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Bank Account Bonuses

Published on October 30th, 2015 | by Chuck


Do This Now: Signup for $400 in Discover Bank Bonuses, $300 Checking + $100 Savings

Discover $300 Checking with Direct Deposit

Direct Link

We’ve covered the $300 Discover checking account bonus in detail. $300 for a checking account which can be done online is a very good deal. And it doesn’t even tie up any money – just two $250 direct deposits within 90 days of account opening. For those who have a real direct deposit that they can change, this is a real no-brainer deal. If not, you can try various ACH transfers to see if they’ll work, but there’s no guarantee that it will.

This offer goes on until November 15, 2015 which gives us a couple of weeks still. Be sure to use offer code: Bonus4915 and you’ll see the offer details pop down on the screen – no guessing game there.

Discover $100 Savings with $5k

Direct Link

Discover often runs $50 or $100 bonuses for opening a savings account as well, usually with the requirement that you fund the account with $5k or $10k. We’ve mentioned some of these deals in the past.

The good news is that currently there is a great offer on the Discover Savings which is to get $100 bonus for just $5,000 of money deposited by November 15, 2105. Use offer code: Save8915 and the details of the bonus will pop down. (HT: moneymetagame)

This offer ends tomorrow October 31, 2015.

Two good things about this Discover Savings account:

  • They only require that you add $5k to the account, you don’t have to keep the money there (it may be worth keeping it there until the bonus posts in 30 days).
  • Discover also offers comptetive interest rates for their savings accounts. Currently, it’s just .95% APY, but in any case it’s a good account to have in the long run to keep whatever liquid funds you have. (See some 5% options here.)

Final Thoughts

Each of these bonuses is pretty good on their own. The only catch with the Checking bonus is direct deposit requirement and with the Savings it’s the $5k of funding.

I didn’t receive any sort of direct communication about these offers, but I called into Discover (regarding the $300 checking bonus) and was able to confirm that the offer got tied to my account. It’s still worth taking screenshots along the way of the offer showing on your screen so that they can’t try claiming it’s a targeted offer.

I’m not sure if I would have gotten around to troubling myself with Savings bonus, but once doing the checking it makes it easier since both account are managed in the same login – less mental space taken up in my brain that way. Additionally, for those who open lots of bank accounts, there ends up being too much activity on you Chex report and I’m hoping that when opening two accounts in quick succession the activity will get combined and show as one. (This won’t matter for most people, only for someone who opens lots of bank accounts.)

According to the Discover rep, some people are allowed to manage their banking in their credit card login, while others can not. Some sort of algorithm in the system decides whether you can or can not. He told me to try using my Discover card login credentials and see if it takes it. If not, just use a new login, which is what ended up happening.

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It is super easy for me to change my direct deposit but my wife does not have a direct deposit. Can I set my direct deposit to her account so she will get the bonus or does it need to be under her name?

You can. Just has to be a real DD. doesn’t matter who’s sending it.

Only for new customers?

they only pull chex for the checking account; i was able to open a savings account but was denied the checking because my chex account was frozen (i thought i had lifted the freeze but chex’ website is terrible)

Any update on the ETF? The detailed article linked at the top just says nothing was found at the time…no data points.

I’m hoping the PNC $5k deposit for $400 bonus posts soon so I can send it right over to this savings account. But $300 for just two small deposits is generous on it’s own.

hi Chuck I didn’t get the purpose of this post everyone knows about this promotion even you posted it before but this is only for new customers correct?

Me nor my wife knew about this so thanks! You just got us 800 dollars.

I don’t have a Discover account so can’t login. Anyone else figure out how to create a login everytime it asks me for an account number when I try to register.

It requires an existing account to open the checking account this offer is for.
However, you can open a savings account without already having an existing relationship with the bank.

So, you can open a savings account (fund it with $500) and the immediately login with the newly create account credentials and open the savings account.

So, you have to float $500 for the savings account, and make two $250 direct deposits for a $300 payment. Not bad at all.

@chuck sithe
possible to fund with CC please?

I just signed up for the savings offer (already have the checking) I didn’t read anything about needing to keep the entire $5k in the account, so I assume I am safe to take $1500 out in the next few days?

To be safe I’d leave it in until the bonus posts, but yeah, based on T&C’s, I don’t see why you couldn’t withdraw almost immediately.

I’m having trouble signing up for the checking account – when I get to the funding page, it says that my routing number is invalid – I’ve tried entering the routing numbers from 3 different banks, and I get the same error each time. Is anyone else having the same problem?

please help me understand this offer.

I don’t have any discover credit card. In order to qualify the checking bonus, do I need to open the saving account first? does the saving account require the credit card to meet the bonus?


You can reject my previous comment figured it out haha

I wish there were some datapoints on what counts as DD for Discover. I’m self employed so don’t have the ability to set up employer DD.

Does opening either the checking or savings result in a soft or hard pull?

I clicked on your link for the savings account. I don’t see any mention of $100 bonus, or any bonus for that matter.

Whats the deal?


to fulfill the 5k requirement for the savings, can i simply transfer 5k from my chase checking account to my discover savings and that will fulfill it?

That’s my plan x2 to cover Mrs. PedroNY.



do you think a paypal transfer would work as well just as fine?

For Savings, sure. Just needs to be New Money.

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