Posted by Chuck on November 21, 2019

Published on November 21st, 2019 | by Chuck


Dosh: Get $12 For Referring A Friend

The Offer

  • Refer your friends to Dosh and get $12 for each referral who links a card.

The new member will get the standard $1 bonus after linking a card, I believe.

The Fine Print

  • $12 Referral Promo valid through 11/21/19 – 12/6/19.
  • You will receive your $12 bonus once your referral links their first credit or debit card during the promo period.

Our Verdict

The standard bonus is $5 per referral. If you have a friend or relative who considering Dosh, now is a good time to nudge them. I’m not sure if this $12 offer is available to all users or targeted; check your app or email to verify. Update: Looks like others are just getting $10 offers, and some people are probably still seeing the regular $5 offer.

Note: the email only mentions ‘refer 5 friends and get $60’, but from how it shows in the app (see above) it appears that it’s just $12 for any number of referrals. I referred one person today and already have $12 showing. I’d guess that if you refer more than 5 people, you’ll continue earning $12 for each one.

Dosh comes out with a steady stream of deals, it’s usually not big money, but if you’re comfortable linking your cards, it can be some easy money when shopping at their partners. If you want to buy me lunch, please signup for Dosh using my referral code CHUCKS2. You’ll get a $1 bonus after linking a card. Thanks 🙂

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The email I got says “Refer 5 friends, get $50 cash back” (not $60 like yours), and the app says “Get $10 for each friend”. I guess they’re giving different offers to different people.


Hey there, I didn’t get that email but instead I received a notification on my phone with the same message. In the app is also $10 per referral.


Can we uhh… leave referral links?

William Charles


@Chase-ing UR points
@Chase-ing UR points

Likely targeted. I only have the regular $5 offer. I’ve been getting a higher offer emailed once a month since at least this past June though. Most recently I had Oct. 16th for $10 (expiration Nov. 7), Sept. 10th for $10 (expiration Oct. 7), Aug. 7th for $25 ($5 plus extra $20 if the person booked a hotel (expiration Aug. 31). I signed up last November with Chuck’s code when they were offering $5 for linking a card. I haven’t seen anything since then though for more than the $1 bonus for new users.

Information Booth
Information Booth

It appears to be targeted. No increased offer for me… just the standard one in the app. John 3:16

Gadget - Bank Bonus Geek 🕵️

I have the same as Steve. E-mail says Subj: You’re awesome. And this is just for you. Body: “When you refer 5 friends and they link their card, you’ll get $50 cash back in your Dosh Wallet. Don’t delay — this offer is valid through Thursday, December 5th.*” Fine print: *Referral bonus valid from Thurs 11/21/19 @ 12pm CT through Fri 12/6/19 @ 12am PT. You will receive your bonus once your referral links their first credit or debit card during the promo period.

In app says “Invite Friends, Get $10”. No details given.

Largely worthless since the person being referred doesn’t get a boost.

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