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Published on August 17th, 2017 | by Chuck


Drop Adds New Weekly Limit for Ongoing Earn Offers [$5/week]

The Drop app has been widely discussed for the ability to earn bonus rewards at top retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Target, Uber, various grocery stores, and more. Over time, rates have dropped (pun intended) and aren’t as good as they were at launch – Amazon isn’t an option for new members and Walmart is down to .2%.

The rollout was rocky as people were earning too much to be sustainable and they froze people’s accounts. Then they added terms to allow them to confiscate points or freeze accounts of manufactured spend or business purchases.

They’ve now tweaked the terms further and included a limit of 5,000 Drop points ($5) per week which can be earned from ongoing spend offers. Here are the new terms (old terms can be found here):

6. Qualifying Transactions

Drop needs to protect the program for all users by ensuring that points are earned for legitimate consumer transactions. Drop users are permitted to earn points with Drop in connection with spending activity for non-commercial, personal and household purposes (“Qualifying Transactions”). Drop users are not permitted to earn points with Drop for commercial purposes (e.g. in connection with a business). Drop users are limited to earning a maximum of 5,000 Drop points per calendar week (Sunday – Saturday) in connection with Drop’s ongoing (as opposed to one-time) offers. Drop maintains the right to review the accrual of points and to determine, in Drop’s absolute discretion, if certain transactions qualify for Drop Offers. Certain spending including, but not limited to, repeat purchases, high-value purchases, purchases of gift cards, and purchases made for commercial, non-personal or non-household purposes, may not, at Drop’s absolute discretion, be considered Qualifying Transactions and may be ineligible for Drop points. Drop may reverse point accruals that have already been processed if a transaction is deemed by Drop, upon review, to not constitute a Qualifying Transaction. Drop may also disable accounts that engage in repeated non-Qualifying Transaction activity.

If your account is terminated or disabled for any reason including but not limited to multiple attempts at non-Qualifying Transactions, then your existing Drop points will be forfeited and any further transactions which might otherwise earn you Drop points will not be deemed to be applicable.

5,000 Drop points would be earned, for example, from spending $200 at Whole Foods and $300 at Target. Once you earn 5,000 points in a week, you won’t earn anything more until Sunday when it resets.

Important Update: According to this comment, the limit is per merchant; you can earn 5,000 points from each of the ongoing offer merchants per week.

$500 in purchases might work for a normal week’s spending, but it does mean that large purchases (e.g. a new computer or TV) or a heavy shopping season won’t get full earnings on Drop – it’ll max out at 5,000 points. And, psychologically, once you put a limit like that,  the program appears less exciting. You can max out at ~$210/yr. in gift cards with the program – which is a nice amount – if your purchases time themselves right on the weekly schedule. Hopefully, there won’t be any more frozen accounts going forward.

The 5,000 ($5) limitation is only for earnings from ongoing spend, not for select offers. The main excitement of the app was always for the ongoing purchases, but over time we’ve seen a few useful one-time offers as well. There’s a $75 bonus for signing up with Wealthfront which many of us did, $20 at Boxed which can stack with the Amex Offer, and a Naturebox deal which stacks with a Swagbucks offer.

In other news, judging from some Twitter discussion, it seems that today many frozen Drop accounts have come back to life today as well. Check yours’ and let us know.

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lol. So basically they’re already failing big-time. When will these start-ups learn? Hope some of these very young fellows working this company have already plans for the future…we like to laugh at these failing start-ups, but I cringe at the thought that one of my kids is one of them. So I do hope they make it out ok and learn from their mistakes.

Drop is still apologizing to me… “Sorry, but there was an error processing your redemption. Please try again later.”

I had the same message. A quick email to them fixed the issue.

Has it been confirmed that the NatureBox/Swagbucks deal stacks with the NatureBox/Drop deal?

I got both bonus showing up on Drop (2 days later) and Swagbucks (instantly) already.

Its still an extra 1-2% on regular spending at merchants that have no bonus at all and it stacks with CCs, coupons, other discounts, and portals. People will always complain about something. As long as they pay out, I’m still happy with it. After the wealthfront offer I’m close to 100k which I plan to redeem for AA GC.


I saw the capped transaction post as 5k and am pretty ok with it tbh. they were 100% sunk before.

it really is an extra $210 back in fees for basically doing…nothing different than what you were going to buy anyways. 1 fee-free VGC/wk in grocery store spend that stacks with say a SW or Kroger deal or whatever.

I’m ok with this (capping) in principle, but the limit is really insultingly low. $5? Really? Why even bother?

I mean, yea it is “insultingly low” if you want to MS. But $500 spend per week at these places is probably about what a normal family would spend.

“Why even bother?” – bother with what? it takes zero effort to participate in this program once you’re signed up lol.

I spend more than that. I’m one person. A $10 limit is at least more realistic.

Recommend not spending more than $2k per month at these places as a single person. You will save more than the $5 difference you’re complaining about.


My rebates are from spend at Amazon, uber, and several grocers. I’m going to hit the cap from normal life spend every week. That’s absurd.

My Wealthsimple bonus hasn’t posted yet and it’s been 3 weeks. They haven’t been replying to their emails lately either. Debating filing a CFPB compliant.

Not sure that the CFPB is the right place to be directing such a complaint. How much time do they give themselves in the fine print? Three weeks isn’t exactly a lot of time, I’d personally wait long but each to their own.

When I did the deal they had no requirements other than open the account. I also did mine long time ago and nothing yet…. I did get all the other bonuses though.

did you fund the the WS with $1 and then log in to see it invested in whatever the robot thinks?

mine posted within a couple days

I noticed they changed it to $500 minimum deposit, they never got back to me on the first one, and I wasn’t sure if my $10 would be honored, so I just deposited 500. Still didn’t automatically post, so I sent another ticket. Maybe they’ll actually pay attention this time. What a pain.

Seriously I hope this startup just dies. What a trainwreck it has been.

“Seriously I hope I am not offered any other forms of compensation for spending at merchants that I purchase at pretty often”

What a moronic response.

These people don’t know what they are doing. I have nothing but legitimate spend and I have yet to be able to redeem any rewards. Emails to customer service are useless. They have yet to pay out on anything to me.

They weren’t ready for prime time.

It’s a bait a switch. They changed the T&C and froze many folks account and took back points retroactively. They keep making the terms worst and worst and now you can only earn a max $5/week. Whoopy doo, maybe that’s a lot of money to you if you’re working a mediocre job but not to me. I doubt most even spend $500/week at these merchants without MS, at least on a frequent basis. While you provide them all your bank info and have all your cards connected, they’ll continue to track all your spending habits and you have so little to gain. Jokes on you bud if you continue supporting this joke of a “company.”

These things are not meant for MSers, nothing is. People are simply using the loopholes until they are gone. It should come as no surprise that most or all will eventually die and you are entitled to none of them.

Everyone please just rate their app 1 star. Beyond that you might get more satisfaction shooing flies on dog shit. 😀


So basically they figured out how to get a collect a lot of information and pay less for it. I’m amazed how little people care about privacy.

I am still getting 10X (1%) points on Walmart. Just had some bonus Drop points in my account from the Chase Pay promo and am thinking of cashing them out but want to get to the next threshold.

Yup, the new rate is for new users only.

My account was flagged and frozen right before prime day which majorly annoy ed me, all because I had delta biz card attached. It got unlocked about 3 weeks later at which time I took advantage of the 75k simple wealth by using $1, the 20k boxed, and the 7k naturebox all stacking withe other deals. Very satisfied I took drop for over $100 amazon credit with how crappy they’re customer service is

Very disappointing. I have been using Drop without issues and have been loving it, despite everyone else’s problems. Sucks that now I will be capped at 5000 points.

Will still get some use out of it though i guess…

Minimum redemption will be raised soon, then they will remove Amazon, Walgreens and Walmart altogether. We knew this would all happen, just glad to have gotten a few easy offers.

My offer disappeared from my added offers before I could use it. Did it happen to anybody else?

I had 41,000 points frozen.

Now my account shows 1,000 points (from sign-up referral) and all other points have vanished with no trace.

What happens when you contact them?

Had 93k points frozen and now 28k. Contacting customer service and no response. Big Scam.
Also I’m sick of reading DSP’s shill comments, he should at least disclose he’s a Drop employee.
Make sure everyone on Twitter knows it’s a scam.

DSP probably just has his head on straight and realizes he isn’t entitled to everything in life he wants. When you MS, you shouldn’t expect to always get away with it, it’s all trial and error. Obviously you abused it to the point it was obvious, there are many others who were more cautious than you and enjoy the benefits.

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