751027)
December 4, 2023 16:54

My gift card worked fine. I was able to add it to my main account easily.

ET (@guest_1750936)
December 4, 2023 15:17

Thanks! Pushed me over the edge to use the amex offer with this.