Posted by William Charles on May 25, 2018
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Published on May 25th, 2018 | by William Charles


Dosh: 10% Back on Sam’s Club Store Purchase [5/25-5/29]

The Offer

Direct Link to offer

  • Dosh app is offering 10% back in-store at Sam’s Club when using a linked card from 5/25/ until 5/29. You’ll find the offer in your Dosh app.

The Fine Print

  • Max $25 in cash back per 24 hours
  • Must use a linked card when shopping
  • Valid for in-club purchases only, excludes Scan and Go purchases
  • Offer valid one-time only

Our Verdict

You won’t be able to stack with the AmEx offer as that’s online and this is in store only. 10% back is still fantastic as Sam’s sells a lot of different gift cards as well. Last time they offered this it even worked on Sam’s Club gas purchases as well. If you’re giving Dosh a try, please use Chuck’s link to say thanks for all the good content he produces.  You can also find other referrals and leave referrals in this dedicated post. Dosh apparently tracks the signups through the app download process. I think you’ll get a $5 bonus as well – they usually have a bonus for linking a card and making an eligible purchase.

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do you have new direct link? one listed is from April.

Can’t find a new link, but I do see the 10% offer in my Dosh app. I’ll delete the link, thank you.

It says friday and saturday only though..

Thanks Casey, added the link

DOSH usually tracks and posts a message on your smartphone almost immediately or within 5 mins.

Will it work on MCGC?

I got the $250 variable to work last time; seemed register was hardcoded against $500 variable I found the other day. Not sure if it was different brand vanilla or just the dollar amount.

Only $25 max per day. So $250 is perfect.

I’m not sure if anyone was able to get $25 multiple times. Did you?

From what I’ve read, $500 hasn’t worked since about the beginning of the year. It’s all about the $250 now 🙂

Thanks for the info, will try 250’s again!

“Pre-paid or gift cards are not eligible” so…..anyone have experience buying gift cards 🙂

yes, this time they put this in the terms

I just used it. Got $25 and then had a multiplier spin wheel of 2x afterwards, so I got a total of $50 back for buying a $250 MCGC 😀

What is this spin wheel and how to get it?

The Dosh spin wheel is amazing and the multipliers are legit. I got a 5X on $20 the last time this came around and regularly see 2-3X on everyday purchases.

AFAIK the only way to get it is by clicking through the cash back notification that pops up. It says something like tap this for more cash.

is it rolling 24 or per calendar day?

Preston A Albert
Preston A Albert

Anybody know of a way to exploit this without a Sam’s Club Membership?

The fine print says “per 24 hours”, but also says “offer valid one-time only”. Are these contradictory, or do they work together in same way I don’t know about?

In the app it says “maximum individual reward $25”. Therefore, I believe that you can only use it once.

I didn’t see where “offer valid one-time only” has been mentioned. Last time it is yes and no answer. I did saw “maximum individual reward $25″ but not sure whether that is in 24 hour period…

Anyone elaborate having a clear answer? (maybe from last time)

The link to the offer says Friday and Saturday only. I think you have the wrong dates in the headline.

I’m wondering the same thing. Email says 5/25 -5/26. In the app it says 5/25-5/29.

Dp: Purchased $250 VMGC gift and it triggered cash back. It looks like new members can multiply cash back by sharing on FB and Twitter. I got 2x so $50 cash back.

Do you mean share it after the purchase?

After purchase it triggered cash back. It then gave me option to share my referal link. If you share it you spin this bonus wheel that multiplies your reward.

I got that too 2x but my dad never got his notification even though he got the cash back. Does anyone know if there is another way to share and spin to multiply?

Interesting, I never did receive the 2x offer. It appears that it is randomly given to some customers after a purchase?

On a side note Trifectaguy, when Uber local offers had the cashback offer at Sam’s only about half of the purchases tracked. DOSH so far has tracked 100% of the purchases.

Yeah last time dosh was delayed for me by a few hours which messed up the 24hour thing for the next day for one of the days and uber thing didnt track at all one of the days. Oh well you win some you lose some. This free $25 was so easy I started laughing when I saw the multiplier thing and it gave me 2x to make it $50… what a country! God bless it.

Looks like the Dosh app updated its timeframe on this offer to state “Offer valid from 05/25/2018 until 05/27/2018”.

Pretty scummy of them to change the dates. I had already planned on going on 5/29 and would have organically met the limit easily. Not a good first impression of this app.

Has anyone tried this for the 2nd time today, after doing it yesterday?


I just tried, got nothing

This is expired today.

DOSH has now changed the terms. It is only 2% for Sam’s with a $10 max. I went today expecting the same 10% I received a few days ago on a different account. I received only 2%.

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